Prince Kicked ‘Chilli’ Thomas’ Azz To The Curb!

Prince Smashed Chilli


Prince is reported to be no stranger to just how easy it is to get into Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas’ panties! And, he’s said to be far from impressed with Chilli’s perished goods.

Reports reveal back in 2006 — when the TLC member was looking to go solo — the Purple one rained on Chilli’s parade, after making her believe he was taking her on a vacation. According to an insider, not only did the trip not happen — Chilli busted it wide open for Prince before he told her to get to steppin’!

Check it:

“Prince was supposed to be taking Chilli out on a trip. She had her stuff ready, Prince came to her house with the limo. They f**ked in the limo and while they was f**king Prince’s limo driver went around the block a couple times and drove back to Chilli’s house. Chilli was like ‘What’s going on?’ … and Prince kicked her out!”

Did Chilli give it up to another recording artist that same year, thinking she was going to get a four-album deal from slangin’ her nana? Of course! Just ask Akon.

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    • I heard Jesse Johnson… He played the guitar 4 The Time), The dude that sung on Purple Rain(he had on a Bandana) n there’s prolly more… but yeah… He dsn’t wear heels n thongs 4 nothing

      • Bullshit. “The dude that sung on Purple Rain(he had on a Bandana” His name is Dez Dickerson and when asked about Prince’s sexuality, he actually says “Prince is the most heterosexual man i know” All of the ppl who have worked with him say the same. U can Googe interviews if u know the names of the ppl interviewed. Cat Glover, Sheila E. Morris Day, Dez Dickerson, Jill Jones and about 77,000 other women he’s shagged. Stop with the rumors and specuation and find the facts.

  1. She seem like the “slutty” type… woooow… it’s sad asl but I dn’t blame these men fo doing what they doing. These broads swear they cat gonna get them far…. SYKE!

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