Power 105 Checks Bernice Burgos Over Alternative Facts About Angela Yee

Power 105 radio checked Bernice Burgos yesterday on Instagram for coming at their host Angele Yee over something Bernice thought Angela had previously said.

Bernice thought Angela called her a “video vixen” when they had LaLa Anthony on The Breakfast Club but that wasn’t the case. Angela attempted to clear things up, but Bernice was sure Angela called her a video vixen.

After running the interview back it turns out Angela was right.


  1. I’m embarrassed for the comments said by BB. Please research before commenting, or coming for someone!!!! Angela Yes!!!

  2. Why are people booking a no talent, attention seeking Rent-A-Thot??? These simps should be ahsamed of themselves. Then you wonder why rotten puzzy rules?! smh… They are teaching these negative females that their attention seeking, rotten ways are not only acceptable but is the way to get ahead in the world. This h0e is now a legitimate celebrity???? So is “Bumpy” the thot who is now famous for getting the package from her best friends famous husband.

  3. Sooo if she thinks the word video vixen is bad, why do she do it?

    I like Angela, she knows so much mess and gossip but still comes across professional.

  4. At the end of the day Bernice just proved she is not comfortable with who she is and knows exactly what she’s doing and that it’s wrong.

  5. Stop giving these Bussdowns a mf Platform and we won’t have these problems. Bih Shut up and be pretty. You’ll learn more.

  6. Vide0 vixen..ig model the bitch just got the terms wrong.

    I believe even the ig model term upset her..she thinks she’s some business women. All she showed is that she’s mentally weak

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