Porsha Williams: “She’s an Instagram THOT!”

Porsha Williams Instagram Trickin

HSK Exclusive – Porsha Williams is being exposed as nothing more than one of those Instagram heaux.

That’s what a tipster tells us … revealing the RHOA personality relies on the social media platform “to pull rich foreign men for a come up.” Just ask her sister Lauren.

Guess what?

Andy Cohen likely knows exactly what we’re talking about. Know why? When Porsha recently hosted his show “Watch What Happens Live“, she gave up her game! “She was talking about how she has a new dude,” say a source. “She said she’s been talking to him for weeks, and she’s never met him!”

Check it:

“She’s an instagram THOT. You’ll see her jumping on a plane heading to Dubai in the near future.”


    • well what else is she gonna do…LMAO…she does have a double digit IQ so we cannot expect her to maintain a GREAT paying job so she must use her fabricated looks in order to gain any leverage ..I personally do not blame her ..I say for that HORSE to RIDE that fame until it ends or something on her falls off

      • Why you being generous Guest? I giver her IQ a 7 tops! Unless you counting the decimal as a digit, then maybe 7.0. She looks like a cheap hooker. Always quick to call grown women whores and thots but she can’t see the log in her own eye.

        • LMAO that is exactly why I say she needs her a sponsor …we gonna end up forcing this woman to take a job with all this pressure and he gonna end up working for a company that process my check and I will be short changed all the time…LMAO…oh my bad I was daydreaming about the destruction possibilities of PORSHA ..see what I mean…LET HER HAVE A SPONSOR

  1. Is it just me or is Porsha starting to look cheap. I guess that Kordell Stewart money ain’t doing it for her. Either that or the ATL housewives show was keeping her together. Whatever the reason she’s starting to look like just like a THOT period!

    • What Kordell money, *lol* she only got spousal support for like 5months…. NOTHING ELSE. oh and that silver Benz she was driving first season.

      • She went from married to millionaire to this. I don’t understand why she couldn’t pursue her own interests in entertainment while being married. That’s what smart women do. I watched the show, Kordell was not that controlling, he actually stood up for her when Kenya rightfully tried to play her for the fool she is. He cared about her. But she listened to that jack ass NeNe, cheated on Kordell, and got left out in the cold. Kenya called it from day one. #Dumb Hoe

  2. THOT: That Hoe Over There. I know sounds silly but that’s the lingo the young people are using these days.

  3. All she needs is a golden lasso to complete her Wonder Woman costume. Damn is it Halloween again already?!

    • I was also thinking that her outfit looked like a super hero outfit. But i was trying figure out what her heroine alias would be and the name that matches her is already taken. I came up with Superhead, there is something very disturbing about her dome piece, I never seen anything like it. The closest thing to it that I have is Rocky from the movie elephant man…Damn!!!

        • Lmmfao, that one works but I think she needs to back to the superhero academy, she got the game twisted. Superheros do the saving but she is always looking for mark with a cape to come to her rescue. Maybe the message behind the outfit is that she is “wonder Hoe with the Golden Asso!” Ready to become Mrs. Captain save a hoe. Sounds like a “SUPER” love story…

      • LMBO…OMG Eddie you took it back to that movie Mask…I’m gonna pinch your lips off!

      • In hindsight, choosing RHOA over Kordell and her marriage was a misjudgement. She had financial stability, but the allure of reality tv won out over common sense. As to her looks, Porsha is a tweener. Not ugly and not a dime…In-Between! Every woman is not gonna be Pam Grier or Jayne Kennedy. Her body is the truth, keep it real brothas. I’m amazed Kordell didn’t give her a baby. She taking the easy route. Men will spend pesos to get a release from Porsha, but, they don’t respect her kind. From what i see, looks like a sheltered girl that broke free from a false image put on her by the church. A woman can do what she wants with her body…She Owns It! However, if she goes the wrong way…Watch Out!!!

    • lol, she went to one of the Braxton’s birthday party. They had a superhero’s theme.

  4. Somebody please help this generation, this is disgusting to be seen in public looking like this. What happened to pride, classis, sexy, this woman is looking like a street walker..

      • I miss those days when we walked around with African medallions and we were reading conscious books. Listening to PE, Krs, Poor Rigjteous Teachers, and Paris. Speaking of Paris, check out his new video called The Night of the Long Knives, which deals with how we should deal with police brutality and racist cops. It’s not for the squeamish.

        • I worked in music industry at that time. They rushed in the NWA era quick as f*ck broke that unity shit up rite quick.

          • Say it man!! Once we start to unite and think for ourselves here comes a mass distraction to mess it up. Reminds me of a Paul Mooney but he said:

            I got all sorts of shit that scares white people in my backyard – sharks, med flys, niggas that go to school.

        • Yo!! That video is crazy as hell dude!! He’s talking about taking out cops who kill us. Last part of that video is deep with Malcolm X speaking in the background. Thanks for letting us know.

        • @anon7:20 Some of us haven’t stopped being conscious or care about what really matters. I read real news, not from those controlled media networks, books that are raw, truth and informative, relevant to times past and today. All of this foolishness out now isn’t no coincidence, its all by design by the enemy to destroy the people and keep them blinded by what’s really happening in the world. Sadly when folk get out of this trance and finally realize what’s going on, it’ll be too late. Praying that everyone will one day take off the blinders and get out the matrix of illusion.

          • Maia – it is really good to hear and see folks that are not going for the okey doke. Like yourself I read diff magazines and papers and I know what is bs and not. It’s a lonely world these days being open and conscious but I would never trade it. Peace

          • Maia It’s the younger generation who wouldn’t know “conscious” if it bit them on the ass.

          • @Maia..I applaud your comment 100%! Speak the truth! We need a conscious black website for those of us whom are awake.

            • @anon 12:14 & 15:33 so true about this younger generation, can’t even spell conscious. Hey I applaud anyone who wants to be “normal” and not following what’s trendy, popular, wants to be educated to truth and as Bro. Willie stated, respecting each other and speaking, spelling and writing proper English. If you do or anyone comes up with a conscious website, I’m all in!

      • I miss ppl respecting each other and proper English!

        This photography fixation.. ppl aspire to this.
        Some young girls life goal is to do this internet mating (modeling + dating)..

        When did ppl stop giving a crap about their lives?

        • As soon as they saw others become successful with it (TV shows, etc). Why go to school when you can get on the net and give your snatch to the highest bidder. They hit the jackpot once they get knocked up by a baller.

          Wasn’t Porsha’s grandfather a big time civil rights activist in Atlanta? If so, her family probably wants to choke her.

    • I so agree and I’m apart of this generation! Most of her fans are stupid simpletons who whorish ways just like her. She’s only relevant because of her divorce with Kordell and her beef with Kenya Moore. THEY made HER. Without them she is just another lost black woman whoring for a living for weaves, pocket books, shoes, clothes, and vacations.

    • I’m apart of this sorry generation and I agree! All this hoe’s stans look and act stupid just like her. It’s mostly black women and ghetto black men checking for her cause they want to “hit that.” Nobody with an ounce of sense and an education is checking for this dummie.

      • This generation sucks all they’re interested in is Instagram, Iphones and being “famous.” Urgh I guess it’s far to hard for people to act with decorum and respect.

  5. Is this not the same person try to call Cynthia a THOT after her EBONY spread? Wow!!

  6. Porsha is not doing anything ‘ new’. This is how ppl in hollyweird/ entertainment business make their money.

    Why is it when a black women or black man do what whites have been doing for decades; ppl get judgemental?

    By the way; Porsha’ s problem was allowing her jealous cast mates to breakup her marriage.

    I really do wish her the best in her new business.

  7. Bet you this wack pic got like 6k likes on Instagram, 3k probably from fake accounts, but 3k likes too many, nonetheless. Majority of the population has bad taste, I won’t be suprised.

    • TB, call da Ambalaance ret ni, and tell them to hurry up, you just about killed me with that one….lmmfao

      • LOL…I’m sayin’…like wtf??? That’s why you need a real friend around you at all times to tell you the truth. Someone should have been brutally honest with her when she was looking in the mirror before she left her house.

    • Ummmm….She’s dressed for a theme party? Gold Xmas ornament. See the tree behind her.

      • And pray tell how in the heck is that a xmas outfit?? What Brothel xmas theme is this?? LOL There are no hollies, candy canes, santa hat, reindeer, snowman and/or elves anywhere on her ensemble??? FOH, that’s no Christmas theme costume…all it is is “gold and tight”, lol

    • @TB..LMBO now you clowning today, had me outburst at the drs office today…she needs to be the “oscar” presented from In Living Color Black People Awards skit

    • bwahahahahahahhaaha!!! I just got it Willie, but it took me 2 days and 3 reads to do it!

      • Thank you!
        Yeah.. its the same side.. and they are both bad…

        I hate that creepy double effect. . Who thinks that looks good? Its like a bad picture twice

  8. @10. Anon. Yes she looks like a horse. I was trying to think of a nice way to say it but between the long face, long weave, her a%#, and the way she posing she looks like a horse. The outfit is giving me swap meet flee market. She use to be somewhat classy now she’s just trashy and seems to be thirsty for fame nowadays. Hollyweird builds you up and tare you down in the same breath.

  9. The truly scary part is errday on this site grown ass women bel like I’m Team Porsha. Yall dumber than her cus she got u following her. Dummies follow. Didn’t yo mama teach u that?

    • Maybe you should re-read the posts. By and large the women here are Team Kenya. I don’t think I’ve seen more than 2 or 3 posts supporting My Little Pony with the long batty lashes.

      #Team Kenya!!

      • The fact that you’re Team Anyone is the problem. Sorry that point eluded you. All that shit is harmful and ratchet.

        • Dang guys

          First off.. we (on this site) rarely give props to celebs or celebutrash.. or anyone for that matter.. we’re way too smart for that.

          We’re a group of “haters” and are “Team FOH” most days. Like we should be.

          “Team Grown Folks”, “Team Adults”, “Team Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”.. maybe…

          But never “Team Predictive Programming”, or “Team Set Us Back 100 years”…

    • So true and yes I have gotten into some verbal exchanges online with her fans and they are EXTREMELY STUPID! OMG! One of them went on Claudia Jordan’s Instagram page threatening to kill her all in the name of PORSHA!!!! Claudia went in and exposed the girl. Let’s not forget all the hoes who were championing for Porsha when she pulled Kenya’s hair. Cause that was NOT a beatdown at all. LOL. Stupid people. That’s black Americans for you though.

      • However ur clearly a fan becus u kno all the details ur no better than ole girl threatening to kill. Turn this bullshit off.

  10. No, what’s scary is everytime Porsha is mentioned, here comes the Kenya krazees. Why do people always compare the two, arent there like 5 other women on the cast. It’s really annoying . Especially since the only reason Kenya can’t pull the same tricks as Pirsha is because her cootchie smells like bc infection with a aide order of week old fish. Don’t care about none of these hoes.

    • Got news for you simpleton, KENYA is Porsha’s STORYLINE, NOT the other way around. Porsha talks about Kenya ALL THE TIME. Kenya pays her DUST. So who’s got the real problem? You people are crazy talking about what Kenya’s coochie smells like. Have you ate her out or something? Is it something you want to tell us? At the end of the day Porsha had NO CAREER, NO CROWN, and was a NOBODY before RHOA just like Moose Leakes. Funny how people try to throw dirt on the REAL beauties of the show to cape for the ugly hoes like Porsha and Phaedra who’s cooches probably REALLY stank. You guys are funny. I only see these kinds of comments on urban sites for blacks. I NEVER see them on the white, Hispanic, Asian blogs.

      • Simpleton? Yeah you dusty old dragon, because I can tell u r complicated, right. Exactly when/where does P talk about Krazee? Not on her radio show, not in any interview, not at her product launch and hardly ever on the bravo show. So when. And btw Chris Williams has had a whiff and apparently you dobt want to be around when shes standing down wind, lol. Nobody cares about a crown she won before we were born. Besides that, some b movies and an over worked brothel between her legs what kind of career does Kenya have? Shes pushing 50, if the big career hasn’t happened by now its probably not going to. Besides her arritude is like her skin texture: ooooogly.

  11. @Willie jones. Lol you are sooo right. I’m for Teamknowledge and FOH. LOL. We are too grown to be team anything.

    • Thanks Babbs! Team Knowledge .. another good adult team!

      If we can just get all the adults on board.. we’d be set!

  12. Sad when you have to filter and edit candids for IG. Porsha needs to monitor that collard green seasoning thats quickly encroaching on her formally svelte top half. Despite big girl propaganda, nothing cute or healthy about being “thick”(fat) especially when you hit hold age.

    I’ve dealt with fat seniors with knee replacements and its a hassle versus fit ones who recovered within 2 weeks.

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