Petitioners To Stop Mona Scott Young & VH1’s Blacksploitation of Women!

Mona Scott Sorority Sister Backlash

HSK Exclusive – Benzino’s beef with Mona Scott Young seems to be taken a turn for the better! That’s because Zino is putting Mona on blast for “Holding Black People Back with Minstrel Programming!”

That’s why Zino is rejoicing at the latest launched petition to shut Mona Scott Young down!

Mona’s new VH1 reality show “Sorority Sister” is at the center of the latest petition. The petitioners are asking for your backing in his protest against the network’s exploitation of Black women!

Here’s what the petition says:

“Do not allow VH1 to use our beloved sororities as a mean to continue to fuel negative stereotypes of black women. By supporting and watching their new show “Sorority Sisters,” you are helping aid the destruction of our core values and allowing a network to cheapen our legacy by making a mockery of it on national television. Over 100 years of positive guidance has been pumped into our communities through each of our organization’s initiatives. By supporting this show, it undermines our founders, our chapters, our leadership, and most importantly.”


It’s time to take a stance and refuse to let VH1 to continue to promote these negative images of our women. There is a reason they did not promote this show until 4 days prior to its release. They know the backlash they are about to face. Shows only do well by ratings, so if we do not watch it, it will fail.

Take a stance and do not watch “Sorority Sisters”.

VH1 Sorority Sister Backlash


    • OMG..yesssssss finally..take this shit off the air and ship this chick in a barrel back to Port-Au-Prince..

    • If we are not bringing back positive black family shows where there is mom n dad present with intelligent children , then what’s the point ?? And not shows that only make the parent out to be foolish loud mouths . Where children talk back to the parents and the audience applaudes ! Not feeling the dumb Disney approach !!!

    • I do understand why they are wanting to have the show cancelled. As a former HBCU attendee it appears they were mean and messy just like the women in the show. So the show appears to be really rooted in reality. The girls were mean and caddy. No it wasn’t all about fund raising and community service or doing some good in the hood. The show from what I saw reminded me of the girls on my campus.. So people should stop acting like that behavior on the show is foreign.

  1. Oh so Mona is the one promoting this show. No wonder. I was watching it last night and after about 10 minutes I couldn’t stand it any longer and turned the channel. While I was watching I was thinking why is it that black women in reality shows are often depicted as, having attitude, bitchiness, angry, neck rolling, finger pointing, mean, confrontative, mad, hateful, snarling women. Needless to say, I won’t be tuning in or recording it on my DVR.

    • Yes. I’m sick of the stereotypes of the black men and women in our communities. Even if this is how we are, Mona has a bigger platform to show the world more positive images of black people making a difference. Rather than acting a fool. How can we fight Ferguson when this crabs like Mona keeps setting us back.

      • Babs

        Mona went too far this time. Sistas that have pledged to the Deltas and AKAs are not in the ratchet category. We expect Love & Hip-Hop to be foolish to a certain degree, not college-educated blackwomen with degrees who know better. The series will be cancelled… 1 Hit Disaster! A bunch of sistas acting stupid on tv, which degrades the image of our women. Some institutions are still sacred in this day and time…The Lesson!

    • It took you this many YEARS to figure that out? Jeez what did you think they were doing all this time?

      • Because her shows put it dead smack in your face, from beginning to end. There is no other dialog except that B better recognize, if the ho come for me I’m coming for her, she slept with my man and I ain’t having it, I’m about to crack a ho, My man cheating on me with another bitch, F your baby mama and the kids you had with that ho, thirsty bitch just want your attention blah blah blah. I mean c’mon.

    • I’m glad I missed this mess. Ill catch LHH when I’m flipping through..

      So.. didn’t the “Greek council” or whoever know they were filming.. by now ppl know that singing up for this type of thing is a bad idea…

      • Willie, no! In fact, word got back to one of the headquarters in DC about this and they did not authorize this whatsoever!

        • Maybe it will be cancelled soon.. after a few episodes and go into the reality show graveyard.

          Wonder if the sororities will get punished..

          • They might because those sororities are not like that where I’m from. But if they are accountable, more likely they will here from their grand chapter.

          • The reason is this. According to K.Michelle and her words not mines, that she love VH1 family and Mona and she know she act the fool.But when U start messing with these sororities and fraternities you are going a bit to far. They take that stuff very seriously especially the Devine Nine. There is a legacy built on the foundation on what they stand for. And that is something U don’t play with. And she is right! I know some stuff about that and I am not in a sorority, but some of things I know and do fits exactly into their perspective.

      • The mystery unfolds…Are They Sorority Sisters? My spidy senses smell a rat, a dead rat. I saw the bulk of the episode on Monday Night. It threw me for a loop, didn’t see it coming.

    • Oh no.whats hsk gunna report on. It’s gunna be a ghost town. They better hope beyjay don’t die. A hardyhaha ha.

        • Im sick to death of reality tv and what hurts my soul even more is when they degrade black women, they first use that light skin vs dark skin bs which is always promoted in your face. Then you have the deragtory behaviour which they use as a tool to further drum down to the masses, it’s like a recycled episode that’s on wash, heat, repeat. Sistas need to do better, don’t fall for their flattery and charm it’s never going to work in our favour, white girls can degrade themselves on TV but an eyelid is not bat, the moment a sista does it lord it’s WW3.

  2. Hope that show doesnt portray black greeks as ratchet as they really were in undergrad when I attended or at the homecoming tailgates. Not a fan of Mona or frats. The Sigmas seemed cool studious and more about grassroot community improvement though they only had a line of three people.

    • NI, They are not. I don’t know where Mona get her damn information from but she better pray she don’t get sued!

      • Hey Radiance. Our experience differs. My friends who crossed dst at a nearby hbcu were “paper” as the chapter had been recently reinstated after brutal hazing incident. However, they in turned hazed the incoming eager gals wanted to be apart of something. One “sister” purposely made one pledgee life hell since she was unknowingly slept with her then estranged boyfriend(now married) and even had her friends in the admin office drop her classes the last day before drop/add deadline and poor chick had to sit out a semester. They were cliches that hung out on the yard or partied with omegas (who used to perform cunnilingus on random chicks there, unfortunately I was almost accosted at one of these bashes).

        Joining NSBE, hanging with the international students in the lab and community activism help provide me access to internships and dept of state fellowship opportunities a great career with a diverse group without paying dues or washing some chicks underwear or being under the same 20 people from sophomore year beyond. The only “sister” that I will claim shares my DNA. Sigmas were cool though. Black Greeks who crossed grad werent as uber annoying.

        • Something has to be done. Mona was dead wrong and hazing a person is illegal. I started to pledge but I saw a video of where Rae Lewis Thornton was in a sorority and they black balled her. I was like never mind. That video is on YouTube.

        • Thought only the white sorority b*tches did that stuff..

          Do you know it costs $1000 a semester to be Greek at UNCC ?

          • Willie normally it do be the whites Greek organization and U best to believe those chapters have notified headquarters too!

            • I think the White Greeks would put a stop to a reality show post haste. Too many alumni and legacIes would pull their donations if the sorority/frat was portrayed negatively

              Money motivates whites different than blacks.

              Whereas the Black Greeks would do the reality show to raise both money and awareness about their organizations

              This could be a great opportunity to show the philanthropy and camaraderie, and the uplIftIng of youg sIsters but since its Mona, it won’t be.

          • Ignorance knows has no boundaries. I have stories for days. Women can be catty which I why I dont deal with many outside of professional contacts and established personal/family connections. Sadly, men of today are starting to behave just as emo and menopausal as females. Most people are messed up because they come from shyt families and the family is the first model of behavior but thats another topic.

            Professional greek organizations that are merit based and have prestige I can understand putting on your resume, like Kappa Delta Pi for those who are in arena of education.

            • Between the childish attitudes, the drug use, the general ignorance In the world . . I stick to business associates and family.

              And my buddies online here.. the grass is not greener ..

            • Our inherent low self esteem leaves us subject to any damn thing that potentially offers some “shine”. Damn shame.

    • …Or as ratchet as they are at running schools in ALL major black cities USA. All your black principles in these failing black schools you see in your black community are frat/soro’s. Do you think a black frat called THE HANNIBAL FRAT would be a large percentage of teachers teaching in a all Italian section of of town? BET would have fallen to the wayside years ago if it weren’t for THE GREEKS keeping it alive. When Johnson sold BET it should have died right after that. Fugg black greeks and their nepotism!

  3. Mannnnnnnn..Mona done crossed the damn line now! How dare she disgrace black women in general an especially women in sororities like that! Now she done start f*cking with the wrong set of people now! I got mad friends in sororities and they are nowhere like that! My deceased cousin is turning in her grave if she saw this bullshit!! I am highly pissed and somebody need to exploit her dumb ass!

  4. Help me to understand. But these women are grown and acting like children for fame. If we stop watching VH1, we need to stop watching all these shows including other stations. The world wants to see drama because its exciting and edgy. Mona just knows what the people want and she made it happen. By not watching VH! will do what? They will find another way to entertain the no celeb people.

        • I love me some Waylon Flowers and Madame! BOL!!

          TV was so clean and wholesome. . Now I hear cussing.. gay sex scenes.. stuff you don’t want kids to see.. programming them to accept this stuff. .

          Problems were solved in 22 mins. No one got fought. No one was throwing tables or jumping on top of them.

          Idk. Maybe I’m being naive. The 80s had rampant drug abuse, homelessness, crack babies, AIDS, education gap, economy was sh*t.. but the TV and music were good!!

          • All of that dysfunction in the 80s was ushered in by the that they put on the silver screen when it came to blacks. They started making movies for the black people but it was stuff like, The mack, Willie Dynamite, Super fly, Truck Turner, The Foxy Brown movies with all drugs and prostitutes, Cornbread Earl and me, Claudine. Stuff that had more harmful than messages. I’m not looking forward to seeing the feects all the Mudea, gay sex, black reality TV and general f*ckery oozing out of everything black associated all the way down to a the your favorite mega church Pastors. It’s All Poison

            • Those old movies (classics) were awful. All the women were hoes, the men pimps. Cops were pigs.

              I think some effects are visible now. It will get much worse.
              I read that the U.N. is planning to make abortions more accessible, eliminate age of consent.. all in the name of population control.. making kids sexually active and confused.

            • You spoke a mouthful. Everything has been perpetuated by what the higher ups in control have subliminally put in our faces.

              And as another poster said, we are just now seeing the effects. As of today, 2014/2015 some 40 years later (which represents a generation).

              There’s got to be a shift to happen pretty soon in order to break down the walls and correct the mindsets we’very all been perpetuated with.

          • Thats why they made the sitcoms in the 80s and 90s so wholesome and clean
            They did that to distract, entertain and to decieve blacks while they were destroying the black community with drugs, homelessness, aids, etc
            And it seem like their (tptb) plan worked

  5. Where is the paper petition to get this show removed. Are these women sorority sisters? If so, then what sorority are they from? Definitely not Delta Sigma Theta.

  6. So it took the bougie blk folks to get offended before anyone even entertained the idea of getting rid of those BS shows? TF? Classism is alive and well. The very same MF’s that are soooo angry, were the main ones pointing and laughing weekly at the love and hip hop franchises and those dreadful real housewives of Atlanta BS. The chickens have finally come home to roost, and I’m here for the show.

    • Datjerk, I agree. But some of these sororities need to take accountable for some of the things they portray. I have seen my fair share in my life and I was shocked. My deceased cousin is a member of DST and if she was alive today, none of this would not exist. So my decision is half and half. Both sides need to take accountable for their actions.

      • @ DR1 When you said some are from DST a tear came to my eye. This is such a disgrace. I am glad I am not a gambler, I would have lost all my money.

        • Yes Asherah,and one of the DST’s was questioning another DST member because she wouldn’t tell her what year she came out and how many were in her line. So the 1st DST investigate on the 2nd DST by going to the 2nd DST line soror who pledge along with the second 2nd and confirmed she was indeed a DST. Now that was wrong.

        • Well I got your point loud and cleat datjerk.
          It further cements my belief that class is more of a determining factor than race at this point and time. I have said here many times that the black middle class has more in common with the white middle class than they do with working class or poor blacks.

          • The black middle class — the Kings, Young’s Abernathy’s, Parks, Powell’s, Horne’s, DuBois, Belafonte’s, etc. — LED the fight for every right we now enjoy…and they did it with the help and support of those less fortunate.

            I believe the events re: Travon Martin, Ferguson, etc. is bringing back that sense of community and oneness.

    • Right, because thats who works in production at a lot of these shows. Crakka wouldn’t be able to get anywhere if it weren’t for the help of the black devil. Crakka would have failed years ago!

  7. Whoa people let’s not blame Mona Scott’s nationality for the way she is.What about shows like the bad girls club,rhoa,etc. I think bbw is over with because Shaunie Oneal was just as bad. Boycott Andy Cohen and the rest of them. Lets not attack Mona because she’s black and a woman.

    • That’s right Della. All this started with shows like Jerry Springer, Ricky Lake and Maury. These Cable networks have taken it to the next level. Cheap and desperate so called actors willing to do and say anything for a buck and fame have made reality TV into a very lucrative business. I cant blame her for trying to get in where she can fit in. If people are going to call her out, call all of them out.

      I see you Andy Cohen. I agree, why didn’t polite Atlanta society come for him after married to medicine and other shows that placed Blacks in a bad light? We both know the answer.

  8. I totally agree that you can’t blame Mona for putting black people in a bad light. A lot of these producers are white. Jerry Springer has been doing the same thing for years on his show.

    • Ok. But as a black successful woman, coming from her you wouldn’t expect her going against her own. But hey, every body is out their fir that dollar.

  9. You can’t force somebody to do something they don’t want to. These people are doing this for money and fame. The producers not just Mona need to be checked.

    • I’ve always said that white people in high places in Hollywood, use blacks that’s willing to take a dollar to exploit all African American. That’s to tear down who we are as a people, I’m also noticing the media been very blatantly disrespectful toward African American women and girls for the last couple of years. It’s getting tottering and I’m ready to start a petition and i well be very vocal with my family of women and girls don’t get involved with anything American when it comes to competitions, since we’re no good (by white American standards) then this country don’t need our talents and anointed gifts to win anything.


      Stop watching these shows !!

      Black women if you’re conservative and respectful, DON’T LET YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS EACH THESE CLASSES SHOWS, cause that’d not who we ate as a women !!!

      The devil is attacking us now, lets fight back with our spirits and actions !!!

  10. Somebody needs to get that corny white girl off love and hip hop she was retarted as f#*k!!!

  11. The entertaiment industry is wicked and so is these so call sororities and fraternaties. These sorority members have to pledge and take an oath to a deity that is not of the Most High. Some of the rituals include bending over and even sticking fingers in another persons ass. No lie! Just google sorority and fraternity testemonies. Wicked as hell!

    • Gina, while I get your point, I can tell you that as a sorority sister, I never pledged allegiance to an entity. We pledge our loyalty to the sisterhood, but no one mistakes that as a replacement for the Most High.
      And if anyone is sticking their fingers in asses, I sure never saw that. The hazing stunts are usually humiliations which are pretty harmless.
      Most girls join for the sole purpose of increasing their social opportunities i.e. being invited to lots of parties.

  12. She knew better than that. I don’t like that show at all and I was surprised that Mona was behind that. Then again it shouldn’t have surprised me at all.


    you better get on lee daniels gay ass since he hate black women and wants to degrade black women in his films.

    lee is sick he wanted to see a black WOMAN GER DEGRADED BY A WHITE GUY HYEP HES GAY.








    honey booboo’s mom dates pedophiles but bill cosby is the most hated rapist now.

    • Honey Boo mama dated the pedo that raped her own DAUGHTER!!

      Snooki and the Jersey girls got accolades.
      Mob Wives.. still mobbin’.
      Duck Dynasty.. can be racist and homophobic.

  14. I’ve always wondered why black people want to study and perfect the Greek alphabet. They should start new African based tribal sororities..

    • Or change some of guidelines. Not everybody can’t or couldn’t go to college due health, no money, or serving their country. Although they have Honorary Members, I still say they can change some of their guidelines. They will be amazed how many people can bring something to the table or have many and I mean many made connections to help each other out. It wouldn’t hurt to try.

  15. …I would say I have yet to meet a real ‘black Greek’ person, and that blacks really have no business appropriating yet ANOTHER culture besides their own, but I’m not trying to start any fires here 😉

  16. Why don’t educated black people put their money together and show themselves in a positive light??? Create your own and show the youth positive images. Instead of criticizing, CREATE!!!

  17. What about Tyler Perry hating behind. All he does is degrade black women in his movies and tv shows.

    • Which TP movies are you watching? Black men are always the scapegoat while the women play the damsel in distress.

      • …Which in itself was a (big) diss to black women, as they are more often than not portrayed as incapable of doing anything for themselves short of breathing without some light(er)-skinned black man coming to rescue them while an R&B song plays in the background despite it being a ‘Christian’ movie or play, and yet overweight, sometimes-bitter, black Christian women are his biggest fans/supporters. Sick shit, but to some, a damn good hustle.

    • Raheim, thank you, I feel the same way but I type to slow lol.

      I cant stand TP, all of the women in his movies and plays either have to be hoes, drug addicts, freaks, battered, or cheated on by a DL man and contract HIV.

      I believe he hates strong Black women, if he doesn’t I sure cant tell.

      Why do white women always get to be portrayed as the virgins until married damsel in distress? I think I’m going to get a camcorder and start making my own damn movie series showing Black women as positive role models on YT, what the hell could it hurt. Don’t seem like no one else has the balls to lately.

      • No problem, Black Enga. It just baffles me how so many blacks don’t see this about his works. I’ve said this to Tyler Perry fans I know, and the majority of them looked at me like I was crazy. And yeah, white women are going to be portrayed as the ‘beautiful (Hella subjective)’ white pristine virgins as that’s how they’ve been propped up both in our society and overseas, just as white men are portrayed as ‘the hero/Good guy’ in, well, EVERYTHING they put out. Even white male villains (Many of them, anyway) are celebrated, even venerated, as if they’re heroes.

        • Tyler Perry is a big fat coon dogging black women, these new f*cking house negroes always love kissing massa’s ass so much the shit is literally dripping from it. No wonder his big butch bitch self plays a woman he wants to be one.

  18. I hear you Raheim, that is so so true. I was looking at what Sony said about Denzel after all the money he made them he’s still not good enough. They seem to stay giving him roles saving the white damsel in distress then to turn around and stab him and the back, wow. They only spent 55 mil on the Equalizer and made 191 mil and that’s still not good enough.

    Bet he is some where feeling used right about now but I could be wrong, probably more like pay up for damaging my brand and demanding top pay for roles in the future. It seems to be all about money to most of them anyway. The fact that he has yet to make a statement about it is very telling. We all know what happened to Kevin Hart for doing so.

  19. There is some flip floppers amongst youz ay. Everybody and thier dog would talk all about thier favorites from these messes they call entertainment.

  20. Mona is Haitian and the last time I check Their helluva racist against black People!!!

    • How the hell can Haitian people be racist to black people when they’re black themselves? That doesn’t make any sense at all what shit have you been seeing in your life?

      • go suck on a toffee you nut!!

        your the reason, why black people are mentally physically f*cked

        • No you’re the retarded f*cking bitch I asked you a question you dumbss demon, how the hell can Haitians be racist? when the country is populated by Brown Skinned folks. You’re such a dumbass bitch, you must have semen in your brain because you cannot comprehend anything you f*cking trick. You not only have a learning disability but you need a f*cking brain transplant, your early release from the mental institution shows that you slow dopey ass motherf*cker.

          • And FYI you stink mouth bitch it’s you’re my god! Invest in your education instead of hoing around trick bitch.

            • listen motherf*cker you decided to come my on shyt and cause trouble, f*ck you, you smelly mouth prick git wankers f*ck of you smelly mouth

  21. Also Haiti the country who fought against slavery and won.It was partially due to the Haitian Revolution , France sold Louisiana to America. The Haitian Revolution inspired slaves throughout the Americas and even people in Africa.Haiti had to pay France back about 25 billion dollars in restitution for finding for their freedom. It was the only way they would be recognized as a country. The Western White countries make sure that Haiti pay dearly for that revolution and the U.S. Is one the main culprit. I also believed that Haiti was one of the countries who didn’t want the Kazhar joos after the war. I think that was the final nail in the coffin.Haitians in most part are usually proud of their African Heritage.The Dominican Rep did accept the joos because of their pale skinned but that to lighten the population.You see before that Haiti was doing better than DR but after denying the joos they really went bad. Dominican Rep got rewarded the same way China got rewarded once the joos took control of the U.S. Haitians were always proud to be Black but where Domicans preffered White skinned.Some of you need to learn about Haiti/Haitians and you will see why they hated/ feared.

  22. Because of the internet, devices, gadgets .. bullying, meanness, fighting, dummy-ing down is on a whole new level. a low one. I say, turn the channel.

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