Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Creepin’ With Nicki Minaj

Mr Papers Nicki Minaj

HSK Exclusive – Talk about TURNT!

We’ve uncovered evidence pointing to Lil Kim’s baby daddy as a dude doing a major VIOLATION!

Mr Papers seems to be using instagram to get at Kimmy Blanco’s arch enemy, Nicki Minaj!!! Don’t believe me.. Take a look for yourself.



      • Exactly.. Both Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have had major plastic surgery. I smell a pathetic attention wh*re.

        • Yep. That’s all this is.
          I’d expect him to try YoYo and Pepa next..
          Hey its a numbers game..

    • yeah the same attention seeking homo that tagged a filthy industry smutbucket on his instagram page just because He is really depressed that Lil Kim trashed his faggot “S.S.I.” ass once and for all! ATTN LADIES BEWARE: DO NOT BECOME A STATISTIC

  1. All of’em gay, they all lay up in a cesspool like Caligula and just do each other, don’t matter, they spread the diseases and just do anything with anybody, just nasty, all of them

  2. No news here…
    That man is scouting out his next female sponsor. Kim is no longer appealing to him physically or financially plus she dropped a baby so she’s damaged goods to him…NEXT.

  3. This pimpmove should be celebrated like porsha and them hoes when they trick an African prince. I wonder why it isn’t?

    • Pimp move? Are you serious? Most of the real pimps are dead, or too damn old to be trying to pimp anything.

  4. He tried it. Couldn’t be me. Ass whoopings would be quickly delivered.

  5. Sleeping with the enemy? Is this news because she just had his baby, because this happens everyday…

  6. Niki looks like she got a dinosaur egg implant on her left cheek in that picture instead of the usual fat transfer.

  7. nicki is laughing her ass off right now she will phukk dude to piss off kim, build her ego and diss her aboutr it later on.

    your man ate my p*ssy and crack type chit.

    if big was alive he would have probably ran through nicki.

    • Hey Kim talked that mess too.. “I need another man.. in my liiiaaaaffffe!”

      They’re the same person. Only the dates have changed.

      • Thanks Jack!

        Nickis surgeries look better.. today.
        Wait 10 yrs when the career is over, the endorsements dry up.. she’ll be a Indo -Trinidadian Asian White just like Kim.

    • BIG was a womanizer also.He didn’t really respect Kim or any of the other women he was involved with..not enough to be faithful anyway. He helped her out some career wise but lets not forget that he was married to Faith and also with Charlie Baltimore and Kim, among many other women. Kim started switching up her look( surgery) around that time. Her self esteem issues are deep rooted.

      • Maybe. I thought it was after he died..
        The blonde hair and contacts, then the boobs.. then the lIposuctIon then it went downhill..

        • It was after Big died. Kim said herself some fashion guy told her she needed some tits, so she went and got some, and it was all downhill from there. Lil’ Cease also said he & the M.A.F.I.A. tried to talk Kim out of getting a nose job, but she did it anyway. Low self-esteem indeed, and all to appease Biggie, of all people, who was just happy to be getting light(er)-skinned, attractive p*ssy thanks to rap fame. Sick, but eh.

    • Ehh. Her career might be karma, her self esteem and subsequent surgery might be karma..

      I think she got so screwed around by Biggie.. now screwed around by this guy.. poor lady..

      Her and Nicki are the same exact person. They are sex toys. That’s it.. once they aren’t marketable anymore.. time to get a younger whitey.

    • Karma? I doubt it. Female rappers have a notoriously short shelf life, especially the ones who rap about hoe shit i.e. Kim, Foxy, Trina, and Nicki. No one wants to hear 35+-year-old women rapping about hoe shit, hence all of them branching out into other endeavors with varying levels of success. As for Nicki, she’s over 30 hear damn self, trying to go at Kim for being old when she came into the (Mainstream) game as a 30-year-old Prostitute. Fuck she on?

  8. What happened to bill Colby’s daughter born out of we’d lock several years ago. He was sued for paternity.. He acknowlredged her and a. Financial settlement was reached. So for his wife,if there is a child it is truth otherwise every one is lying and he is a wonderful husband and father. This girl should be graduated from college by now which he said he would support her.

    • Autumn Jackson was never proved to be his daughter. . He refused a DNA /blood test although he paid for her upkeep and education.

      She about 40 now.. born 9 months after Bill allegedly drugged her mother.
      She has twin boys. She still believes he’s her dad.

      If Autumn would have not tried to extort him and went right to the press, the last 20 yrs would have played out differently. .

    • She was not his daughter. I thought that a court issued DNA proved that around the time that she went to jail. She looked like the other man that the mother had been involved with in my opinion. It was an extortion thing. Cosby was paying that lady money all those yrs on the basis of her saying that it could be his daughter..He admitted to having an affair with her, but the mother told the daughter all them yrs that he was the father.I believe she knew back then (based on her daughters look he wasn’t) which is why she refused to get a paternity test done back then.. Why get one when she can collect big money all them yrs?

  9. Why they get big ass like that with those skinny ass legs. Black women ain’t built like that. If you got ass like that you have the thighs to match. Shit like this distort the beauty of the black womans body.

  10. Low self esteem definitely played a huge role in what you see of these women (Nicki & Kim) Caricatures of what they were when they started. There is the over whelming obsession with becoming what they think men want and over doing the whole “sex kitten” look.. The liposuction, breast implants,azz and hip shots..Kim messing with her face when there wasn’t anything wrong with the one God gave her. A pattern of relationships with men who don’t really value them as women and the psychological bullsh*t that goes along with that. Barbie is the right name..PLASTIC for days.

  11. There was nothing wrong with Nicki Minaj look before plastic surgery but she allowed men around her to tell her that she needed to get this and that done to be successful in the industry! There was a tape snippet floating around of dressed like a dude/stud talking about Remy Ma. Her look in that video (which you can still probably see online) was that of a butch female trying to look and sound like a dude. People were speculating if it was her.I believe it is smdh. I personally think that she has mental issues. She just seems off at times,and no I’m not a fan like that. Lyrically I like Kim’s flow better. Not into cartoon “ish” bubble gum and cotton candy rap! The colored wigs and all the revealing outfits thing has already been done so that’s not original. That is gimmick rap and like most gimmicks it will get old soon!

  12. Lil Kim was a damn fool for getting pregnant by this loser. At least Floyd MayWeather is super rich. It doesn’t surprise me this unknown rapper loser is looking for another meal ticket. Why Lil Kim is so dumb to hook up with a dude who had nothing to offer but some dick is why she is looking real stupid right now. Nikki is running shit in the media and no one is checking for old ass Kim

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