Porsha Williams Exposed as a Pill Popper! Overdoses on Plane

porsha williams pill popper overdose

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams’ health was on the line yesterday during a flight from Atlanta to Miami. The media is trying to cover it up as a “fainting spell” due to low blood sugar, but we got the real tea!

Fameolous broke the story earlier yesterday, when a passenger who was riding on the same plane sent a tip to their website. The passenger noticed Porsha sitting pretty in first class. Moments later, she was unresponsive and not breathing!

“As I get settled in my seat, there is an announcement on the loud speaker, ‘Is there a doctor aboard the plane!!’ Turns out this pretty ass girl is now unresponsive and not breathing!!! Luckily the doctor was able to revive her. And to my luck the doctor is sitting one row ahead of me.  He shares how she was on some medication (possibly pill popping),”


I know some people pop a Xanax to calm their nerves during flights, but this sounds like Porsha has a major problem…and it’s clear she has turned into a pill popper! This would explain her erratic behavior after she put them hands on Kenya Moore, tried to stomp Cynthia Bailey, and was recently called out for attacking her assistant during this year’s RHOA reunion special.

Smh, get help, Porsha!


  1. Didn't Bravo throw Porsha under the bus during the Kenya fight and said she was unstable?

  2. Probably messing with those edibles and took to much, I don't know it seems odd.

  3. In most cases these women get plastic surgery and get prescribed pain pills and get hooked…mix it with henny and holly weird leads to these stories.

  4. That's how you need to know those Kardashian bitches are f*cking junkies. Same thing happened to Michael Jackson every time you get plastic surgery they give you a prescription. Plastic surgery is elective surgery it's like being in a car crash takes time for your body to heal and it is painful all those ass implants body lipo nose job breast job it's all painful and you have a generation of pill popping junkies. I never watch any of that bullshit but it's obvious all those plastic surgery bitches are junkies.

    • You're on to something. I think that's exactly what happened with Porsha. When she was "natural" she wasn't acting like an unstable bird. After the boobs and whatever else she had done, she went nutty!

  5. Didn't think about that equation but yeah, you are right. I knew when she got her breast done that she was going to follow Ne Ne and the rest of them down that yellow plastic road. I saw here get her nose job done with injections and it made my eyes tear up, I know that shit hurt, it looked like it hurt.

    Funny thing is, I didn't see anything wrong with her nose to begin with.

  6. I love my HSK folks, y'all miss nothin'!

    She will prolly move on to dope, she is that stupid!

  7. Can't even trust a doctor to keep his mouth shut. I like Porsha, hope she gets through this.

  8. lies there was a doctor on the flight who said she suffered from hypoglycemia he gave her a sugar pill and she was alright…why you always lying

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