Porsha Stewart’s Wonder Jump-Off Exposed Conman!!!

Ralo Wonder & Posha Stewart Exposed

Show Me Your Company & I’ll Tell You Who You Are…

HSK Exclusive – The man who Porsha Stewart was smashing behind Kordell Stewart’s back is looking to cash in over a slew of steamy sexting messages he exchanged with the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reality star. This while Porsha knew dude was engaged to Crystal Mocahantas. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andy Cohen.

According to Ralo Wonder’s Twitter page, he’s a “Billionaire Boy” who is “CEO & OWNER of WonderGroup Ent”. It seems to be a front which known gold-diggin’ Porsha fell for. The problem is, we’ve yet to dig up any evidence the said companies Ralo Wonder is claiming even exist.

That’s why we weren’t surprised when we learned Ralo runs with LHHATL’s Nikko. Know why? Because sources tell us both men are nothing more than schemers. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mimi Faust.

Here’s what Freddy O is reporting:

“Apparently, Ralo and Porsha had a real steamy side relationship that Kordell got wind of but couldn’t prove it. It all may be coming to light since one of Ralo’s disgruntled business associates got a hold of Ralo’s cell phone with tons of evidence. The disgruntled associate is threatening to go to the media if he’s not paid money that he claims is owed to him.”

Is Ralo Wonder the only person plotting behind the attempted scam by using a “disgruntled business associate” play? Of course! Just ask Paul Cain.

Ralo Wonder is a Conman


  1. This site needs to get better stories I just read recently were you said Ralo was porsha pimp!! Pimped her to a rich white man were he gave them 450 for a record deal were do you get this FATANASY FAIRYTALE crap from. You mean to tell me one trick gave up 450k for p*ssy shit I need to start pimpin.. Also the naked pics he use to send the tricks tht you were going to post tht we yet to see and it’s been a month now!!!!! The last story u posted Abt Ralo made me google him and do some diging come to find out Ralo was very suscessful behind the scenes in the most important part of the music biz publishing and he owns a whole lot of music copyrights thts going to generate money forever!! Plus when somebody says there a Billionaire boy exspecilally in the industry they use it as a figure of speech the money thy want or the level there mind is on not tht there literally have a Billion dollars!! He was scheming on porsha & nikko was scheming on Mimi Nikko and Mimi still together put out a sextape together so thts BS!! This site is Trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the billionaire boys club is gay!! Don’t believe me? Ask for Pharrell! 😉 – laughing my black butt off! –

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