Did A Bromance Lead To Tim Duncan’s Divorce?

Tim Duncan Boyfriend Revealed

Steer & Queer Secret Behavior?

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned there’s one man in Tim Duncan’s life who the NBA All-Star doesn’t want the public to know about. Though we can’t yet confirm his identity, we can tell you he’s reported to be Duncan’s longtime undercover lover!

The said bromancin’ boys reportedly met back when Duncan was in college. Sources say the men lived together through college, four-years after college — and even shacked up under the same roof as Amy, during the first two-years of the Duncan’s marriage, before the baller reportedly purchased a condo for his boy. That’s why we’re told Timmy’s looking to have a gag order placed on Amy, as the couple’s divorce proceedings move forward.

Here’s the drop:

“Amy treated Tim like a bitch throughout their marriage because she knew he was f*cking his BFF. Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he’s willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn’t want Amy to tell the world that he’s bisexual.”

Tim Duncan Undercover Brother


  1. What a shit source. That bloke in the middle is the Mongolian basketballer Mengke Bateer, who would not have set a single foot in Wake Forest, the college Tim went to, as he would have been playing professional basketball in his hometown. Bateer did not attend college and did not step foot in America until 1999, well after Tim Duncan was drafted. There goes your “bisexual in college” theory.

    If you want to talk shit, get the facts right, f*cking idiots.

    Kill yourself if you believe this.

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