Porsha Stewart to Tamala Jones:

Porsha vs. Tamala

“I can teach you how to release an official statement so you can claim your man.”

Did Porsha ‘I’m a Singer Now’ Stewart use TMZ to drop word — she may be dating Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue — all for publicity leading to her debut as a studio singer? With Porsha’s recent revelation, “The TMZ report is false!”, it sure seems that way!

“The TMZ report is completely false! I do not know Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, nor have I ever dated him.” ~Porsha Stewart

Now… not only is Tamala Jones obviously irate with Porsha’s antics, she’s also showin’ her ratchet azz as being no different than the RHOA star. Know why? Not only did Tamala turn to her publicist to fire back at Porsha, the actress — who insists “Equatorial Guinea has had a bad rep 4 too long… This country is beautiful & the people are not starving” — also seems to proudly own up to standing behind a man whose father is notoriously known for oppressing the people of Equatorial Guinea!

“According to Human Rights Watch, the ”dictatorship under President Obiang has used an oil boom to entrench and enrich itself further at the expense of the country’s people”. ~BBC


Peep the pair’s recent Twitter exchange:

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  1. does this Hoebag know that her client threw the first blow!!!!! Don’t start none won’t be none!!!

  2. wow, these hoes got $$$$ for a publicist??…they must be givin that sloppy top like dick is going out of business…

  3. i lost a lot of professional respect for Tamela.
    How can you f*ck a nigga who kills like genocide is a new bread and butter to supply his personal wishes like Holly Weird BLACK WOMEN, like they need to live in Dubai with the other royal pains in the ass working people like slaves with no pay and no passport and no $$ to get a new life..Tamela needS a ass whooping FOR BEING A HIGH SCHOOL HATER WHO FIGHTS OVER BOYS and she better hope a real bitch don’t give it to her or worse yet her Eddie Amean ass family don’t knock her off for being a T.H.O.T.

    • “How can you f*ck a nigga who kills like genocide is a new bread and butter to supply his personal wishes”

      LOL, if that was a legit question half the bytches in Newark, Baltimore an Chiraq would be virgins.

    • Tamala has a very bad reputation. That’s why Nate Dogg dumped her. At this point she is probably just happy to have a man show genuine interest in her. Figures she would have to find one from another continent.

      • That’s what most of these marginal looking heauxs have done — trek overseas to find a trick they can pickpocket. At least Tamala has a career. She can act. Porsha and her baby hair need to stand down.

  4. Wasn’t it reported that Porsha’s been posting pics of expensive gifts, a Bentley, CL’s and jewelry??? She’s seeing someone with deep pockets.

    • Or fronting. It’s well known that a lot of the HW lease cars (or Bravo helps them) & those extravagant vacations (Italy, Mexico, wherever) Bravo funds so…as they say I’m gonna need to see some receipts 🙂

    • YEP Porsha camp admitted they reported it to get some Publicity for her new single Flatline and apparently it is working because the fools straight up falling into Porsha’s trap….porsha the grand dummy managed to pull the wool over ALL YOUR EYES..I would feel stupid as heck defending her right about now…LMAO

  5. I will give you two reasons why Black women shoudl never get plastic surgery. Reason number one, Tamala Jones. Reason number two, Lark Voorhies!

  6. Fuck this irrelevant bitch! She means nothing! She would f*ck Zimmerman if he was rich,those reality hoes only care about the dollar

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