Vegas Pimp Dennis Hof Collects Top Trap Over Lamar Odom ‘Near Death’ Pics!

lamar odom bunny ranch

Photos of Lamar Odom, taken around the time of the two-time NBA champ’s near death experience at the Love Ranch brothel where he reportedly suffered a drug overdose photos, have finally hit the web. And, guess what? Lamar apparently has none other that Denis Hof to thank for getting the three images out there. Know why? Insiders say that Hof — the infamous Vegas pimp widely known as owner of The Love Ranch — is the person named as “selling the pictures to the press for undisclosed price.”

Peep the pics:

lamar odom bunny ranch 3lamar odom unconscience

lamar-odom-betrayed-by-pimp dennis-hof-pimp


  1. He probably couldn't afford a hotel room, so he went with the cheaper option.

  2. It's rather disgusting that this site posted those pictures. The white man sells it to exploit the black man then the black blogs post it to embarrass the black man further. Yep no need for the Klan, we do ourselves dirty for likes and clicks.

  3. This shit is a f*cking mess. A lovely scenario of a fried chicken eating nigger that only wants to be f*cking white whores and doing all kinds of drugs. This shit is sickening and if that's what these niggas got to do to appear to be wealthy then I'd rather just be broke. These niggas need they f*cking heads knocked off.

  4. Fuck that dumbass kneegrow! is being that much of a trick a thing? I'm tired of saying the same thing over and over and being right. He got nobody to blame but LAMAR. Surrouding himself with cold hearted white pimps and hoes who think he's nothing but a ball-carrying monkey with a fat wallet. How dumb could he be to put himself in that position in the first place? He too dumb to arrange a freaky trusted mistress?! gotta get white trashy puzzy that 79K is legacy money but he gave it to the slave massa. got the nerve to be dissing wm turn around and give money to him. I'm so sick of coons like him.

    Pimp Hoff does what pimps do. Notice old school pimps don't have shit to say about this?? What do Kat Williams and Snoop and Ice T got to say? NATHAN. Lamar got played – thats the game. Get that money- pimp that dumb trick.

  5. For $79,000 dollars, a black man can fly first class to Dubai, stay seven days at the Burj Al Arab hotel(Only 7 star hotel in the world), and f*ck some of the finest arab bitches in the entire U.A.E. Lamar Odom is a washed up, drugged out, poor excuse of a black man. In his prime, Lamar Odom was one of the best sixth men in the NBA. Look at him now, Lamar is damn near on his death bed. God gave him talents most people would love to have. Lamar Odom spat in Gods face by endulging in the devil's debauchery! I have no respect for this drugged out, ugly becky loving dumb negro. If he dies, I won't give a f*ck!

  6. the pic of the chicken and watermelon in the fridge is hilarious. tyical of steretyping and race of people and making LO look like a jackass.

  7. They set him up. Watermelon AND kfc? Thats them symbolising how they view black men and what they'd probably have in their fridge. If hes a crackhead he aint gonna have food let alone takeout.

    • Umm, no they didn't. They have him on tape asking for someone to go to the grocery store and buy him some cut up watermelon.

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