Pictures From the Set of Tupac Movie!!

tupac movie

A first look at pictures from the new Tupac movie!!!

tupac movie first pictures 2pac-movie-set


  1. The cast 'looks' like the characters and I am sure the movie will sell tickets. I am just tired of movies being made about dead 'heroes' and past and current icons or past discrimination (Jesse, 42). Certainly black people are more than the committed transgressions that promote victimization. These movies tend to always show the horrific discrimination, the subtle white savior and some super skill (forgiveness, athletic prowess, singing, dancing, etc.) that the black person has to 'overcome' the bs.
    We have human stories too. This is what movies are all about. They are supposed to tell a story that entertains, educates, and promotes the wonderment of human kind.

  2. Well it's good to see he will be played by a black man and not a white man. Sorry but true.

  3. Three questions, who is the director? Is Afeni Shakur getting paid for this? Who is playing Kidada Jones?

  4. Omg he is the SPIT of Pac?!! Notice how they waited till Suge was locked up to drop these movies tho…

  5. @Nba is fixed the video producer Benny Boom is directing the movie. Afeni is the executive producer. I think Zoe Kravitz should play Kidada Jones.

  6. John Singleton is directing his own 2pac movie, he feels "The Culture Vulture" will white wash the movie. He wants to give 2 Pac justice! Plus John Singleton knew 2 pac! These white directors are only doing it for the money!

  7. This guy does favor 2pac a lot but there is also something that looks weak as ice water about him. Pac was such a strong and commanding character.

  8. Benny Boom is the director of the film "ALL EYEZ ON EM" and he is African American and has directed numerous music videos and 1 film starring Mos Def and Mike Epps This #ALLEYEZONME looks to be a #GREAT film coming

  9. how many moe times we are going to see/hear the same story. 2pac was a legend but can we get better roles, Mr hollywood jewish man? im not for seeing all black movies take place in a library, but give us a movie about crooked black investment bankers or a movie about black assassins. give us anything besides these same stories that been beaten to death, hire more black writers and hire more young blacks to exec positions in programming and development we might see some fresh new ideas

  10. Can tupac just be dead already? Damn he turning into the black Elvis Presley… Lol R.I.P.

    • Sorry the day. PAC died he became like Elvis all the makaveli bootlegs the unreleased films, dedications all the rumors he was still alive. It took me a full year too sit down and listen to the whole makaveli album really it was his darkest album and like his last will and testament

  11. Lolita Price should play the late Aaliyah. That girl looks exactly like Aaliyah!

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