Did Pharrell Just Come Out As Gay?!

pharrell williams gay

Despite getting married in 2013, rumors about Pharrell Williams’ sexuality continue to be discussed, and it seems like the rapper is finally getting more comfortable with his sexuality.

On his Instagram account, Pharrell posted a photo of his brand new grill that was designed to reflect the colors of the gay flag.

pharrell williams gay

What do you think? Is Pharrell finally coming out the closet?


  1. Though he been came out the closet with those tight ass fitting pants, shirts, socks, shoes, hats…..

    • Since when did they take the rainbow away from the children!
      Seems a bit selfish ! Didn't ask the children ?
      The rainbow belongs to the children not grow up play pals !!!!

      • The rainbow belongs to God.

        Genesis 9:12-16

        New International Version (NIV)

        12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: 13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. 14 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 15 I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. 16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

  2. he easing out li'l by li'l, day by day. give him more time. and don't be detered and fooled by the little ole being married to a woman thing..all for a cover-up like a many more men we know who are highly, HIGHLY questionable with women and the kids they have with 'em. im not fooled by no means.

  3. Anybody make a song called happy watch out for pharrell is into paganism he named his gropu after a hod and planet for starters he named his label after star trek and star trek is its own cult we seen their hand signals

    • Wow I never thought of Star Wars that way, but it makes sense. And George Lucas once said something like, he created Star Wars for people to connect to 'god' & we'll know who the true 'god' of Hollywood is

        • Both are its own cults star wars represents the war in heaven and the deathstar which symbolizes the goddess and lucifer

          • You nuts lose credibility where every time you are wrong, instead of admitting the wrong, you change things around and start lying. Star Trek with a NWO cult thing. Star Wars was made to point out what is going on here on earth and what is behind it all. Do you think Lucas wanted to sell his Star Wars or was he forced to sell? How come he gave the money away and married his black woman AFTER the sale?

  4. Bi-sexual thing is in now for men. If Pharell does anything, he'll say he is bi-sexual.

  5. Bi-sexual or Gay, it is a new fad/trend now for males/men to come out as such, so they can receive the accolades, & praise that comes along with……this being males/men in the media, i.e. entertainers, athletes, etc. I was trying to imply, more will be coming out like a flood.

  6. Pharrell ain't GAY, he is using the non verbal statement with the photo to get more people from the GAY community to support him in his music and various other in endeavors which is a smart move by the way, Lol

    • Good to know that someone here is not so wrapped up in the whole "everyone is gay" paranoia that they can see what's obvious.

      Pharrell is the consummate salesman.

      • Nah. You sleep. Pharrell been in the biz over 20 years!! He don't need to be kissing ass right now. Wake up. He already has gay support!!

    • He IS gay and his "wife" is a Thai lady-boy!

      WAKE UP. Some of yall so sleep you're in a mental coma he is hiding in plain site ask yourself why out of all the women in he world he choses a stiff manly female???!

    • Yea right, he ain't gay and water ain't never been wet. If he's in the industry ( and we know he is) then he messes with other men sexually. It comes with the territory. Nobody, not even a leading man like Denzel can escape this truth. You better wake up and recognize the truth that is plain in your face. Gays run the industry and you get nowhere unless you are giving up some dick and/or ass. Pharrell ain't got no good sized dick, so just let your common sense fill in the rest.

      • meaning he giving up that ass freely due to not having a nice size dick. trust me, and i def feel where you're coming from and know what you mean without a doubt.

    • Eccentric means youre weird or bipolar ir gay but rich examples
      Phil spector
      Johny depp
      Michael jackson
      Elizabeth taylor
      Liza minelli
      Elton john

  7. shit, maybe he is maybe he isn't. I have more respect for the open ones than i do the closet cases. I can't even count how many times I've caught guy friends in comprimising situations with ther "homeboys". I cant even look at the basketbaal and football players the same from my high school after catching them in the act in the locker room.Ladies need to watch out more guys are into guys than they'd like to say.

  8. Maybe to represent his adidas shoe line?!? Maybe…lol. Never struck me as gay. I used to see him kick it in VA Beach years ago. He likes all types.but his favorite is a slim mami wit a fatty. Lol eccentric absolutely. But gay? Nahhh…

  9. I wish you people get f*ckin lives you're OWN LIVES LOL… every website is the same. Ugly broke jealous far muthaf*cker people sit up and talk about other people. . Maybe if you guys actually had jobs kids a social life you wouldn't have time to wonder who is gay etc, if the man wants to be a fag let him, if jay z and Beyonce are devil man eating warships who cares let them praise the devil until they die… who gives a f*ck if these people love the devil etc. .. GROW THE FUCK UP AND STAY OUT, OF OTHER PEOPLE BUSINESS THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW

    • Hit dog hollaring. Who didn't pay the bastards's child support hmmm? This is a URBAN GOSSIP BLOG. Damn you silly hood fools have no common sense or understanding of URBAN GOSSIP BLOG.

    • Simple minded people like you always try to act like you are so far removed from this type of talk and yet you find yourself fully engaged in it. Bitch sit your hypocritical ass down somewhere and be silent.

    • THIS IS A GOSSIP BLOG. Stop caping for this fool he don't give a shit about black people!!!

    By Jacky Jasper – Sep 10, 2013 42

    I'm just saying.

    • The super producer/singer/songwriter Pharell Williams also known as Pharell or “Skateboard P” has removed himself out of the closet today in a statement to local California media.

      He stated, “there has been so much speculation recently about my s*xuality recently that I’ve decided to come out and admit that I don’t like women anymore. I like men.”

      This should have been clear when he named his media collective I Am Other. In other words, he is of the “other” persuasion s*xually. One could also have speculated his s*xuality when he released his hit single “Happy” which is another word for gay.

  11. 15 November 2007

    Pharrell Williams' Shows Off His Oversized Hermes Birkin


    Make this reason number 101 why we're such fans of Pharrell Williams. The rapper-songwriter-super producer and designer recently began a blog devoted to his new fashion line. PW also shares some photos of his latest shopping spree in Paris. "Stopped by Hermes yesterday to pick up my new travel bag," he tells his fans. "This purple croc bag is a “Haut A Courroie” which is the original Birkin bag."

    2007_11_15_pharrell_birkin2 There are also some behind-the-scenes photos of the Hermes atelier. Apparently, the rapper did not have any problems being buzzed into the boutique. Hmm. Wonder why.

    Just as an fyi, purple is not one of our favorite colors—the bag would definitely look better in chocolate or Ferrari red—but the piece is sooo over-the-freakin' top and has generated a huge buzz among the fashionistas at Bag Snob. It probably weighs a ton and requires at least two bodyguards. One to hold the bag, another to deal with PETA.

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  12. 97.997% of the ninjas in the entertainment business is straight up sweet bran muffin ninjas

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