Peter Thomas Quits Real Housewives of Atlanta

peter thomas quits real housewives of atlanta

Peter Thomas gave an impromptu interview with Straight From the A to discuss the status of his marriage, cheating allegations, and his thoughts on his future appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

To start, Peter addressed comments Porsha Williams made during the reunion show about him cheating on Cynthia Bailey with 19-year-olds that work at his bar.

“I don’t know where that comes from! At the reunion, I told her I’d pay her $10,000 if she’d produce a list of all the women that I’ve slept with. Because I’d like to know who they are. Since I’ve been married to my wife, I haven’t cheated on my wife with anyone. I happen to be old fashioned and actually am in love with my wife,” ~ Peter Thomas

Peter, stop lying! We’ve all seen the video of you rubbing up on a woman that was not your wife. That’s more than enough proof that he has stepped out on Cynthia!

In the end, Peter says he’s not loving the attention that The Housewives franchise has given his relationship. And he’s so fed up, he’s quitting the show for good!

“Those shows are created to destroy marriage, not to empower marriage… so I’m choosing to bow out. That’s my choice. This season was so beautiful to me the way it ended…. and I don’t want to f*ck that up,” ~ Peter Thomas

This just leads us to believe that Cynthia and Peter’s marriage is over for good. They are hardly ever photographed together, and Cynthia was noticeably absent from Peter’s daughter’s wedding.

Do you think Peter made the right choice by quitting the show?


  1. Remember in that episode when Cynthia's mom & sister told her not to marry Peter. Well she should have listened.

    • Be glad when this shits off air !!!!!!
      Since these shows started EDEN has declined a great deal !
      I never watch any nope ppl never really say anything nice just look at me attitude attention whores men and women idiots !!
      Trash see tv !

  2. Cynthia has pics of his daughter's wedding all on her Instagram page…….


  3. LOL I have a friend in ATL who had a one nighter with him mat the Ritz Carlton downtown ATL like 3 years ago.

    Faithful? to what?

  4. He definitely cheated and the show is making it hsrd for him to hide it. Ppl know who he is now. I do think the producers love broken relationship's. Makrs for a good story line for them.

  5. So the show told you to rub up on some girl at the club?!! Please Peter nobody got time for that! It ain't the show that will break you up it'll be you cause you can't keep you're junk in you're pants!

  6. Next. Old ugly ass nigga. And take Cynthia simple minded behind with you, with her flip-flopping dull ass. Y'all sure as hell won't be missed. Bravo yet again needs to do some serious revamping of that show. Get rid of the chic too with "a many jobs" and the jailbird husband, Phaedra.

  7. Cynthia had a holiday with a man recently. so who's complaining, its an open marriage, but they want to convince the world that it isn't! two little people.

  8. funny how all you guys are saying he definetly cheated "without proof" mind you
    none of you can say you physically saw his penis and anyone else's vagina let alone his wifes
    all your ASSumptions dictate who you are as people. word to the wise Reality Shows are Scripted
    which they are not REAL at all
    also these Scripted Shows are edited to dictate a particular point of view or message for ratings
    and it is true…these shows are built to break up marriages and relationships and feeds into hate infadelity and drama ALL FOR RATINGS!

    THE DEVIL IS A LIE…this is his tool to entrap the weak minded….the viewers …..

    everyone so quick to support a negative story instead os a positive one! smh

  9. No Poppa Smurf, you were always a cheating dog and Reality TV magnifies everything a 100 times more from cheating, dirt dogging, gold-digging, lying, Plastic surgery/butt shots, group hauxing and so forth…So whatever the case, you, Apollo and them were already dirty but got caught! I hate to say it most West Indian men are cheaters. They are hard workers, but they have it in their blood to cheat like hell!

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