Meek Mill & His Goons Jumped Drake’s Ghostwriter

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After Meek Mill called out Drake for not writing his own rhymes, Meek and his goons allegedly ran up on Drake’s ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, in a Nike store in Los Angeles.

After Quentin released a statement to the media denying he was Drake’s ghostwriter, Meek and his goons asked him to retract his statement in front of the paparazzi. When he refused, they kicked his azz right there in the Nike store! Quentin says the beating was so bad, he “shed blood” in the middle of the store.

Quentin admits he’s not “about that life,” so he took his beating like a man, but he wants no parts of Meek’s hood life.

“I’m not a street n***a so you can have it. You can have the tough title – that doesn’t do anything for me,” ~ Quentin Miller

Rumor has it, Meek also asked Quentin to ghostwriter for him, too, but that’s something Quentin refuses to speak on.

“I’m not going into detail about that,” ~ Quentin Miller

Peep the interview:


  1. Thats heartless man. What kinda grown ass men deal with problems like this? Nickis a true hoodrat for claiming Meek. When they break up hes gonna have nothing buy shade for her.

  2. Meek Mill showed his true colors on this one. True to the game…Not! Jumping a dude that writes rhymes for his archenemy…Really Tho? Everybody knows Drake is a fraud, but, this makes Meek Mill no better than him. Niggas are killing themselves and a culture that was created to countetact the very behavior that is taking place before our eyes!

  3. I'm convinced these blogs are ran by paid rats. Blogs are the 1st to report a rappers crimes, providing all evidence and video to the cops, I mean public. Niggas better wake up

  4. This like if Martha reeves had beef with Diana Ross and she jumped on Holland Dozier Holland swear the old school didn't beef like this yes Harold Melvin kicked teddy PS ass but they didn't make a 100 songs about it

  5. All this over Nicki's bisexual ass she must have good p*ssy, mouth and ass let's see him fight birdman or Gucci's bipolar ass

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