Pepa Bought a Fake Booty & Now She Don’t Know How to Act!

pepa fake butt

Pepa from Salt-n-Pepa debuted some bolted on hips and a brand new fake booty on IG. Let’s hope this is her last procedure before she turns into someone else we know (*cough* Lil Kim *cough*).

Lookin’ like a WHOLE snack!


  1. That’s my bitch though! Fucked up hips and all! I will always be a die hard Salt & Pepa fan! Even thought she does ridiculous! lol

  2. When a woman reaches a certain age it’s time to accept the body changes and roll with it – literally! Sometimes it seems like fame at a young age messes up minds more!

    • This idiot (hsk) has a million pseudonyms and is penning most of the comments and responses. Now it’s so sloppy, he is writing back under anonymous. Loser.

  3. well now she’s really skinny, so no fat to cover and fill in them enhanced hips. when she put her weight back on, it will look alright.

    • She has always had a man shaped body, meaning no hips…so no nothing can cover that look up.

  4. A black woman who is 51, acting like a immature teenager; that’s fucking pathetic. All that plastic surgery Sandra Denton got, she looks just as ugly as Lil Kim.

    • There is no bleaching so no she does not look like kim, but she does need to chill.

  5. Whatever. OG Salt and Pep fan.

    And Pep is good people too. Mad cool.

    Salt too. She walked away from the industry when they were making dough because she wasn’t with all the stuff coming out now. She’s real.

    Pep is just having fun and doing Pep. That’s her personality. You know how she is. lol

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