Girlfriend Goals? K. Michelle Talks Scoopin’ Up Side Chicks for Her Dr. Boo

k michelle side chicks

K. Michelle gave TMI about her relationship with her Dr. Boo, including how she helps him pick up side chicks when they go to strip clubs.

Here’s what she said via ESSENCE Live:

“Yeah we were at the strip club and I was like, ‘Oh do you like her?’ Sometimes I’m okay with contracting out the work [that’s] less work for me to do. We’ll compete to see who can get the most numbers. We’ve always said this, we define the terms of our relationship. Not society’s norms, me and him decide. We value having friendship, honesty, that’s what we value….I’m not married, I”m in a relationship, we’ve been friends for over 19 years now. I just looked at him and said, ‘this is the type of man I should be with. Somebody who’s my friend. We wanna go elope and then we want this big wedding.”

Is K giving “pick me” teas or should every relationship be like this?


  1. When will women learn that inviting another pussy in your house and in your bed is a recipe for disaster. It’s all fun and games until you come home and he’s balls deep in another stink box!

  2. TMI! They both got issues and clearly like their own sexual variety so why brag because it’s personal.

    • Yes. Nobody needed to know this about you and him. That girl can’t keep nothing to herself. It’s like she has a ingrained need to let the world know that she’s messing around with “someone”. Get a clue, girl!! The fact that you let him do whatever he wants is going to backfire one day.. And it will serve you right….being so nasty and triflin with your man. Strippers carry things that are not desirable.. STD’s…

    • She think it’s cute. Watching her man fock another woman in front of her is trendy, fun, exciting TO HER.

  3. She’s dumb as hell. That’s how diseases spread but I’m guessing she doesn’t care since she’s in hollywierd. She better hope he don’t get nobody pregnant.

  4. Didn’t they say that Kmichelle has a funky box? Maybe the only way that she can keep a man is for her to allow him to fuck fresh pussy.

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