Pebbles’ Youngest Son Tian McKissack Speaks Out!

Pebbles Secret Son Tian

“Me and Perri do have a relationship. Are we close? Hell no, I don’t want to be. But we are speaking.” ~Tian McKissack

HSK Exclusive – Pebbles’ 19-year-old ‘love child‘ is setting the record straight, revealing never heard before details about his life… in the shadows of his famous mother.

She [Pebbles] came to my 10th birthday party … that’s about it. But we did have frequent phone conversations, so I’ve known her all my life.

Sebastian ‘Tian’ McKissack, an Oakland tattoo artist, exclusively tells HSK a little about his late father; the person who acted as his mother, during his comfortable upbringing; and the current state of his relationship with his biological mother, who he refers to simply as ‘Perri’.

“”I was raised by my grandmother (Perri’s mom). I was well taken care of, I wasn’t poor. My dad was present often. My mom? Not so much.”

Here’s what Tian McKissack reveals:

“I was born and raised in San Diego, but I live in Oakland now — with my wife and son. My father wasn’t a drug dealer, he was a pediatrician. He passed away last year.

I never spoke with her [Pebbles’] other children until I went to Atlanta with my grandmother to visit them … but I wasn’t presented as Perri’s son, I was presented as a cousin. Me and Ashley got kinda close during those days. I was there and we kept in contact, since I explained the real story to her.

Aaron? No.. he dislikes me to this day, but I could give a shit.”





  1. Doe this make him child # 13 for EL DeBarge?
    Was Perri still married when this occurred?

  2. The guy in the picture is named Greg. This story is fake. Greg had no idea his image was being used like that. His pictures were jacked from his twitter and Instagram. Greg has stated that He, El, and Pebbles are of NO relation. I don’ t know anything about Perri having a secret son, but I damn sure know Greg ain’t it. Furthermore, there is no Sebastian McKissack. A smile search of the California Birth Index should put your mind at ease.

  3. In essence, inner-life is a gift and a woman giving birth is a gift, honor her for that whatever her mistakes, she made as a mother, forgive her, she still is a genuine good mother, that deserves respect and human dignity sister Perri, is a great woman, who confident and firm and a realist, who set healthy boundaries, and have backbone, as a real classy woman and lady.

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