Pebbles Smacks Viacom W/ $40M Suit Over “CrazySexyCool” Portrayal


“Viacom ignored fundamental canons of journalistic and literary conduct by publishing false and defamatory accusations with actual malice.”

If Pebbles has her way, Viacom will be paying up $40M for green-lighting her portrayal as a shady swindler in TLC’s “CrazySexyCool” biopic. Sources reveal… Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid filed the multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit in Atlanta federal court, Friday [April 25, 2014].

According to Pebbles’ suit against Viacom, the company: “Ignored fundamental canons of journalistic and literary conduct by publishing false and defamatory accusations with actual malice.” A spokesperson for Viacom would only say, “It’s our policy not to comment on matters in litigation.”

“Reid never controlled TLC’s lawyers or accountants, never withheld contract terms from TLC and always paid the group what they were owed.”

Here’s the latest:

“Pebbles told an Atlanta federal court that the 2013 VH1 movie portrays her, “As a conniving and dishonest business woman who hoodwinked three innocent girls and exploited their talent for her own personal gain.”

After selling 11 million copies of their 1994 album “CrazySexyCool,” TLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Record execs said TLC only filed in order to void their contracts, but the girls, who sued LaFace Records and Pebbitone, Reid’s management company, claimed they were paid only $50,000 a year each in 1993 and 1994.”

Peep how the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes broke down TLC’s dollars and cents in “Behind The Music”:

“​This is how a group can sell 10-million records and go broke — get ready to do your math. There are 100 points on an album, TLC had seven. Every point is equal to 8-cents.. alright.. seven times eight, 56-cents.

When we first started out we were kinda cocky. But as time went on we learned that every time an album gets sold, TLC gets 56-cents.

So 10-million records… 5.6 million dollars. Seems like a lot of money.. well it’s not a lot of money when the record company has spent three-million dollars to record your album. And in the record business, we pay all costs back to the record company. We pay recording costs, we pay video costs… So now, we have $2.6 million dollars left. Well guess what? When you have that much money, you’re in about the 47, 48.9 tax bracket. So that immediately gets deducted to $1.3 million dollars. Then, you split the rest three-ways. You got about $300,000 a piece.. if that. $300,000 dollars.. I could buy a nice house with that, and what am I gonna pay my bills with?​”


    • @Raheim AGGGGGGGGGGGREEDDDDDD! THIS PIMPALICIOUSPREAACHER NAMED PEEBLES SHOULD HAVE MULTIPLE SEATS! People should stop throwing rocks and hiding their hands! Peebles it obvious that you are GREEDY and afterall you say you are a woman of the clothe so why are you suing? We know GREED and BOOTLEGGIN GOD’s WORK! Shame on you and just FYI GOD SEES YOU!

    • Pebbles, what happened to turn the other check ? You know you got rich off those girls and sucking dock in the 80’s.

    • It’s embarrassing to see a black woman with no dignity, an embarrassment to all women singers, a money and fame whore who is fighting within self because she’s not famous anymore. With the money she has she should be relaxing on an island and happily living it up.

      She continues to take the devil’s high road to make TLC look bad at any expense. It is not Chilli’s fault that LA Reid left her. He is married to someone else now and probably never even considered marrying Chilli. Pebbles is still devastated that she got fired and she’s still kicking and crying to keep people talking about her.

      It is a fact that some artists cannot cope when they are no longer in the limelight. Some turn to alcohol. Others live to die, such as Whitney Houston.

  1. I want tea on that clippers owner, he looks like the type to enjoy hot steaming poop on his body.

  2. Pebbles please sit down! U still out suing folks and knowing good and darn well nobody ain’t got time for that! U the only person that I know of still trying to sue folks over that TLC biopic. Let It Go!

    • THANK YOU for saying that, Peebles ain’t been relivant**I know mi spelling is not on point** since “Mercedes Boy”..she needs to go somewhere and retire gracefully…

      • You’re welcome Candi. Getting on everybody nerves with that nonsense. Raise some grand kids, crochet, just do something besides trying to tie up the court system$

  3. Why now when tlc did behind the music she was not saying how they we’re talking about her so it must of been the truth so now they made a movie about the truth you want to Sue your sick. And why did they fired her but was still working for her husband I did not and still don’t get that.

    • Everybody in the world love to sue..sue..sue..pls too many frivilous **spelling, I know** lawsuits. She really need to let it go..

  4. If you want to beat the White man at his own game you have to play on his level. Black people get rid of this slave mentality. Buy these teams. Best the Master instead of slave

    • Agreed, but the question is if the consortium of wealthy white & Jewish men who own said teams are going to allow blacks to ‘buy these teams,’ especially considering rich (Not wealthy) blacks like Usher and Jay-Z didn’t own the teams they bought into, just percentages. There’s Magic Johnson, of course, and he apparently has more money than both of them (And was in talks to buy a baseball team not too long ago), but the same question applies to him, as well. It’s one thing to ‘beat people at their own games,’ but the question is are we even allowed to ‘play’ with them at that level…?

      • No where not because a black could have the money to purchase a team,but he’ll have to be approved by a vote and that’s where the Fake Joohish man has the advantage.Magic did however purchase part of the Dodgers recently.

  5. I didnt have to watch the tlc movie to know that Pebbles was a crook. It was well known back in the day. The girls were only getting paid $25 a week and they were still living at home. I wish left eye was still alive because she was the one that was speaking out about it. Suing viacom just shows what golddigging whore you are Pebbles!

  6. I wonder why Perri P. isn’t suing La Reid, her ex-husband who was an executive producer on the film, he is the one who had to cheat his artist like TLC, Toni Braxton, etc so he could pay the label that was distributing “LAFACE” which was Clive Davis’s label “ARISTA RECORDS”

  7. O please this fame whore please she’s a mini Kristen Jenner a true frame money guzzling shyster she’ll do anything T.L.C was indeed rip off and is now flat broke boy oh boy the music business will swallow you alive and spit you out its a lion and snake din nobody is really your friend their all out to get you and that’s just what she did own up to it don’t be fake she knows what she did to them they had that little one knocked off because she started talk’en why would anyone want to be in a pit like that ggreedy selfish people

    • It’s one thing to be ambitious and career-oriented, but when one becomes a chop-licking wolf for a dollar bill, it’s despicable!!

  8. Just give it up, you played the game wrong. I bet she thought they would keep quite about everything and that black la reid playin dumb like he ain’t no nothing, I bet he was the mastermind smdh, chocolate frog lookin ass.

  9. pebbles was taking orders from la and face who was taking orders from clive davis who was distributing laface and pebbletone and tlc, toni Braxton, usher, outkast and everyone else on their label.

    clive was making billions off black music whitney, bad boy records, j records.

    pebbles cannot say a damn word to clive.

    neither can la, face, puffy or anybody else.

  10. Pebble’s should really be humble. We all know the reason she and LA Reid split up was because she was screwing Babyface and broke up the producing duo. If she feels like she’s that innocent why isn’t she suing the ladies of TLC? Doesn’t preacher lady have something better to do like bump vajayjay’s with another chic? Lol guess not since baby boy is grown. No more pay checks from Mr Reid.

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