Jacky Jasper Puts Karlie Redd In Her Place!


Karlie Redd had a whole lot to Tweet about Jacky last night. Not only did this washed up heaux straight disrespect a playa [from behind her computer], this never-was, never has-been also had the audacity to make this outrageous claim, “I have a pic of you sucking d*ick”. It’s a post Karlie ‘Lyin’ Fake Azz’ Redd has since deleted from her BS profile. Know why? Because she recognized she pulled that BS on the wrong dude!

Here’s how Jacky broke down this pitiful excuse for a woman, Karlie Redd:




You’ll recall.. Back in August 2012, HSK broke first word of Keisha ‘Karlie Redd’ Lewis’ onetime tight connections to one [now locked-up for life] drug kingpin. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the daughter the fallen reality star shares with him, Jazmin. That’s suspected to be the real Keisha/Karlie is so mad.



  1. LMMFAO…I wonder if she gonna tell Raymond Scott about this. I heard that he gets real quiet whenever you show him his nephews phone number….lol

  2. Why was that her only response?? Why is she coming out the woodwork for jacky? Is it because the show is about to air??

  3. Bhwaaaaahhhha carly girl please we all know bout you and anyway why are you on love and hip hop? You to old to be with them kids in their 20s it’s over give it up ma throw in the towel if you don’t have a hit record by now it’s to late so u keep hook’en up wit these guys that still might want you just for half time activitie no more than that bow out gracefully now

  4. The Do’ers Do and they don’t make threats without action.If Karlie really had something to show she’d show it and move on.

  5. I was laughing at “Beenie Man’s ackee and saltfish dick”.
    Now I am craving some. Ackee, saltfish, rice and peas…not Beenie Man.

    • Gurl, no need to clarify…lol…ain’t nobody getting “that feeling” about Beans….that ain’t in lock up, at least.

  6. Yoo Jacky is sooo disrespectful!!! Lmfaaaaoooo Love and Hip Hop HOE betta have some seats on this one lol

      • Hahahaaa! Ikr! She a 50 year old groupie hoe, apparently she not good at it lol yea jacky is gonna light her ass up some more smh get ready

  7. LOL! I bet at this moment Jacky is creating a “Karlie Redd’s a Ho” video….similar to “Ty’s a Punk”….lol….

  8. Damn Jacky you did her dirty lmao, she came for the wrong one and got sent home haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  9. Hey jacky, mate just wanna say good work brother. Learnt a lot on these here posts..your stories and from other posters. Keep it real.

  10. That proves she lives in a fantasy world acting like she can cancel folks from what I hear she is lucky she ain’t get canceled. What life can she hv it ain’t worth it to be branded a THOT and hv proof provided

  11. Watch your back Jacky.

    Old hoes like this don’t act independently. This old ho ain’t the problem, although you did give her a good checking which she richly deserved, but the folks hiding behind her are the problem.

  12. I can’t believe Jacky said ‘you sucked beenie mans Ackee and Saltfish dick’ omds he went IN! #DEAD!

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