Jay Z Jumps On Beyonce’s Relevant Train..


Mister Coattail Carter!

Jigga’s latest ‘On the Run’ play — launching a joint summer tour with Beysus — is far from surprising. Know why? Not only does The Carters’ recent announcement come just days after TIME Magazine named Beyonce as leading the pack of 2014’s ‘100 Most Influential People” — Holy Hova Most is no stranger to piggybacking plots for shine. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Linkin Park.

“Husband and wife duo Beyoncé and Jay Z will be going On The Run — stopping in at least 13 cities across America this summer.”

This latest Shawn Carter-collaboration only adds Bey to the list of Jigga’s previous tour-mergers — placing Queen B alongside the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Kanye West.

Here’s the latest:

“The couple will kick off their tour in Miami in June and hit at least 13 cities before wrapping up in San Francisco on Aug. 5. The tour, named after their “Part II (On the Run)” single, kicks off June 25 in Miami before going on to other big cities such as Philadelphia, Dallas, Toronto and Chicago, and wrapping up on Aug. 5 in San Francisco.

The married couple have been collaborating on songs together since 2002’s ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde,’ including most recent smash hit ‘Drunk in Love.’

The official poster for their tour — showing the married couple hugging with ski masks on — is reminiscent of their very first song collaboration “’03 Bonnie & Clyde.”


  1. Getting my tickets 8am tomorrow morning! Gotta see Beyonce!

    Btw… Jay NEVER EVER went on a joint tour with Rihdebt.

    • What does rihanna have to do with this? Why do you bey stans worry so much about rihanna? That girl ain’t never said a damn thing bad about beyonce so i don’t get the hate. Rihanna is young and living her dreams GROW UP!

      • Hiv stans or hybrid Jayhiv stans are absolutely obsessed with Rihanna. It’s like an illness. Anyway what I’m looking forward to, or rather hoping for is Rihanna finally having the balls to point the finger at her management company/Roc/Jay for the brazen theft of the millions she has generated. She finally woke up and recently pursued the shady accountants/lawyers that took millions from her. But guess who recommended both firms? Roc Nation!!

    • Sad cow. Rihdebt as you call her has had ADMITTED past financial problems but what about your idol Jay? Dude has been non stop touring since he signed his Live Nation slave contract, I mean 360 deal. Now if the man is supposedly worth nigh on 500 million dollars, why is he working like the music artist version of overtime?? You know as if he has trouble making rent??

      I’ll tell ya stan – JAY Z, your beloved’s MONEY IS FUNNY. Many artists across the ages often speak out about how draining and time consuming touring is. Top tier artists like Madonna and U2 – People who Jay thinks are his peers tour every3/4 years. Coldplay another major group roughly every 2 years. But Jay has been on tour more or less non stop since he signed that deal. Not even his so called protegee Rihanna tours that slavishly. Lol. What’s his problem, I wonder? Does he not want to spend precious time with his young child and wife? Could he not be attending to other business endeavors?? Let me tell you a secret Your idol has NO CHOICE but to tour. He is a corporate slave to Live nation. That’s why he cannot rest until his debt is paid. That’s right he is apparently worth 500 milli (Yeah right), but jigga is STILL IN DEBT.

        • I agree as well. Unfortunately, the sheep are asleep. Across this couple’s fandom, they are all scrambling for these offensively overpriced tickets. On the surface, it looks like The Carters are winning, but if you look a little closer they ain’t winning shit. Live Nation are the ones winning. Hands down. Slave master cracks the whip, and barks orders. The hard graft is obviously done by the enslaved. I don’t need to tell you which side of the fence The Carters are on.


  2. It was Mary J Blige Justin Timberlake and Kanye West for the joint tours…..

  3. Naturally they have to be wearing ski masks like a coupla thugs . Gotta keep it classy. Especially since the Vouge cover Kanye bought Kim is selling mire than the one Jay bought Bey. Anything for attention, right?

    • I’m not surprised about them selling more mags. My moms copy of Time went from the mailbox straight into the recycle bin, lol.
      I think people are more pissed off about that Time cover than they were about Kim and Kanye.

  4. Why not? The money is going to the same place. Double up time. Both give great concerts so i wouldnt mind going to see the Carters in action.

  5. No thank you. I aint spending my hard earned money on no rich sellouts who sold us all out to do Business with barneys! Among other shit. He glorifys bullshit an she pops her ass an white girl weave for the Highest price. Influential for gay dudes an hoodrats! Im not a fan of them. Her songs r okay but i cant stand him lol

  6. Jay Z should feel real silly standing on stage rapping in baggy pants. He’s a CEO, why does he not work on getting his artists more shine? Narcissism is a real illness.

    • all these ceos hog the spotlight they are the stars while they keep their artists in the background ask dre, snoop, eminewm, 50, nelly, and luda.

      • With the exception of Dre, Jay has a better stable of artists. I’m not saying they are all talented but he has Kanye, Rihanna, J Cole, Melanie Fiona, Shakira….and plenty other artists he can make a ton of money off.

        • You sound like a groupie. Bitch shut up. Nobody asked your ‘I am a member of Jay z fanclub’ ass on outta here! Loser lol

            • She really is dumb as a bag of rocks, lol. If the stupid bitch could actually read she would see I am in no way a fan of Jay Z or Beyonce.

        • That’s the point. He has all that greatest on his roster, so why are we looking at his droopy dawg face?

          • Right! That’s why I think Jay Z is desperate for money or something because there is no explanation for a man almost 50 years old looking 60 to be climbing up on stage and rapping those same stale ass lyrics from ’01.

            • But the show is going to sell out in every city! I bet you don’t say that about the Rolling Stones, huh?

            • So now you want to compare these jokers to music legends, lol. I’m bored so I’ll bite.

              1.Neither Mick Jagger or any other member of the Stones are CEO of their own label.
              2.The Rolling Stones have actually taken time off away from the spotlight and the stage. The Carters are too insecure to do that.
              3. The Rolling Stones wrote some iconic songs unlike Mrs. Surfboard and Mr.Wanna be 60 year old gangster.
              4. Unless there is some controversy, the Stones prefer to keep their ratchet private lives to themselves. I have never seen Mick pose with Jerri Hall Mick rocking a ski mask.

        • Jay is the CEO of Roc Nation, not Live Nation. Live Nation tells him what to do, they are HIS boss. Jay’s Roc Nation is more of a management team now than a record label, and Live Nation is a Live ATM machine for the right artists. Almost every major act has ties in some way to Live Nation because they rule the touring and endorsement circuits, where most of an artist’s money is made. Example, Micheal Jackson, before he died had a new cd ready to go out with his This is it Tour. Michael knew the majority of his money wasn’t going to be made off that cd, it was hard enough before iTunes and the internet took over as the leading distributer of music but now an artist has to sell almost triple what they did before to get any money off cd’s as well as write and produce, which is why Beyonce and Jay steal credits, because credits is where the true money is dealing with money from Cd’s. Everybody knows the artist is the last to get paid if they don’t have any credits, the record company and production/marketing/studio time/video pay back/visuals all that gets paid back first.
          Artists make there main money off of touring and endorsements, and to make the kind of money Beyonce and Jay want, you can only get that going through Live Nation. Micheal Jackson knew that This Is It was going to be his last tour because his body couldn’t take the stress, he knew that very well going in, But he had debts that needed to be cleared and he wanted his kids to see him perform and see him as the icon that he was, and it killed him. Conrad Murray, may have given him the shot, but it was all to get Michael up to perform for the tour, that Michael needed and wanted to do. Beyonce should take note, all this touring for money she is doing like Michael can not be good for the body, and she looks drunk half of the time and the other half she has a wine glass in her hand, which is kind of funny since she has done several interviews telling her fans she doesn’t drink, but I digress from her lies to merely point out that all that all this touring can not be healthy, mentally or physically. All that money Michael once had, in the end, was gone for him, only in his death was it brought back for others, not for him to spend. She should focus on life and Blue, and take a break so people can miss her and Jay because people after this tour they have no more to give, people have seen her dance steps she’s been doing over and over agin for years, with the only difference being new costume changes, and Jay is 50, not almost, he’s 50, ask Nas for references, Jay should be focusing on being the boss not the player, the game is almost over, and the last time I checked he wasn’t Prince that can play over 20 instruments, so yeah, time is a relevant factor. Jay Z and Beyonce, both should learn from Michael’s mistake, all this money can’t help you from the grave. Life is short, it’s not the money that counts it’s the memories. But to answer your question, Live Nation is the gate keepers and the throne all in one, Jay and Bey are pawns, Live Nation is the true King.

          • Ah thanks. I didn’t know Live Nation had him by the balls like that but it explains why the Carters are so thirsty. I never believed they were worth a billion dollars but it sounds like they may not be in the 100’s of millions.
            Jay must have made some bad investments along the way because Kanye and Rihanna should be netting him plenty of money to live off.

      • Exactly………enough already. Same old recycled garbage from these two. Give the public time to miss you.

      • How are they force feeding people when people are buying the tickets? I bet the shows will sell out in every city!

        • brainwash because a handful of corps own all radio and decide programming to suit their payola and corporate interests as well as others……

          like one (or a corporate entity) can buy a magazine cover, or a few thousand copies of their own album to push it to top ten or number 1 territory, or buy tickets to have the appearance of selling out when truth is far from that. Justin Bieber actually got in trouble w/ the ticket thing a while back. record corps also got in trouble for faking YouTube numbers and the majority w/ faked numbers were mainstream favorites faces bieber, Seabiscuit,rihanna etc etc

          in this day and age popularity can be faked, the suits don’t care where the money is coming from as long as they are getting some and suits in general don’t give a shit now about talent or substance. Its all image, all sex, all materialism 24/7

          thanks to the poster above for you breaking down gayz not being a CEO of any type or kind for live nation. He gets credit for rihanna even though he didn’t discover her and she was on the roster before camel took over. Just because one portrays a certain image whether drug dealer, art aficionado,owner of a multimillion or multi billion company, takes pictures with richer or wealthier people its all illusion for the sake of entertainment and people gobble up the b.s. as if reality because they feel some kinda way about someone who they will never meet and just wants your money.

    • money and promoting her new album.

      the only real money artists get is from touring but bey and jay should’nt do so much since thgey co own a label.

      unless they both just love performing.

    • More like dark/trippy, they ole creepy stank lips tales belong together. Perfect couple 😉


    • @ robtruth Thanks for that important bit of link…..well noted…..the gullible should take note too……

  8. Talk about over-exposure. As for the ski mask ad…that just looks like they are trying too hard to appeal to a younger (more ratchett) audience. A photo of him riding a custom Harley with his back to the cam (so you don’t have to see his camel face) and her holding on to him, and peering over her shoulder with a come hither look (weave blowing in the wind of course) would have been a better promo ad for an “On the Run” theme.

    • *finally breathes after laughing so hard* Lolol @ weave blowing in the wind!!!!!!

  9. They cashn out nd movin to london after the currency law take place yall better save yo money….

  10. mick jagger used to dress up like Lucifer wearing the goat’s mask.

    yes the stones made some real satanic music.

    at the altimont concert the hells angels high on drugs and influenced by micks satanic gear and the stones music decided to kill a black man in service to the devil.

    • stones used to hang around satanic warlock Kenneth anger check out his films.

      mick and keith’s drug issues are legendary and they admitted they were no saints.

      they worshipped satan and did drugs every album so really the stones are no diufferent than jigga and bey cept they have more support and they can collect money and not tour like black artists have been known to do.

      strange that mick is producing james brown biopic.

      • Truth! I suggest everyone watch an indie film released this year called “The Rocket”. Check out ‘Uncle Purple’ and his love for James Brown!!

  11. I believe they got 360 deals the way they touring they working like slaves … if im wrong they are the hustlers of the century in hollyweird yeah ski mask are right …. robbing their fans blind … I love me some bey and jay but how many times im going to go see them on stage

  12. All this back an forth, and half the people still gonna go out and spend insane money to see a performance by a Singer and Rapper, don’t get me wrong I like them both too,but I have about a thousand other better things to do with $300 than seeing Bey and Hov. Smh and then we as black people wonder why white people laugh and talk shit about us, its because we have no value of money, $300 on tickets, $250 on hair, nails and outfit,
    kids with no lunch money PRICELESS!!

  13. Aint they tired? She looked popped down in that Time Magazine issue and he well I’ve always said him lips favour Michelin Man. Wow they really do want to upstage Kimye LOL. I’d never spend no amount of uncecessary money on those two I know people spending £200 on tickets to see this screaming voodoo dolly.

  14. Bey only came off her own tour few weeks ago. Jay z never really stops being on tour. Does this couple hate spending time together being normal? Are they allergic to spending time with their child and just chilling away from the spotlight? Doesn’t matter how shiny her weave is or how much they pretend they love each other. They are vapid corporate slaves. They will stop working when live nation tell them to.

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