Pebbles Didn’t Cast The 1ST Stone … Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas Did!

Pebbles Reid Negative Light

“The continued slander from all will help prove just what was done.” ~Pebbles

It’s safe to say Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas’ choice to bust it wide open for L.A. Reid — behind [then-wife] Pebbles’ back — isn’t included in the storyline for VH1’s TLC biopic “CrazySexyCool.” That’s why we’re standing behind Pebbles on this one!

Reports reveal Chilli and T-Boz recently took to radio airwaves to say Pebbles’ ‘sinister’ portrayal in the TLC biopic was ‘toned down.’ Since the “The Breakfast Club” Power 105 broadcast, Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid took to social media to announce she’s not taking this one sitting down, and is getting ready to sue her pair of former proteges for slander.

Here’s what being reported:

“T-Boz and Chili were asked was Pebbled really as bad as she was portrayed. They replied, not only was she that bad … they actually toned it down for the movie.”

Here’s what Pebbles took to Twitter to say:

Pebbles Threatens Slander Lawsuit Pebbles Reid Fights Back Pebbles Reid vs. TLC Pebbles Chilli & T Boz

Did Pebbles treat the group [who probably should have taken the time to read all stipulations in the contract they signed] accordingly after walking in on Chilli getting smashed by her then-husband? Of course! Just ask Excel Sharrieff.


  1. Pebbles f*cked Dallas Austin and it wasn’t Chilli it was Chilli SISTER. Fuck off pebbles with ur WACK ass.

  2. True she f*cked DALLAS that ass along with T-bozz was mad that Chilli and Dallas got together. Shes just trying to get a check. The movie was to educate new artist so they don’t make New Eddtion and their mistakes,

  3. No LISA been put her ass on blast she can’t come for Lisa bc Lisa is not here. She was trying to get her family on board however they are on TLC side and T-bozz cousin and they get a check. Pebbles don’t. LOL!

  4. True and Lisa touched on it in one of the songs bc she and Chilli wont going out like that they wanted there money.So they went after it and T-bozz didn’t want to.
    Rap “Howu going to say we alike when the house burn down I took the blame and when the money got funny I fought for it when most of u chics wouldn’t”

  5. Rozonda O. Thomas is BORN and Raised Georgia. She = Chilli is the only REAL Georgia Peach!

  6. True that, I agree she was ALL about DALLAS and the fact he was with her they didn’t like it!

  7. She was already making moves she did NOT sleep her way in nothing and she was not the one sleeping with LA. Check the photo’s she have a sister that some what look like her to the point you would think she was a twin.

  8. Ha ha ha speak that truth. I know about that this is a ATL chic spreading this juice speak ma put that high price HO out there.

  9. TLC Lisa and Chilli asked to take what they were signing with them so someone can explain it to them, Pebbles made it sound like it was their only op and they should trust her so they signed and had some test and had to fight and God showed up and let them know the battle is not theirs and they won and made history AMEN

  10. WTH “Did anybody saw” saw what that yo ass didn’t proof read this shit WTH dude.

  11. Shut up DA that’s what Tyler said o u huh Im’ma get it one way or another voluntary or I voluntary, LOL… U got ur _itch T to thank for that. She put u out there for the world to know about. Still want her LOL!

  12. I agree tired of the deceptions, TLC WAS rip off and deserve the upmost respect. I don’t believe anything Pebbles said, made me sick in the stomach, On Wendy Talk Show she got off the subject focus on Chilli and not how she rip them off. I’ve done that, change the subject get people to focus on something really less important to me. Now Pebbles daughter threaten to hurt Chilli on Wendy Talk Show, this was below Ghetto, Going to Kill her for what, that’s the message I got out of it, have nothing to do with Chilli Pebble daughter have her own demons to deal with, I talk from experiences, I hate another person, want to do them harm when in fact I got my own issues to deal with. Anger only eat away at the soul. I done the blaming game for years still have to work at it, the differences now doesn’t control my life like before, it’s not destroying me as before.

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