Paul Mooney Suffering From Dementia?

Paul Mooney Suffering Dimentia

HSK Exclusive – We’ve gotten reports that point to Paul Mooney as a man who’s suffering from dementia. According to insiders, Mooney is refusing to seek medical treatment.

“Paul Mooney cannot remember he called an audience member the N-word while taping the Arsenio Hall show last May.”

Dig the Drop:

“They couldn’t get Paul off the stage when he called a man in the audience the N-word. Arsenio came on the stage to escort Paul off the stage. He walked away from Arsenio and sat on the stage for 30 minutes.”


  1. If true this is truly sad, Paul Mooney wrote many of Richard Pryor’s classic stand up jokes, as well as being Mr. Pryor’s friend for over 35 years until Richard Pryor’s death. Paul Mooney in his stand-up tell it like it is on race and race relations in America. I would advise everyone who is into comedy to read his autobiography, which was publish about 4 years ago, it’s very funny

    • Agreed, Paul Mooney is a true ORIGINAL…so sad if it’s true and not propaganda(aka media/news)…

    • This must be what white folks got cus they can’t remember being racist the past 400 years.

      • That part right there. And now we’re soooo loved, really? They FINALLY figured out more money can be made off of us in different avenues, and we let em’, for a fee. Sad. Love me some Paul Mooney, i’m praying for you brother!

    • WOW!! I just watched one of his specials on iTunes. He one of my faves and I have a few of his comedy albums. Paul doesnt hold back AT ALL!! Damn, I hope he recovers and at least doesnt lose his wit. Paul without that razor sharp mind just isnt the same.

        • yeah like jesus or allah is the anwser go to for the real unless you’re in denial

          • I never go to men for answer but straight to the source, Jesus Christ himself. You do you and continue chasing strange doctrine, I’ll continue being me and decerning false prophets. Don’t fret, that’s just MeW.

            • Me too. Everything you said I agree with 100%. The devil worshipping fools don’t realize they cannot confuse those of us that are called by the one TRUE God and his beloved SON, do not need the word of man. We have the word of God written into our minds and hearts. It’s a gift. They keep trying it tho

            • Yes, Yes and Yes!!! I agree with EVERYTHING the both of you said for myself as well.

    • Hmm, I am lost for words. I read he had cancer a while ago. Also read he raped richard pryer’s son. Why he works with prostate cancer? rest is the best medicine in this cases. Hoping for best for him whatever best is. Thanks to Dick Gregory who lets him on his tour. He’s not professional on Arsenio Hall show which was cancelled as a result of his appearance. Dementia? Too much drinking and zombie work.

  2. One of the Greatest comedians to ever live, and not just because of the Richard Pryor connection. People can say what they want about Paul, but he gave ZERO f*cks what people thought of him and has been telling white racists about themselves for decades now, which makes his current state even sadder. I wish him recovery, if possible.

    • ^He also never spares blacks & black celebs (and rightfully so), which is another reason little to none of them associate with him, which, considering how FAKE this entertainment shit is and how quick so many blacks change when they get a nice paycheck or three, is just as well.

        • Thanks, just giving respect where it’s due, especially when people will talk shit about Mooney then go worship some corporate crone like Kev Hart (Even though he has his funny moments) or somebody.

          • @Raheim,

            I’m glad you said it. I find nothing funny about Kevin Hart other than his size. The very sound of his runt voice is annoying to me. His little ass has NOTHING on Paul Mooney & others in that league.

            (I get mad just thinking about Kevin Hart’s sellout ass…I just want to slap 10 times consecutively to get it out my system!)

            • Can i please cosign on lil step and fetch its lil ass…. I cant stand his cooning ass… He was cool in the beginning but he is intolerable now…

            • step and fetch it. love that you did that exactly right. sorry i even know who he is.

    • Definately one of the greatest ever. He will always be better than 99% of all comedians in history because the truth is what he told about everybody. When I think about hi legacy and longevity, the way he do things speaks volumes bout his greatness. He didn’t care, stepped on toes and said f*ck you if you don’t
      Iikewat I said. For almost 50 years and took all of the shit they threw his way for telling the truth. Despite being hated by white people he could not be pushed out of the game. One of th only people I ever heard talk about “them Boule niggas” on National TV. The real deal

      • Oh, plenty of white people like Paul too. I love a comic who speaks the truth regardless of the personal consequences. He gained quite a large white fan following through his appearances on Howard Stern’s Sirius TV show.
        Much respect for Paul Mooney.

      • Co-sign all the above replies. I see the Trolls are doing Troll shit below, but those Gnats’ll never diminish Mooney’s legacy.

    • Wasn’t his wife white? And according to Richard Pryor he was a falling queen

      • Considering half the black men in Hollyweird are f*cking and/or wifed up with Beckys, I’d say Mooney was in good company if true. As for the gay talk, like I said above: ‘People can say what they want about him…,’ especially when all the critics in here listen to & worship gay-ass celebrities, musicians, and politicians and have been for years. That’s a ‘falling’ if I ever saw one.

        • Raheim: Paul is a hypocrite, You can’t be dissing the White Man and then be f*cking His Daughter, it do’t work like That.

          • In that case, many of your so-called ‘black leaders’ past (Civil Rights Movement) & present are hypocrites–You know how so many Negroes, especially ‘Old-School’ ones Mooney’s age & around it, put white women on a pedestal due to that being ingrained in their minds. No justification, just facts.

            • That’s pedal stool for you Ungrateful/CB.
              As Raheim said, if having sexual relations with ww disqualifies a BM from political activism and leadership, we just lost Malcolm and Martin, not to mention many others.
              BM have/had sex with ww for many reasons–it wasn’t all about genuine attraction. I am convinced that Bill Cosby actually loathes ww.

            • Anonymous: sweetie, I’m surprised Your even commenting on suitable issue, You usually write sarcastic shyt, but now it seems like Your really changed (but for how long!)

              Black Men f*ck White Women for sex or sometime love

            • Hey cb there are at least three different anons who rag you. I’m one but I didn’t mess with u yesterday. 🙂

            • Anonymous: and think bullying someone online is fun?? maybe you should take up a new hobby

              every tried sewing???

            • CB I too am not the anonymous who posted that, but I like your idea of me taking up sewing. I think I’ll get started today!! I’ll sew you a nice red, green and gold Kwanzaa pedal stool cover for ya! Happy Holidays!

            • Anonymous: And there I was thinking You didn’t like Black People?, or I am wrong?, You do know Kwanzaa is an African Holiday??

      • No his wife was black, but he dated white after divorcing his wife.

    • Thanks for providing additional info. Prostate cancer is no joke and men should take it serious especially at younger ages. Had a relative who battled it and the bouts of pain, hormone and chemo treatments militated any life or exuberance until his death. Im sure this ordeal has exhausted the mooney family and they are in my prayers.

  3. paul mooney didnt just write jokes for richard pryor he wrote jokes for dam near every famous comedian in the past 40 years black and white

  4. This has been the year to clean house in hollyweird of the old comedians Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, Katt Williams, Bill Cosby, and now Paul Mooney…all to make way for new hollyweird court jesters.

  5. @babbsbunny; I respectfully disagree. Joan Rivers live her life to the fullest. She was in her late 80s when she died. Bill Cosby is 80 yes old & he 2 lived his life. Billy pissed some1 off & now it’s payback.

    Never understood what all the hoopla was about Robin Williams cause he was not funny. He was more beneficial to his wife dead than alive.

    Steve Harvey is the one behind Matt Williams downfall.

      • @babbsbunny: According to Katt, he and his son saw Steve somewhere and introduced themselves, to which Steve ‘looked them up and down like a hoe (Katt’s words),’ told Katt ‘Never heard of you,’ and walked away. A short time later, Katt says that either Steve’s people or some promoter(s) asked him to be a part of a show Steve was doing on New Year’s Eve 2009,’ to which he agreed, thinking it was just a regular show. Meanwhile, Steve was going around radio stations calling it a ‘Comedy Competition’ and acting like Katt wasn’t on his level (Whatever the hell that is). Katt found out and returned the favor by giving Steve what his over-arrogant ass was asking for–A comedic tongue-lashing on the aforementioned show. Here’s a video of it:

        So in other words, Harvey got put in his place by Katt, and rightfully so, to let Katt tell it.

        • Rahiem thank you babe. I watched the video. Katt Williams definately went in on Steve Harvey and deservingly so. Steve has always been full of himself. And who in the hell told Steve that he was some kind of Deepak Chopra spiritual relationship guru telling women to “think like a man”. I personally doesn’t think that he’s funny, or trying to help women out through the books he writes but to each his own. Paul Mooney is a real comedian and alot of his jokes have truth about racial history and have alot of education in them.

          • No problem, and I agree about Harvey–Since when was anyone with a failed marriage a ‘relationship guru?’

  6. This is sad news, if true. Dementia is so cruel. I hope if this is true he doesn’t have greedy people around him.

  7. Man sorry to hear this, wow it looks like all the ol school leaving here or have taken sick, I hate to see so many of the old school getting sick then eventually pass on, I know we all have to I just hate to see them leaving because all the venomous and poison that’s been pumped in the up coming generation is horrible, the new generation is f*cked, they have been poisoned so deeply it would take a miracle to help them, everyone is angry but you can’t blame them for it that’s what is being taught. I’m sorry to hear this god bless paul ol chum, you did good work and lived the life I guess in Hollywood.

  8. Pauly boy aint sheet!!!
    All this c00n does is gossip like a scorned woman who’s on a eternal period!!
    All this fool does is yip & yap like a the foul-mouth chihuahua that he is. Now, us and “others” r just too happy to hear the good news!!
    BTW…he also has sex with other men.

  9. Paul was a funny comedian, but lately, been hearing a lot about him being gay.In addition, there’s a video of Richard Pryor pretty much telling the inside joke of what goes down behind the scenes in Hollyweird that features Paul Mooney.

  10. Love Paul Mooney and I wish him a peaceful transition when the time is right. I had one of his DVD’s where he went in on MJ, Whitney and others but I gave it to my ex when I moved out recently.

    Heard a year ago that he was seriously ill but since this was a little blog reporting this, I just shrugged it off.

    When I saw him on Arsenio, I could tell he wasn’t well and wondered if this was his karma for going in on Tracee Ross at that awards show a few years ago. As somebody who also has a mother with past/present issues, I hate when people who don’t know me want to throw shade or whatever. Tracee was better than I would have been because I would have been like “Bitch, talk to my mother about whatever problem you have with her”. Eeew, and that liver-lipped Steve Harvey tried to get in on the joke instead of just hosting whatever award show.

  11. Paul Mooney needs an MRI done of his brain. The dementia he may be suffering from could be a result of normal pressure hydrocephalus, which is the only correctible form of dementia. He is truly th greatest comedian/comedic writer ever. I am praying for his health and longevity.

  12. alll the shit talking about w/folks this and that but loves suckg w dicks as per richard p….used to love his joke,,,lost respect….to bad,,,,God dont like your lifestyle bro

  13. when are You People gonna connect The dots remember Last Year, Paul made tasteless joke about The Boston Bombing!!
    maybe The Elites did something to Him!

  14. Is there any black person who meets the approval of the posters here at hsk? Anyone at all?

      • Speak for yourself. we are sellouts, we are coons
        we cause trouble, we made glok and thatchick 414 not come here anymore. for what?, because we wanted to prove a point

        • @14:00 Imma say this nicely. Leave my cousin’s name outta this and most definitely leave 414 alone as well. If anything, U can learn something from the both of them. Just because they post the truth doesn’t give U the right to mistreat them and they are not here to defend themselves. What if somebody done that to U? U may not care, but somebody like would and step up to defend U if I wasn’t posting. Think about that for a moment.

        • @14:00

          if you think those folks stop coming here because of you. then you’re more stupid then we already think you are, asshole…..!

          • Anon go suck on kim k’s plastic tits you f*cking hick, big lips on dick not lipstick on dick you f*cking trick

            • this idiot has gotta be downlow since he (or more probably he-she) constantly refers to sucking dick.

    • The guy who invented the stuff for jerri curls got out unscathed, but it was his first time here and he died.

  15. If his mind is drifting into another realm, a tremendous loss it would be to us and comedy as well. We need fearless sistas and brothas in La La Land to push back against tbe tide of political correctness. It’s a cancer that must be disposed of. As a fan of his works, i wish him the best going forward.

  16. Something About Paul Rubs Me The Wrong Way, Like He’s Married To A White Woman But He Makes Racial Jokes.

    I Mean Surely, He Can Come Up With Different Jokes Besides Making Racial Jokes, Being A Comedian Is About Making New And Different Jokes.

    Do’t Repeat The Old Jokes, But The New Jokes

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