R Kelly Says Bill Cosby Is a Perverted Rapist


R Kelly said in a recent interview that comedian Bill Cosby is a pervert that belongs in jail with the rest of the criminals.

The Bump & Grind lyricist went on to say that he hopes Bill Cosby never molested the Cosby Show cast member Raven Symone.

Here’s what R Kelly revealed:

“I just really hope he didn’t put his filthy hands on Olivia. Of course she was my favorite not grown ass Raven Symone.

I auditioned for a part, but for some reason they never called back. I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but this time the proof is in the pudding. Men lie. Women lie, but 20 women don’t lie.

I know a rapist when I see it.”


  1. Lol this jr.panty pusher cannot be serious! I know he does know one when he see’s one, he looks in the mirror every day…smh this has got to be a joke

      • @Toast2thegodz; can u explain why u r saying this story was made up? Thnx

        • Sure… Nahadaily.com posted this story it’s a satirical site, just look at the other articles posted. And to be honest I could tell before I did my research… R kelly mayb a perv but he’s not stupid … Do you really think he would give this quote … “Olivia is my favorite but not that grown ass raven Simone” lol

      • I can’t believe people believe this *ish. This same satire article was on fb too. People love gossip so much many can’t separate the real from the bs. It’s a fake story!!!

    • Lmao……..then do it again lmao………
      I can’t understand how the RnB Chester the molester peeing on lil under age girls !
      Marrying under age girls just so he can’t go to jail,!! Can he ever speak on anything sexual outside of music. (Who the f*ck told him he was off punishment.!!!!,) This perverted punk ass can’t even take care of his( son daughter ) wTF,,!!! I can’t understand why he would even be interviewed for anything he’s so passé yester year!!
      He said he can tell a rapist when he sees one omg !!! Really perv ,is it because you see one when you look in the mirror ??!! Don’t try too get back into the lime light slandering Bill Cosby in hopes of being relevant again. !!!!

    • This “Interview” couldn’t be legit He would never say such stupid things to dig a deeper hole for himself unless he’s that stupid to turn against the game so far along in his career

  2. Nigga if you dont have a courthouse full of seats…ya Chester ass just slipped past going to jail for messing with teenage girls..AND THEY GOT YO ASS ON TAPE!!!
    yeah we know Olivia was ur favorite

  3. According, to “the truth show” on YouTube R Kelly was set up by Joe Camel (Jayz)

    • The truth show is just more of that illuminati bullshit. Black people, please do not fall prey to this mythology. That is the shit that keeps us from seeing the world as it is. We have real problems, not rappers and r&b singers in league with satan and secret societies.

      • PREACH!!!!!

        Just another way in the long history of black folk being diverted from the sort of thinking and action which can bring genuine change and progress.
        In the 30s, 40s, 50s it was heroin and cocaine—today it’s the “Illuminati” and other YouTube conspiracies.
        If you cannot use knowledge to effect change and uplift your mind, what good is that knowledge? It you received a notarized list of all names of those in the “Illuminati”, wtf would and could you do about it? We stay worrying about things which just don’t matter in our real day to day lives.

      • Anonymous: for Your Information “The Truth Show” is The real deal, R Kelly did a music video for “I wish” where he talks to his mother
        through the sky, he mentions something about the “Elite” saying “He wants to get out of the game” and “He’s in too deep” he’s mother
        reassures Him, She say’s “You have to do what’s right”

        The music video is pretty deep, People think The music video is innocent but is not, it has meaning behind it

        Jayz has something to do with That sex tape, no wonder He can’t sleep with all the bad things He’s done in The past, Jesus is not letting Him sleep!!

    • Jay-Z is the most disloyal nigga on the planet. I believe he owns the rights to that R. Kelly sextape. He probably watches it with Beyonce to get himself in the mood.

  4. r kelly remember aaliyah the 15 yr old you married you had on matching outfits to display your love for each other (but to fair to aaliyah her family and uncle barry hankerson sold her out) remember your brother outed you saying you were bisexual, wife beater also you had molest your nince. r kelly be careful because the higher ups in hollywood have sex tapes of you with aaliyah and other under age girls and will you use that in case you get out of line again. just be glad the attention isn’t on you…yet

    • Yo is dude really commenting on Bill Cosby. I cannot wait until they pull the carpet from underneath his feet and turn off the light on his music career. Hurt people, hurt people. R. Kelly was also molested when he was younger in the church, but you’d think that he would become victor and not play victim. I remember the video of him buying Aaliyah a dog names Tour, the secret hand shake him and Aaiyah had, she was young and impressionable then he had the perverted mind to marry a 15 yr. Old, I guess to keep her from testifying against him in court. And we can’t forget the piss tape. Kelly, “I know a rapist when I see one. Right kelly cause every time you look in a mirror he’s stairing back a you. Bye Robert.

    • I don’t believe Aaliyah was 15 eh she married R. Kelly. If her parents claimed not to have given her permission to marry him and she ended up divorcing him (they got a divorce), she was 18 when they married. An underage marriage should not result in a divorce. I can see an annulment, but not a divorce. Most artists lie about their ages by a few years. I believe that’s what Aaliyah did.

      • @B,

        R. Kelly did in fact get their marriage annulled after finding out she was not pregnant by him & had instead contracted an STD.

          • She herself said the marriage was annulled. I remember the inteview. She said she wasn’t going to discuss it further because of what she and her family had been through regarding the situation. By then she wouldn’t even.mention R Kellys name. She was only in her early twenties, like 22 when she died, so she couldn’t have been any older than 15-17 when she was with R Kelly. Damn shame.

  5. LOL


    I’m just going to leave a paraphrased quote from Chapelle’s show:

    R.Kelly (To Dave): Why’d you make a video of me peeing on people?

    Chapelle: Nigga, why’d YOU make a video peeing on people?


  6. I think the media is just penning black men against eachother. I dont even believe that rkelly is dumb enough to even comment on this matter. he said he auditioned for a part??? a part of what??? lmao
    rkelly has always been a music producer turned singer- anyone who knows his history, knows he’s not an actor and has never acted in anything.

  7. A Different World always had up and coming music artists on those later seasons with Jada.

    I watch enough SVU that a perv recognizes a perv. As gross as most perps are, most had a line and would call out those who cross that line.. like to alleviate whatever It Is they are doing. .. I love Olivia Benson.

    To be fair, drugging women so they pass out and usIng their flaccid body Is pretty out of line. Its a white frat boy move.. Andrew Luster got hundreds of years for that same crime. Yeah Andrew taped them.. who says Cosby doesn’t have photos?

    • I agree, they only say when comparing it, to something they feel is more evil that what they have done.

      For example, A liar will state, atleast I don’t steal.The thief will profess, at least I don’t kill. The killer will say, at least I don’t rape women, the rapist will turn round and say, at least I don’t rape children.

      Do you.see where I’m going with this?

      • i’ll stick my inch dick in Olivia Benson any day
        and i’ll stick my dick in her lips… her lips look like soft pillows

        • willie jones jr watching svu will turn you stupid. find another hobby…..fishing cooking

          • Thanks man. I’m addicted. Seen every episode and could watch them all a million times.
            Its that Olivia.

            I have a good question. Now her mama was.. B list sex symbol Jayne Mansfield (often called the “poor man’s Marilyn “). She died in a car wreck 1964, while Olivia (MarIska) was in the back seat. I’m sure she was sacrificed. Her career was in the can.

            When celeb parents die, what happens to the child? Do they have a pass?

            • Did you know that her mother was heavily caught up in that church of sa tan mess. Sex rituals and everything. Her death was brutal, she went through the windshield with so much force she was decapitated. Gruesome.

            • I don’t think that I knew that..
              But it lends to my question about sacrifices. .

              Do the kids get some sort of pass or protection or inclusion with TPTB?
              Or by the Church of Satan?

              If I get time today, I will attempt to answer my own question by looking it up.

          • Sorry.. whoever called Olivia Benson all those nasty names.. how dare you! That woman is a saint! Sex crimes is a hard job and she does a good work. She’s a Sergeant now and the courts gave her a baby to raise.

            She’s been through a lot. She’s been assaulted and kidnapped. I just hate to hear the nasty talk about a great lady…

    • Those who believe this is a real quote from Kellz are the same folks who are the bread and butter customers of the YouTube conspiracy sites.

      The big hint was the quote about Raven/Olivia.

      I love you guys like family, but start being a little more skeptical.

      • Agreed 15:40-also the fact that the story and quotes have no source lets me know that this story is fake. Who is RKelly speaking to? Where did this “story” come from?

        This is someone’s sneaky way of linking two rapists.

  8. If this is true, R Kelly needs to stfu because if Bill belongs in prison his pedophile ass should be his cellmate. What a f*cking hypocrite. This must be some kind of joke because if R Kelly did say this all he did was resurrect people’s memories of what he did to that little girl.

  9. Them two should have a cell, side by side! One likes to piss on young girls, the other one likes to rape them. Bet they would have a lot to talk about and compare in the industry!!!

  10. LMAOOOOOOOO! You should know one when you see one LOL! Both of you belong jail, but you get the pee pee ward LOL!but that won’t happen will it R.kelly? A least until proven guilty or settle right? LOL!

    • But of course. I’m guessing it is from The Onion. They always take stories re: Black entertainers and sensationalize them to the extent that the gullible collective believes what they read. Smh

        • I’ve seen The Onion be far more derogatory towards Black people/with regards to Black stories than they have other news stories. They are like a satirical version of The Gawker. I used to love The Gawker until I started noticing all of its racist undertones.

          As for sarcasm, you can keep your sarcasm and your f*cked up attitude to yourself.

  11. Most of you who are familiar with me & my comments here on HSK know I’m a firm believer in the notion that EVERYONE has a right to their opinion & the right to respectfully share & express their opinions & points of view.

    However, as it pertains to Mr. Kelly…
    This self righteous child molesting, no self control or self respect having, deviant minded, bisexual idiot has NO RIGHT to openly express his opinion if it includes him calling another man
    a “pervert.” This is clearly the pot calling the kettle black at it’s finest.

    To R. Kelly on behalf of Bill Cosby I say…
    “It takes one to know one, damn it!”

  12. This has to be from The Onion. Isnt Kells a functional illiterate like Mayweather and many entertainers(and Americans in general)? Too much subject-verb agreement and two/three syllable words like filthy, innocent and everyone that makes this fradulant; irony aside. Doesnt sound like anything from the Trapped in the Closet series.

    • “I know a rapist when I see one.” That isn’t even something to make light of. I love a good joke, but everything isn’t a joking matter.

  13. R Kelly should sue this site for spreading this lie. He never said no such thing.

    • Although this likely happened before most of you were born, Larry Flynt published a satirical cartoon in Hustler magazine in which he portrayed the late Rev. Jerry Falwell having sex with his mother. He was sued, and The Supreme Court of the U.S.decided that satire concerning a famous person is protected under the First Amendment. It was land breaking at the time, and from that decision sprung sites and publications such as The Onion.

      • @Anonymous 11/27 04:51 ..I remember this. Because of that satire, people really fell for the fallacy that Falwell was having sex with his own mudda .. it was media frenzy!

  14. Bill should not have talked about R Kelly’s situation knowing that he had a similar situation hiding in his closet. LOL

  15. bwahahaha says the perverted rapist who has a fetish of pissing on young, underaged bitches tho. boy bye.

  16. Rare Capricorns rarely make the same mistake twice. They are not consistent dummies. Im sure Mr. Kelly is too busy makin hits, making $$, and being successful to care about whats goin on with Cosby, let alone comment. smh. Some of yall is so lost, you believe EVERYTHING you read. Wise up black people.

  17. R. Kelly is the last one that needs to be calling anyone a pervert. He doesn’t have a clean past himself. Earlier this year he was on Tampa Florida in the strip club on Adamo Drive and told the stripper she has a p#### of a 13 year old girl.

  18. R Kelly cant be serious. Hello you slept with underage Aaliyah rip bab girl who was only 15 at the time you married her. Oh and lets not forget Sparkle’s neice who was underage on that sextape years back. R Kelly can kick rocks. I’m sure if he had the chance he would have did Raven Symone.

  19. Wow, there are so many retarded people in this world!!! R. Kelly never said this. I hope R. Kelly’s lawyers see this bullshit and shut down this dumbass site!

    • R kelly and chris brown should speak out eVERYTIME one of them old timey criminal n8ggahs are exposed. these same old n8ggahs who are silent about bill cosby (steve harvey, tom joyner, oprah etc) persecuted young men for making a young man mistake, but this old timey n8ggah like themselves only remind them


      So they support him with their silence.

  20. R Kelly really should sue. There is no lie you can tell on another person to smear them and not be liable for that. His attorney’s need to contact this site and tell them to cease and desist.

  21. Ungrateful Mind you stupid CB motherf*cker on wheat bread
    you so stupid. you can’t even spell or write probably

    stop banging your father in law you nasty trick.

  22. R Kelly is a ticking time bomb, Lady Gag erased His versus on Her song with Christina Aguilera voice

    Bill Crosby is a mess

        • How in the heck, am I wrong?
          The original version was released on October 2013-featuring R Kelly.

          The remix was released, featuring Christina Aguilera on January 2014,
          This collaboration came about after performing the song on the Voice along with Christina.

          Kindly enlighten me further , on how wrong I am.

          • your wronger than a stiff fish or floppy boobs

            let me school you, you f*cking fool she deliberately replaced kell’s versus because of his sexually history with girls, she do’t want to f*ck up her chances, of going mainstream with her chitty song

            Christina is her only excuse

            • They say, light travels faster than sound ; that is why some appear bright, before they open their mouth-or, in your case, type CB.

            • Floppy boobs are the best. It’s that’s wrong I don’t want to be right. Mine stay bouncing

  23. Unlike Cosby, we have visual proof of Robert Kelly raping a teenager. As was stated, innocent until proven guilty is the standard. I never knew or heard about Cosby violating any female. He has a fetish for whitewomen, that’s all we know for certain. Kelly’s legacy is in the dumps, but he’s still in denial like his fans. Cosby is finding out the hard way, perception is what brings us down. Even if these allegations are found to be baseless, he may never get his reputation back. He has no standing on this issue.

  24. This buffoon blogger hasn’t updated his blog since the 26th of November…..here it is the 29th guess he still recovering from feeding his face turkey and chitlins …….damn fool..THE NEWS DON’T STOP..u don’t see Fox….or Perez Hilton takng HOLIDAY BREAKS….but what do you expect from a NEGRO WEBSITE….lmao…………..u betta hope this site continue to get ad money cause you will never make it at a regular 9 to five

    • I thought the so called TPTB had taken over and Tacky was tied up in Mexico? When things since things don’t workout,now the Blackman owns it again. Please “your killing me Larry.”

      • Doesn’t anyone ever Google Jacky and read up on him? For a bunch of people who study weirdo You Tube Illuminati videos and know every conspiracy in the book, no one seems to do their homework on this.
        It’s all there if you follow the steps.
        That’s all I can say because I don’t want to get blocked.

        • I’ve tried to research but I didn’t get very far.

          It is easier to just have someone tell us everything here.. we’re lazy and some of them aren’t too bright…

          • Willie you’re a very bright man, this I know.
            Study the aka’s and follow the trail.

          • Well I know radar claimed to have hears from him and his business partner a few months back. They said he has info he was trying to sell them and they seemed somewhat skeptical, not that it was really him, but on the veracity of the info he claimed to have. I posted about it but it was deleted. I believe he is alive and well, just no.longer involved with this site.

  25. Black people are the easiest people to manipulate, lie to, and mind control. You can tell the majority of us the grass is blue but we can clearly see its green but, we would believe its blue. Especially thru hearsay. Now for the poster talking about the elite and the illuminati is not real….um you’re the brain dead one. What is done in the dark will come to light and their dirty little little secrets are coming to light. Not only do black people (the awaken ones) know and talk about the elite, a lot of other races speak of them to. The Illuminati been around for centuries and believe it or not they didn’t start off bad. You see and hear about the new illuminati in movies, books, TV, music, and even cartoons. We the thing is these wicked people want the world to fear them but we should know not to fear no man but the Heavenly Father. Wake up people!

    • Keep thinking that, these black entertainers are playing into this illuminati stuff as much as you believe it. Most of us was taught about Christ early on, so we know not to worship no idols or foreign fake gods. The more you fools play into it the more they promote it to keep you talking. Like Mediatakeout or any other blog, it’s all about make believe. Isn’t that good journalism/ PR. Worry about who you gonna make believe all the lies you tell. Be gone Satan!

      • Know your enemy. Just because you talk about the evil and the things they do, does not mean your worship them. Just like you tell your children about the wrongs of life, Heavenly Father is teaching his children. You have to know the good and evil and the ramifications of both. Its up to you to decide what side you chooses. Knowing of and discussing evil doesn’t make you an evil person. Did not Christ warn us and talked about Satan? If you are truly a christian you should know this. Peace be still.

    • So did u have trouble keeping up with the convo or intentionally try to derail the talk cus no one said it didn’t exist just no blacks in it.

      • No blacks in it? Really? I guess Oprah and Obama didn’t get that memo. No black celebs are in it, they’re just puppets. If you socialize and do the bidding of a group however you are just like them. So basically you’re a part of them. Just like if a college kid hangs with and do the things a gang does, then basically he is a gang member. You don’t actually need the title to be part of the group.

        • If the ratchet ass mafia won’t allow blacks what makes you think a secret organization fifty times richer and a hundred times more powerful would?

  26. How in the heck, am I wrong?
    The original version was released on October 2013-featuring R Kelly.

    The remix was released, featuring Christina Aguilera on January 2014,
    This collaboration came about after performing the song on the Voice along with Christina.

    Kindly enlighten me further , on how wrong I am.

  27. This site must be busted broke. No current events no new update for week at a time…and when it do it put up kelly vs Bill two people who cant say nothing bout the other… .smdh

    • More or less what I said when this fake ass story was first posted. My comments were promptly deleted. Wonder how lo 3, 2, 1,……..

  28. Kellz Didn’t Say This! Why Would He Mention Olivia/Raven?
    This Must Be Fake Surely. Black People Stop Believing This Shyt

    When It Comes To The Black Race, They Believe Anything What The White Media Tells Them, And The’s Sad Take What White People Say With A Pinch Of Salt

  29. I know this pedifile ain’t talking. Years of looking at himself looking in the mirror, I guess he would know what a racist look like. I heard he auditioned for the part of Little Raven Symone’s boyfriend, but he couldn’t get her to sit still on his lap.

  30. Now this is coming from the man who filmed child pornagraphy, married a 15year old, and gave golden showers gtf outta here Rkelly your the real chester the molester last I checkeddd

  31. When is HSK going to post new articles & ones with substance & grit?

    Whoever is in charge of running the site currently doesn’t have much time to invest in it or simply doesn’t care. The fact that there was no coverage on the Ferguson trial or it’s aftermath says a whole lot. Claims of Beyonce jumping on the “I give a damn to get brownie points” does NOT count.

    It’s quite undeniable why so many positive, articulate, well written contributors stop coming here.

  32. Perhaps the HSK writers are on an extended Thanksgiving break. Or maybe the Illumanti or the gay Joo Mafia got to them…

  33. both of these motherf*ckers are perverted and sick weirdo’s so he’s trying to call somebody else out is ridiculous.





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