Columbus Short Granted Custody Of His Daughter

Columbus Short Custody Battle

HSK Exclusive – A judge recently granted Columbus Short custody of his daughter Ayala. Know why? Because, when the judge saw a video clip of Columbus Short’s ex-wife, Tanee McCall, beating up the actors then girlfriend, Tilley Key, he granted Short custody of the child.

Dig the drop:

“The judge knows Tanee is violent and she doesn’t have the resources to raise Ayala. Columbus is excited that he has custody of his daughter.

It’s not a good look for Tanee, judges almost never side with the father in custody disputes.”


  1. Wow! I didn’t see this coming at all. Hope this turns out well for him and his daughter.

  2. Columbus set up that incident with his child’s mother and his then girlfriend. Columbus is an evil individual. They should have given him a mental evaluation before granting him custody but money talks right.

  3. wow, isn’t he violent too? And, wasn’t his new chick in their marital home when she got her ass beat? Where she has NO business entering with or without HIS invitation. she broke the code. This doesn’t sound right, he doesn’t have a job neither and may still have to pay spousal support and child support would have taken care of the child if the moms doesn’t have the finances she was a housewife.

    • @ nothing but truth; I thought I read somewhere about his violent behavior. Also wasn’t he recently arrested?

      • @ freddie mercury & andy gibb..;he sure was! I take this as another injustice to our black children the judicial system cares nothing about us there is no way being in his custody is best for the CHILD!!! no way..foh!

    • NBT:

      Columbus is a brawler. He has been beating the crap out of men at social events. He also reportedly beat Tanee. If she engaged his gf in fisticuffs, I have no choice but to presume the gf overstepped her bounds. As a previous poster stated, Tanee was set up. I don’t know why she didn’t print copies of the numerous stories from TMZ of Short evading the law and abandoning their daughter to attend Carnival when he should’ve been in court copping a plea to aggravated assault charges. Smh

  4. To all u who judged this man for what the media claimed him to be i jus wanna say told u so n dont always believe what the media put out there now some of u that go against ur own race see every black person isnt wrong jus cause the media says so i’d also like to say jus kill mike browns killer family n see how he feels when he loses his no need to riot hit that muthaf*cka where it hurts n let him see how it feels to lose loved ones thank u n goodnight.

    • I agree. I did not believe that he was a bad person either. The media slander our black men and sheep believe it… shame on you all. Support each other black people!

  5. This chit happen to My Friend, Her and Her Ex Husband were fighting for sole custody for Their 6 kids
    The Ex Husband played a dirty trick. showed Everyone Her sex tape, My friend was humiliated

    the Ex Husband was granted sole custody of Their 6 Kids

    • “The ex husband played a dirty trick.” He also married a dirty trick, so why not “play a dirty trick” on her? He wouldn’t have been able to play a trick had she not been a trick, and made the sex tape.

      • applesandonions: for f*ck sake is just sex, She wasn’t doing nothing wrong, She was enjoying Herself, She was f*cking on camera with Her new Man.

        Her ex Husband was jealous and He wanted revenge because She was f*cking different Men while They were still married, He cheated first

        •’s sex on TAPE! I wish I would give someone the opportunity to exploit me in that manner. The husband may have played a dirty trick but your friend played herself first.

          • I don’t condone sex tapes;however, if you feel your going to be with the person forever, why not? I don’t think you need to keep it, maybe watch it few times then delete it.

            • anonymous: Look honey, You doing a sex tape!! wouldn’t sell, Your like a stiff fish just out of water, maybe You should practice, maybe You should read “Fucking For Dummies” honey You need it.

        • Sounds like another petty ass dude. Had a friend’s whose ex created a ghost account on a social networking site and attempted to use her personal vacation and modeling photos as leverage to lower his court ordered spousal support. He failed, thankfully, but there was tons of drama.

          • applesandonions: please save that stupid advice for Your friends, listen Honey, My friend was f*cking Her Man on cam because She loves Him, if it was a random Nicca She shouldn’t have.

            Her Ex Husband played a dirty trick, He cheated on Her, He even made a sex tape as well.

            • Listen honey it sounds like it’s you and not your “friend” and I never gave anyone any advice but now is a good a time as any..keep your naked ass from screwing on film then save yourself the embarrassment when people do exactly what PEOPLE GONE DO! It’ll keep you outta the courthouse and off of social media crying about it later ….HON!

            • It takes a stiff fish to know a stiff fish, and I don’t know any. Get yo self a real life. YOU ARE BORING! SUrprise!

            • : onions

              You should run throughout this blog doing auto correct, you ain’t and I said ain’t got nothing better to do. Yo 2 Minutes up boo! And you still sweating!

            • @anonymous
              Yes so normally I couldn’t give a damm about how people font cause I’m no scholar but if you’re gonna try and unnecessarily insult me then you don’t leave
              me much choice hence the insult. Hey here’s some more random advice: don’t dish it out if yo ass can’t
              take it “boo”

            • Take what for what? No pun intended:)We’re good! It was only an suggestion. Night Boo boo!

        • So he cheated first, she got even by reneging, he caught her reneging, then he played the big joker over her little joker and took all six books (the kids). That’s not a dirty trick, she got into a war, she used her emotions and won one battle but she lost the war. No matter how you down play it bottom line is there are 6 kids who know they are not with their mother because of a “dirty trick” hopefully the kids don’t see their mother as the dirty trick.

  6. The judge is upset about Tanee whooping the ass of another woman…A Fair Fight! What does that have to do with Columbus laying hands on her person…The Greater Evil! He has greater resources of what kind. He’s an unemployed actor in hollyweird of all things…Stomp The Jail House! He threw it away for the bs—Anger Issues & Booze!

  7. Hollywood is no different than anywhere else. Some are meant to be there and some are not. If your not strong minded you will end up a souled out drug addict. Casting agents says, “we can spot an addict miles away.”

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