Will Smith Paints His Son Jaden’s Toenails!

will smith father son bonding

Father Son Bonding?

HSK Exclusive – Insider word reveals part of Will Smith’s father-and-son time involves the Hollywood actor painting his 16-year-old son’s toe nails with nail polish! I’m talking about Jaden Smith, whose “androgynistic lifestyle” his dad is said to champion.

Dig the Drop:

“Will agreed to fund Jaden’s up and coming unisex clothing line.”


  1. Black People and Hollywood do’t mix, it turns Black People crazy… and that’s the truth

    1st the Jackson and Their crazy insane antic, now this!!


    • I have 2boys an I love them dearly but I’d kick they ass and whom ever else ass needed to be kicked for painting them up like lil girls. Not for Halloween not for fun not because your bored! Hell nah men aren’t all like snoop dog loving too look like women
      And talk in feminin low key voices!! The daughter looks tougher than her brother wTf!!!
      Philly brovas be gay tripping like that who knew brotherly love huh?!?!

      • OriginalMan: Hollywood is f*cking up black people as We speak, Jaden looks soft like ice creams There’s nothing Male about Him not so ever!!!

        Will and Jada are mentally and physically f*cking Their Children one by one, Will’s older Son is ok because He’s not in the Industry….Yet??

        only Jaden and Willow are, Will is meant to be Philly boy a Hood Nicca but he’s acting like a girly girl
        He also kisses Jaden on the lips Ewwww

    • Totally off topic but I HAD to share this with my HSK family. A friend sent this to me a week or so ago but I’ve been so busy & just now really catching a break to blog.

      Y’all, THIS is why you got to watch what & WHO you take into your spirit. Some of these churches are everthing BUT the word of God. Some of these so-called ministers, pastors, priests & preachers are going to bust hell so wide open…satan’s ass will pack up his own bags & move out because there will be no room left for him!


    • Agreed, the agenda is REAL..look how lost Jaden always looks in his photographs…sad…

  2. poor jaden he looks terrified in this photo
    like will standing behind him wasnt in the original photo concept he looks HELLA uncomfortable

    i only say poor jaden because he had no choice in the matter of who his parents are…. poor kids

    i feel compelled to pray for them because only the Lord knows what they truly endure,,, but then again free will is given to all

  3. Stand up for your race and do something for f*cks sake, black people. These hollywood fags and the fake gangster rappers are who represents you nowadays. Kunta Kinte was doing a much better job.

  4. I can’t imagine those kids being submitted to weird stuff all their lives. We will see the effects at some point.

  5. Pushing hard as hell, pushing that agenda wow will I didn’t think you were cut like that, dam!

  6. will painting hisa son’s toenails.

    what next them both shopping at lane Bryant.

    will gonna give him crossdressing tips.

    • I pray Will dont introduce Jaden to those perverted freaky hollyweird types (directors/producers) when Jaden become of age
      I really hope not 🙁

  7. Well, isn’t that something? I wonder where all the people are who were championing the ‘creativity’ of the Smith children are now, since you can’t get much more creative then a father painting his teenage son’s toenails?

  8. Scientology, Benny Medina and Quincy Jones have screwed Will Smith up! Don’t forget the Fresh Prince also kissed his son in the mouth! What type of father does that?

      • @Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4ever

        Benny and Quincy casted Will for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

        • @Anonymous thanks. I didn’t know Quincy Jones was on the DL.

          I remember reading something online after 2Pac died that Quincy Jones wanted to have sex with Pac. But I dismissed it. OMG!!

  9. This is what they do in hollyweird. Next Jaden will be sacrificed like John Travolta’s son

    • Why has Travolta’s career gone straight to hell if he “sacrificed” his son Jett?
      Jett died because of neglect and frankly no one cared much about him.

  10. This guy has sold his children completely the f*ck out and he don’t feel no shame about it. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn next that he is having sex with his own son. This dude is sick as f*ck and this kid never stood a fair chance in life. His father sacrificed him and his sister a long time ago. So sick and so sad. That is why i cannot support any movie that any of them are in,no matter how good the movie. I can’t stand the sight of Will and Jada. They have no natural love for their kids. Fucking perverted dog. I saw this motherf*cker kissing this boy in the mouth. You could see the son didn’t want it but Will forced it on him. Sick f*cking dude. I don’t allow my kids to watch any of his movies or look at his old tires ass music videos. Fucking sell out freak!!

    • @Kevin..dude you are soooooo right about Will and Jada. Yeah Will turned them out for the industry poor kids were bought and sold upon birth. Sad!

  11. He has two very weird and incredibly gay parents. Hollywood or not this is no surprise. Had a classmate Catholic neighbor has a son who walks meaner than Naomi Campbell and looks better in jeggings than me. He wasn’t touched or grew up on soy milk.

    Nothing wrong with kissing your child on the lips unless you come from a perverted family.

  12. I think will and jada should be investigated because those kids are purely 100% f*cked up! Somebody should call on them because those kids are crazy, and it’s not their fault, it’s the parents lifestyles that has drove these 2 kids nuts, both of them should be put under investigation, I heard a interview they gave and they sound like they are from mars or some shit. They made no sense, they better be gladI wwasn’t the reporter who was doing the interview because I would’ve reported those 2, it is something strange going on with them . those kids are f*cked up in the head bad, they need help really all jokes a side. Will and jada both need help I had no idea shit was like that dam! Those kids are screaming for help.

  13. It’s rumored that Will’s first wife found him in bed with Benny Medina.
    Quincy Jones is a f*cking joke. He turned Tevin Campbell out at a very young age as well. The disrt season of the Fresh Prince there’s an episode where Quincy and all kinds of other celebs were on the Fresh Prince and when he sits with Will on the couch he continually puts his hand on Will’s thigh. The episode with Tevin Campbell they are in a pizza parlor and Tevin kept looking at will as if he was smitten. Like how a lil school girl looks at her crush. Smh. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out Quincy had them all f*cking. Will came up though, he didn’t have to hide behind a white woman. Jada is just as gay as he is. She’s with the agenda and she loves p*ssy more than will ever did.

    • Yes honey and Tevin is messed up these days too. His mother just allowed him to passed around like a Hoola Hoop.

  14. Only because they are rich and famous are Will and Jada being allowed to get away with this abuse of their children. If they were regular,everyday people the Child Protection Authorities would have been removed those kids from them. This is some sick,twisted shit. Look good in that boy’s eyes in that picture people and tell me what you see in them.

    • Confusion.. Will is standing behind him and theres no telling what hes doing probably rubbing his thang on him.. nasty freak!

  15. jadens good people and its really promising to know there are kids like him that are willing to blaze trails. what other teenagers do you know read osho, know about the flower of life, eat super foods and medicinal mushrooms? stop hating on a kid http://shp.msftsrep.com (the unisex clothing site)

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