Crazy Paternity Suit Brought Against Beyonce & Jay Z Dismissed


Jay & Bey can breath a sigh of relief now that the lawsuit filed by a homeless New York woman claiming she was the real mother of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy, has been dismissed.

A woman named Tina Seals recently filed a complaint in New York alleging “that she was associated with Defendants Knowles and Carter in a ‘quasi arrangement’ during the birth of their daughter, and that she would like to verify maternity.” Seals was seeking maternity testing and “some type of contractual agreement” to be “compensated for her services.”

According to new documents filed on August 15, a judge dismissed the lawsuit for several reasons.

“The Court, after reviewing Plaintiff’s complaint, finds that it lacks any arguable basis in law or in fact,” the documents state. “…Plaintiff’s factual allegations rise to the level of the irrational, and there is no legal theory on which she may rely… Plaintiff’s complaint must therefore be dismissed as frivolous.”

Read the Judge’s entire dismissal here.


    • Look here people should really leave BEY AND JAY alone! So sick of people coming for them!

      • Oh please Jay and Bey are both evil and ruthless. People are tired of them. They are no saints. You act like they are your loved ones and shit. They don’t care about your ass!

        • That beyonce craked me up with that very lousy performance at the VMA and she was acting like she was at her own private concert and fantasizing she sold all them seats LMAO! The only thing good about her show was whoever did those light effects and those 2 amazing dancers. Beyonce herself was pathetic.

  1. So I guess we will never know the true identity of the surrogate that Jay Z & Beyawnce used..damn…

  2. Its not like its soooo far fetched or unbelievable..anythings possible…I love BEyonce tho…

  3. So funny when people say “they don’t know us why we wish them well? They don’t know you”. ummm it’s called being positive and not wish bad on no one. I do that to followers I never met. I do good deeds for strangers they try to pay me and I say no and it makes me feel good inside. y’all should try it

  4. I have and still do ms Becky not everyone here has hate some do pay it forward

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