Pat Houston Granted 1 Year Restraining Order Against Nick Gordon

Restraining Order Against Nick Gordon Extended

Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat just came up against Bobbi’s husband Nick Gordon. A judge has ordered Whitney’s son-in-law to stay clear of her for the next year.

In case you forgot, Pat Houston got a restraining order against Nick last month, claiming he made threatening comments against her and posted ominous photos of guns on Twitter.

Now a judge has extended the order for 12 months, so Nick can’t contact Pat or anyone in her immediate family … if he comes within 200 yards — he goes to jail.

Here’s the drop:

Nick resents Pat because she controls the purse strings of Whitney’s estate and he thinks his wife Bobbi Kristina got screwed on her inheritance.”



  1. Krissie didn’t get screwed. Nick is simply mad because he can’t get access to Krissie’s money.

  2. Why was this mf kicked out of his original mamas house? He’s been living good of Whitney’s money for awhile.

  3. That entire family seems warped. Krissi loves dudes like her dad no big deal. Is Pats husband the same family member who allegedly molested Krissi?

    Nick does seem like his Johnson touches the floor on the soft. No homo.

    • I’m surprised BK is w/ a BM. She was dating dirty looking WM when she was in high school.

  4. I think Pat wants to generally help save Bobbi Kris life, Nick is a foolish young man

  5. Usually the person that they portray to be the bad guy a lot of times is the light amongst evil#I’m just saying.

  6. Bobby Brown I know you are no longer relevant as an artist but pleeeeaaase get in your daughters life asap! This situation scares me,I fear it will end badly

  7. I think the main question is….How and why did he end up living with them in the 1st place? It’s obvious he was kicked out of his previous living situation at a young age for a reason…

  8. This dickhead should have that revolver in a holster, better yet he should just stick it up his ass and call it a gay day!

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