Chris Brown’s Mugshot Leaked As Bodyguard Take One For TeamBreezy!

Chris Brown Looks Homeless

Chris Brown’s booking photo from his joint arrest with bodyguard, Chris Hornsby, has been leaked. You’ll recall, back in October 2013.. both Chris’ were arrested in D.C. after an alleged assault on a “rude” fan. The trial against Breezy’s bodyguard begins today.

Here’s the latest:

“They were both arrested for assaulting a male fan who attempted to photo-bomb Chris who was taking a picture with two women.

The victim’s nose was broken in the attack.

Brown’s Bodyguard Chris Hornsby is expected to take responsibility for punching the fan during his trial which is set to begin today. Chris Brown’s trial will follow.”

Chris Brown 2014 Mugshot


  1. chris brown looks an ugly mess. not only does he look to be on drugs but also like he has the package

  2. by the way chris Brown’s mother aint shit. his family is to blame for all this

  3. I pray that The Lord keep Chris M. Brown in the name of Jesus. Nobody knows what demons torments him and how he feels inside. There’s got to be somebody close around him, that is a God-sent person in order to help him and pull him up out of all this turmoil.

    • +1 – Halleujah & Amen. Keep praying for our young to survive and gain strength from this onslaught of darkness & pain – self-inflicted or otherwise.

  4. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and well, these mugshots of Chris definitely represent his wild, unstable and crazy life.

    • Don’t say we. Speak for yourself. Btw, plenty white, spanish, and Asians got mugshots to. So please don’t come with the self hate.

    • Well when we have a racist society that paints blacks as bad what chance do we have? No matter how much good in life we do we’ll always be oppressed within the red man’s system! Sad other nations do bad but the red man has always been our enemy.

  5. Chris has been through alot in his life. I agree his mother is to blame she should have been hands on with her son and not given him away to pedohpiles like Tina Davis. I hope Chris can recover from his demons.

    • From the photos above, and I hate even thinking this, if I didn’t know who he was, I would think he was an aging twink trick who had “the bug”.

      So very very sad. My heart hurts for him because I know that he was damaged badly as a minor.

  6. He’s starting to look like Pookie from “New Jack City.”

    Praying he gets his life together.

  7. Chris lowkey at a popular night spot in DC last year on the third floor (normally where the asians, whites and a few buppies peppered about hang and I did too for lack of drama on the predominately black dance floors). He is nothing like the tabloids report. Came in a red corvette. Seemed down to Earth. Im sure he is going through stuff as most do especially in that demonic industry that he is in. Also he is thin guy like snoop and mike epps. So even experimenting with powder will have him looking like he has full blown AIDs. I pray for him. Perhaps his programming hadnt worn off that particular night.

    • Friends with staff who invited me and gave access to vip. When celebrities go to a club they normally make security arrangments in advance. Chris was cool people, nothing like the chair throwing incident stories, He was less than a diva than Mya who demands the same club provide personal bodyguard services which they deny. Hmmmm

  8. The media onslaught has really desensitized this guy after that Rihanna fiasco and yes never recovered.Should have walked away instead.

    • He probably wanted to walk away but felt compelled to sustain the fabulous life his sorry ass momma has become so accustomed to.

  9. jayz really was the one that beat rhi rhi that night. chris was forced to take the fall

  10. The night this kid beat Robin was the night his career died.He’s a Lame Duck artist whom now stays in the media for all of the wrong reasons as opposed to his music.The Price Of Fame.

    • I agree and to me Robin don’t look like a victim of domestic violence she act like she don’t business. It’s a damn shame that these negroes don’t get it they’ll always be the disgust in the whitemans wicked kingdom. Boy the sooner TMH comes back and purifys the earth the better.

  11. @witchcraft-Wow it’s good to know that someone else thought the same thing as me.When the story broke that Rihanna was beaten on the night of the Grammy’s my first thought was Jay Z beat her and some kind of initiation or ritual went down.The industry is satanic and demonic .

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