Paris Jackson’s Boyfriend Speaks Out About Racist Allegations

paris jackson boyfriend racist

Remember when HSK revealed Michael Jackson’s 17-year-old daughter, Paris Jackson, was dating an alleged racist? Well, the Jackson family is finally voicing their disgust.

After we provided proof of Michael Snoddy’s love for the Confederate flag, the Jackson family thinks that it’s a sign of his racism towards African Americans.

But Snoddy is trying to smooth things over by saying,”I wouldn’t be dating a black girl if I were a racist,” in an interview with TMZ.

The Jackson family can’t really do much about it in the end, Paris and Snoddy are still together, and he’s still rockin’ his Confederate flag tattoo and t-shirts.

I can hear some of y’all already…”But Paris is white!!!” It doesn’t matter…her family is still black, and you have to side eye anyone who knowingly dates a racist no matter what their skin color is.


  1. This is one of 3-4 people Michael Jackson left his money to.
    That's all I'm going to say about this.

  2. A great musical legacy and it ends with this girl and her loser boyfriend. Who could have predicted this.

    • Both are junkies and prince is a junkie too spoiled white kids who don't have nothing better to do and don't ever have to work

  3. Every racist loves him some so-called black p*ssy, even if Paris is white. The girl is connected to a black family. She isn't close to being black. Doesn't matter if you're black or white huh?

  4. Where are the black hypocrite males right now -silent?

    I have been talking about legacy money here for a long time. This is the flipside a black men marrying white!

    Black man uplift white people marry them and when they die white people get the money that's the cycle of life folks!!

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I'm sure those kids heard him dissing blackness and they saw how he hated being black so of course it makes sense that this white girl adopted by a black self-hating man dates a racist!!

  5. Also black women need to stop acting like they would have dated mj even before his disease cuz no one would date a blk man that wasn't 200pounds ignorant or that wasn't an ex con

  6. Horrible or blatant incompetent reporting. First this proves nothing lol, and he got it over two years ago…….this was the "proof" you "uncovered"?
    It's a tribute to the group Pantera (mike is a drummer ) and the letters "CBF" are from the album Cowboys from hell. panthers has stated MANY times their use of the flag was a tribute to southern rockers lynerd skynerd who used it often.

    • Lynyrd Skynyrd was a well-known racist band. Their racist anthem was their song "Sweet Home Alabama" Half the group was wiped-out in an airplane crash in the 70s.

      • There were not racist. Are you implying that the plane crash was divine retribution for displaying the Confederate flag on stage? That was a different time, and many southerners rocked the CF design as a symbol of being from the south instead of NY and LA which dominated the music scene in the 60s and 70s.

        If they had been popular in this day and time, I do not think they would flaunt that flag.
        My cousin Merry Clayton sang backup for them, including on Sweet Home Alabama, and she loved the guys.

        • They were all racist cracker dicks, and your cousin's mouth smelled like wheat thins.

        • LYNYRD SKYNYRD band WAS RACIST and their anthem was in response to the civil rights movement.

          People, please stop the revisionist bullshit i.e. State's Rights, The War of Northern Aggression, etc. okay!

  7. I love the movie Sweet Home Alabama, and the song too…hope this stuff isn't racist.

  8. The girl is confused, Micheal and his family suffer from self-hate. Her boyfriend is only with her for the money and the fame. This is the reason why we need more stronger black men at home, to stop raising weak people!

  9. Black people dont understand our whole existance in this world is to hate ourselves and each other and MJ was no different than rappers that come from the hood and and leave when they get rich only to never come back, or different from the black women who are too afraid to wear their hair natural in the work place and so on. There is enough hatred to go arounf because we were always taught that other black people are our enemies. Mj has done more for black people with the power he has that most blk celebrities have, and has made power moves and recognized certain unfair practices done to the blk artist before him and had made some wrongs right and was vilified for it. You know JAY Z Punk Azz would have never bought that Beatles catalogue and given blk artist their music back, because unlike MJ most rich blk males in holllywood stay in their lane and dont make any noise. Thats why the whyte media made sure we kept our attention and anger on MJ and not Sandusky, Congressmen, or the Catholic Priest. Just because MJ hated himself didnt mean he hated blk people, unlike most rappers and comdeians he didnt use his platform to call blk women bitches and his blk brothers niccas. THATS SELF HATRED!

    • Deep! Ironic wouldn't it be if she married him, OD'd and a redneck got MJ's money

  10. Sigh…Paris isn't black she's white!!! I don't get it, it's clear as day for all to see. That's why Dolezal was able to walk in blackface for years, because there's no exclusivity in the black race. We want so bad to claim people who don't want anything to do with us like Paris. That girl is white & was raised white, by Michael who lived like a white man/woman. Even the remote possibility of her being culturally black is out of the question. What's more, she's dating a racist redneck

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