Eve Takes Shots at Stevie J?

eve stevie j

Rapper Eve has been keeping a low profile ever since marrying her billionaire husband, Gumball 3000 owner Maximillion Cooper. But she recently gave an interview with People magazine to talk about married life, and we think she subtly took some shots at her ex-boyfriend Stevie J., too!

Eve and Stevie dated for a minute, and they even starred in that grainy sex tape where Eve got banged by a dildo. But Eve is putting those days behind her, and she claims her marriage is the “realest relationship” she has ever been in. Sorry, Stevie!

“You know we take it day by day, month by month. We respect each other, we are the realest. It’s the realest relationship I’ve ever had. He’s my homie. All those sound like cliches but really it’s working. We can’t wait to have kids of our own,” ~ Eve

Now, if only Mimi and Joseline can move on from Stevie, too!


  1. She should get started on dropping some babies real soon so she can secure herself a nice comfortable future in the event things to work out. If she has any doubt all she has to do is follow the Diana Ross Playbook and she'll be just fine.

    • He already has many children, just not by her. BTW Diana's husband was divorcing her, and had anew woman when he accidentally died- fell off a cliff, as the story goes.

    • This to them cock sucking bed wrenches like Eve … Yeah your relationship with your Master is a suck – cess because you whore know your role blk sluts like you suck your master dick to his delightful Nirvana !

  2. So, basically she's bashing black love, and she hyping up interracial love?? Eve, some interracial relationship end in disaster, just like black love.
    Just because your married to a white man, it doesn't mean your marriage is going to be perfect!

    White men get down dirty, once he's fed up of her soul cooking, he will toss her aside like some chewed up gum.
    He will hire someone to follow her, and to take photo's as well.

    • You know what I've read what you wrote for a long time you're not a black woman you a black male because you always come against black women swirling and I don't read you say shit about Kanye or Lamar. And what the hell do you know about white men anyway? I know white men they're not going to go through all that drama having her followed that's some bullshit mythology.

      Basically you're a hater!

      • No she is a dark woman that hates on light skin and mix women she had to get dumped and can't give over it and you can guess what color the woman was she hates her skin so bad and doesn't see it as a blessing let that stuff go before it takes over you.

        • It's already taken her over. She really needs some counseling or some help. She's obsessed with mixed and white women. It's almost tragic.

    • Huh? Lol
      You made this about race,not her. What SHE said this was the realist relationship she has ever been in. In the past she has dated both white and black so this about her current relationship… As in the peticular person, not his race.
      Seems like you arê the one with the issue

      • To the top comment1533 no that person doesn't have issues are is a hater it looks like you and woman who cares are in the same boat going nowhere if you want to go back yes each time she is on here it's about race on her part hey people have the right to say what ever but gee all the time the self esteem issues and hate is so real get over it.

    • "So, basically she's bashing black love, and she hyping up interracial love?"
      That's NOT at all what I got from story. I'm not sure but I don't think anyone else saw it that way at.

      We all comprehend things differently I understand but I think you may want to take another look at it and see if you come up with the same thing. Eve sounds like she's happy she is finally in a relationship she considers good for her. Now, of course, WE ALL KNOW DAMN WELL that happiness she's claiming includes the fact that her new husband is a BILLIONAIRE and that she can now by way of HIS money afford to do and buy almost anything she wants but I personally didn't catch any insinuation of a "black, interracial, white" innuendo at all. Please reread it and tell me what you come up with because I'd like to see if your perception changes or remains the same.

      I mean this respectfully so please don't take me as being confrontational. I don't mean it that way.

      • I have to admit, I didn't read it fully, but interracial relationships don't last! Is based on sex, fetishise.

        • Oh really I been in my marriage for ten years now and no it's not all about sex it's the person that keeps us going that strong seek help women that so cares

        • Actually, black women in interracial relationships have a much higher success rate than black men in interracial relationships. Black Male/White Women = 80% divorce rate

        • So the abusive black man cgeating relationships lasts longer then the interacial ones? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I exist because of interracial love. My black mom loved and married my white father. They both raised me and I am so happy to not see everything in black and white. Eve is expressing her happiness in finding true love. Remember love transcends color.

  3. Eve is one lucky hood rat. No other black woman I know of started out as a stripper and became a celebrity. On top of that, she married a rich white man. Is Eve fine as hell? No! Is Eve a good rapper? No! Is Eve a good actress? No! Nevertheless, I got to give Eve her props, she hustled and got herself out of the stripper game.

    • Wait, wait, wait….so Eve is the first African American celebrity you know of with a stripper background???? Lmao
      Dude, welcome to planet earth, there's plenty more (even ones who married rich white men)

      Ps Eve ran with RR and more than held her own lyrically

    • For real though but on the other hand as a certain somebody will tell you real quick…
      "Not all but most men love trash." Not calling Eve trash but a working corporate woman with a degree and her own money wouldn't begin to interest a man like Eve's husband or most men in general especially in 2016!

    • You who always claims to have so much love for your sistas calling Eve a hood rat.

      Nice. You are a bitchy hypocritical bullshitter from way back. I remember your ass being handed to you three years ago on another site. You think you have all the answers and you love to give advice like you know better.
      Guess what? You are a gossip blog loser who continuously talks trash and calls for boycotts of almost everything. You are a simple minded fool.

      • I will always love for sistas who act like ladies. As for Eve, she was a hood rat and a stripper. Check the internet pic of Eve getting her snatch moistened by another hoe. Most hoes end up walking the stroll. Eve got a rich white man to marry her. She is very lucky!

      • He probably got turned down from Eve, just like he got turned down by Claudia Jordan

      • It's the opposite black man date out and they denigrate black women! black women swirl they usually keep their mouth shut because they know how hypocritical most black people are towards them interracially dating while they support black men being swirly. Perfect example Kim and Kanye and Kobe and his Mexican! Black people have normalized that shit but still bugging out over Eve! hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite and haters!

  4. Hey love is blind and it really doesn't matter what skin color you are if you are able to find someone in this world that is going to love you and be there for you no matter what and they will not hurt you are cheat on you then go for it take a risk take a chance and just love and be loved no matter what skin color they are.

  5. One thing I learned about all of this blog site you must take your time to read them lol because believe me the eyes can play some tricks and make you think you are reading something that didn't even say that.

  6. Ok now with all of that said y'all…she's kindly saying that she's so happy now that the past relationship is irrelevant so respect her now relationship and don't ask about it no more. She tired of hearing it and she's protecting the sanctity of her marriage.

  7. There's 1 common denominator of fyckery dating the blk male 'himself' now even Becky is seeing this too. She's seeing it's not the blk woman that's the problem, they are seeing it's him.

  8. Black men dating non black women & putting down black women, goes back to slavery. Black women could be the masters mistress & have their children, but black men were made to look weak most of the time & undesirable, I guess that has been imprinted in most black men's heads. That's why sleeping with a non black women is an achievement. They can now f*ck master's daughter. It's sad

    • You know you have a good point on that.An older black man told me something similar to what you are saying he said its not like a lot of black men really like to date out of their own race but because of slavery they feel it's like they have justice for that to prove a point like you took black woman to rape them so they took white women to break the balance of justice.

      • Dating is one thing, but marrying and having your assets go outside of your community is another thing altogether.

      • Nope it's not about black men taking or "raping" white women as a big f*ck you to white men. Black men MARRY AND CROWN white women as queens. As being better than black women. So it's got nothing to do with slavery really. Its about black men wanting to be white men so bad and envying white men so much that they think having white women gets them closer to becoming white men. The big point that they miss completely is that white men do not strive to take their assets into other communities via marriage and they don't talk down on their women to other races. EVER.


            Wow! White Woman Exposes Black Men That Date Them

            A white woman from Georgia says the black men who approach her are uneducated losers. She also says the women in her area are so desperate to have a black man, they put up with anything.

            She said the men dont work and the white women literally take care of their every need, all for the sake of having a black man on their arm.

            Heres a brief preview of what the white woman says in her video:

            Race is a big issue here is Georgia. Im going to be talking to the white women here. Not in a judgmental standpoint, but from a lot of things that Ive seen.

            I dated black guys all of my life. Ive never been with a white guy. I wouldnt say its by choice. From having a black boyfriend in high school, I was called a #######. White men looked at me differently. It scared me away from white guys. Im never approached by white guys.

            Im approached by black men everyday. Its a different type of caliber of black men because I know there are great black men out there, educated, professional, but I dont get approached by those ones.

            One thing that hurts me is that there are a lot of white women that are putting up with anything just to say they have a black man. I hate to see that.

            If this is you, its probably going to piss you off that Im going to say it. But the truth hurts

            There are so many white women out here that are so eager to date a black men that they will let these men drive their car, live in their house for free, swipe their credit card, treat them like #######, just to say they have a fine black man. I would much rather be single than to have to pay for a man. If youre going to spend your money on a man, I wouldnt do it on a loser.

            They go on these dating websites, they find white girls that are mostly fat with low self esteem. The black man will call them thick. Thats the new word. If youre fat youre fat. Im fat, but Im fine ### hell.

            A lot of them have beautiful mixed babies, but theyre seeing this man that hangs around the house, smokes weed all day, is probably selling drugs out of the house, hes dropping YOU off at work. Hes driving around all day. You HAD a full tank of gas. He comes to pick you up and hes winking at your girlfriends. You get in the car thinking you got something.

            You think these girls are envious of you and your fine black man but were shaking our heads laughing. We know he just picked you up on empty. Youre about to go to the gas station, swipe your credit card, pump your own gas. At the most, hes giving you d*** at the end of the day and probably some else too, in your house while youve been at work.

            I used to think I had to act a certain way to fit in with black people back in high school. What you think is black is not. They [black people] think your mimicking them. They dont like that ####.

            I cant go to Walmart without getting approached by at least 5 black men. I see some beautiful black women, Latina, Asian, banging bodies, cuter faces and they dont get approached. But I get approached.

            Just because a white girl has a big ### doesnt mean she wants to take car of you or that she wants to sleep with you. There are a lot of white women that are allowing this. Stop doing that sh*t.

            Youre never going to amount to anything in a relationship taking care of a man. Youre never going to be happy. The minute you lose money, hes gonna be on to the next. And please believe hes not being faithful to you.

    • hater! if she was a dyke that richwhite man would not be married her for go take several seats Felicia bye! Last I looked white boys are running shit he could have anybody in the world and he chose Eve! don't hate congratulate. Take notes so you can upgrade from the baby mamas you have abandoned ha ha Ha

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