Steve Flanagan & MCFilmworks – TLC Paint Misbehavin The Truth!!


The show debuts tomorrow night on TLC… Right after the hit television show American Chopper…

The working title of the show “Secret Life of Paint” was more appropriate cuz there’s a secret about this television show and guess what that is? There’s real life beef off the set of the TLC show Paint Misbehavin … And your boy Jacky got the scoop. Here it is…

Darrick Angelone and Steve Flanagan are completely at each others throats. Know why? Steve sold him out mane… Apparently Darrick and Steve are business partners they both own equally a company name Hard Lifestyle… It was Darrick’s money that started the company and ONLY Darrick’s money that financed the activities of the company. Do you know what those activities were? It was the development of this TV show mane…. Steve being the guy that he is also took money from a lot of other people. Most often promising things he could never fulfill.  Ask Warren over at Alsa corp, they’ll tell you all about Steve. Hopefully before the Hells Angels get to Steve as I am told they are looking for him after billing some HARD Lifestyle material to Alsa’s account with The Angels out in Vegas. Alsa corp is where Steve worked from early in the decade until he was fired in 2007 (coincidentally just prior to him approaching Darrick for money), but that’s a whole other article.

You need a car in Los Angele’s it’s a big city, right? Bus this… The truck that Steve has been driving belongs to Darrick Angelone at least it belongs to the company Darrick owns wholly and independently from Steve. Even better Steve often traded the car Darrick gave him to use for a friends Escalade truck so that Steve could keep up the appearance he planned to portray on the show (which was still way early in development). Anyhow, it seems Darrick repossessed the truck earlier this month.

I know I’ve heard the arguments… Why is there confrontation between these two? I mean they have a TV show right? Well it seems Steve made some bad decisions and borrowed money from people he should not have.

Guess what? Steve didn’t tell anybody not even his business partner… Steve betrayed his business partner and himself by signing away all his rights to loan sharks. Rights that Steve didn’t even have the option to execute with-out Darrick’s approval.. Where’s the money?  TLC gave a few hundred thousand dollars to shoot the pilot and the budget I saw from MC Filmworks only would have been $75k tops.  What did Steve Flanagan get? Twenty thousand lousy dollars (which was actually an advance and which he would have to pay back a large portion of) and according to Darrick Angelone his partner Steve Flanagan is still three months behind rent and basicly squatting in his house way out in Canoga Park (a suburb of the San Fernando Valley)… Ask Mimi? She’s the un-paid landlord, who Steve yells at and berates on the phone… Hell, Steve was even walking around the set making comments all the crew could hear about how his “landlord was calling over and over”… I know I was there!!!!

A bigger problem came when on the set everyone realized Steve could not do anything he had spent 18 months telling people he could. The trucks doors did change color… but not the way you are going to see it. It took 20+ minutes for a partial change and that required the truck to be plugged into a 3000lb generator. HA! The fireproof paint, yeah that stuff is and has been available to the public for decades. Steve just went to Orange County before the shoot day and bought some for $20 and poured it into a bottle with his label on it. Get this, he plans to try and sell it to the public for $250, and he thinks you are stupid enough to buy it because you saw him playing on TV.

TLC sure missed a beat with this one if they want to stick to their slogan “Reality Unscripted”.

I asked Darrick what the problem was with Steve and he said “his name is no longer Steve, it’s Judas”. As Darrick walked away I asked myself, how can Paint Misbehavin be a television series if these two despise each other? Then I realized Steve had lied to me. My TV guide says this is just a documentary, its not even a series. Matter of fact the show is not listed to play again looking three weeks ahead on the guide. According to Steve he is going to “sell a shit load of paint this week”. Know why? Cuz Steve sold his soul for the camera and the fame…

Darrick is not looking for celebrity status. Darrick is a PIMP, he’s only looking at the money, MANE!!!!!