Marc Giveand Aka Marc Live aka Marc Livingston – Total Douchebag


Marc is a douchebag who will befriend you then steal from you.

He’ll floss like he’s a boss but really lives at home with mom in the bronx.

Marc also known as Livingston will tell you he has a booking agency and can get you the stars but really he just stole another mans hustle, unfortunately his brain is his smallest muscle.

He’s stolen countless money and tricked it off on gold digging honeys

Marc Live Giveand Livingston whatever he calls himself likes to call people his son

he thinks jealousy’s on peoples minds, i told him really he’s just the butt of everyone’s joke

a few songs he’s made but sellin counterfeit red monkey was how he MOST recently got paid.

So take it has you wish. We are not anyone to tell people who to kick it with, but at least you know where HSK stands.

So once again Marc is NOT a molester NOR is Marc a pedophile date rapist. Sneaking through girls underwear drawers isn’t that weird. Is it?

Please don’t allow any misconceptions or statements get in your way of having a professional or personal relationship with Marc Giveand Live Livingston!