Oprah’s Alleged ‘Secret Son’ Spills!

Oprah Secret Son Revealed

“I want to ask Oprah, ‘Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me?’” ~Calvin Mitchell

National Enquirer reports … Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey is 61 years old – and has no children, or so she wants everyone to believe. But… According to a bombshell new report from National Enquirer, Oprah actually has a secret son that she turned her back on many years ago.
Calvin Mitchell, a former child actor was taken in by Oprah Winfrey and according to Mitchell she was going to adopt him – until she allegedly dropped him like a bad habit and turned her back on him, completely abandoning him.

“Oprah paid for him to go away to a Mississippi boarding school for boys.”

Calvin revealed that he met Oprah when he was just 12 years old, he was working on the ABC Studios set. Oprah took Calvin under her wing, and forged a mother-son bond with him. According to Mitchell, Oprah looked out for him, helped him with his homework, and even took him to her personal ranch for weekend getaways. But, Stedman Graham refused to let Calvin move in with them in their mansion. Calvin Mitchell reveals O begged to adopt him and then cut him out of her life.

“I’m still empty. I’m still searching. I don’t have closure to this. I just don’t understand.”


  1. OK I had to go back and read it. This is not her real son just someone she became like a mentor are like a mother figure for him and now that let's say is broke he wants some of her money.

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      • Like chop his braids like she made Luda do … Or did Stedman want to adopt a white or high yella nigga he could have quality time with … Fag , Kid move the f*ck on your skin color is darker than a paper bag you got no wins here!

  2. We don't have enough information on this non-story. NEXT.

    But I will say, don't try and black mail Oprah, you saw what she did to her father's wife.

  3. The big O is one dirty billionaire, but she not your mother, she did educated you..
    The rest is left you to you, that's what's wrong with the world today.. Get up off your ass and earn your own living.. Shit I'm so sick of ppl thing somebody owes them something..

    • yep she so dirty that she takin back from mr white man what he took from her and tryna help ppl in the process. one dirty nigga bitch, right??? LOL

  4. Sounds to me like he wished Oprah had adopted him, $$$ Caching.. Looks like that didn't happen. Oh well, at least he can sell $$$ some stories to the National Enquirer and get paid. Oprah's been known to do people like Diddy. Flow with you and everything but then she gets bored with ya and throws you out like a bag of potato chips. He should of took her advice maybe he prob would of been very successful right now with his own Multi-million dollar empire or something.




    • she's an aquarius and a lot of them dont want fuccin kids. im an aquarius rising and i dont want no damn kids and never have so……hm….

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      • Bullshit, a lotta Aquarians have a Vegas mindset, party, party, and more party!! If shit gets fixed while the party is on, fine, if not, oh well,

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  9. Whoever dude is if onhasnt talkednto him in years shesbgonna continue tonignore him move on or writeva tell all doubt this guy has much info since he was a kid when he met o

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  11. the only child Ms. O had was miscarried. otherwise, Ms. O has no children. get lost dude and leave well enough alone.

  12. I think it's true and Oprah is either Mk ultra or been replaced. She's the so called black high priestess of the entertainment Inlustry and Boule. He better stay away,so that he don't end up a sacrifice. Maybe she's trying to save his life.

  13. I wish the Big O would adopt me! This was a kid who got some attention from the Big O and wanted to parlay that into a permanent situation, but the Big O don't play that.

  14. That's right! Bush Jr sent his "son" back to Europe when his wife ended up pregnant. It happens all the time.

  15. There is no blockbuster story. Not only was Oprah taking care of this boy she was paying his upkeep and all he had to do was go to school get good grades. So what does he do, drop out of school and expect to sit around doing nothing. Oprah drop his lazy ass like a bad habit and of course he decide to sell his story to the tabloids. That is not the way to try and come for Oprah. Her own blood relatives have tried that is and all they got was kick to the curb. Her sister, step mother and another cousin try to sell stories to the tabloid and try blackmail. It won't play with Oprah.

  16. Honestly Oprah sucks monkey nuts, her money and her can go to hell she a worthless piece of shit with and opinion, problem is, To many dumb mfers made her rich watching her crap

    • Why so bitter? Sounds like you have issues. Wont affect Oprah but you friends and family better be wary of you.

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