JAY Z: “I wish I’d had a father like Mathew Knowles”


Mathew Knowles may have led an the entire Music World record label to go bust … fallen to the depths of depravity as a result of reported longtime, severe cocaine addiction … been exposed for cheating on his wife of more than three-decades, driving her to the cult of Scientology … and — last, but not least — 99.9% proven to have fathered one, possibly even two, illegitimate children … despite all of that disgrace, Jay Z seems to believe Mathew Knowles would have made an ideal daddy!

That’s why Jigga says Bey needs to just leave her ‘daddy issues’ in the past and make amends with Mathew.

Here’s Jigga’s advice for Beyonce regarding her pops:

“I get your frustration about Mathew but look how involved your father has been in your life. I wish I’d had a father like Mathew Knowles. ‘Jesus Christ! Who knows how I would have turned out.”


  1. yall wrong 4 dat beyonce photo…she kindly asked fans to remove all traces of those photos, you know!!!!! lmbo

    • F**** that……lol….Keep those fugly photos out there. This shows her at her demon-possessed best. No need to hide it……we all know she's Baphomet Bey.

  2. He's telling the truth, she wouldn't be shit without him.. He quit a 6 figure job to mentor her and everything for her to be who she is today.. That's between Tina and him, he been cheating..

  3. Life is to short to try to hold on to something like that you only have one father and because of what he had to give up for you you should be so grateful and bless fix your relationship with your father please my father is no longer on this earth and I would give my last breath to see him.

  4. BEcause they're both dirty boule freakmasonic puppets that will pimp out their own family and you know camel is beyonce's handler and sold crack to his own mother, so u know he doesn't have asoul.

  5. Jay saying this now because Bey n' nem due for a blood sacrifice & who better than Matty? Like jay give a fuk about Matthew especially when he the one saying Matty stole from Beyonce…ask Kelly.

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