Oprah Winfrey’s StepMom is HOMELESS!


“The moment sobbing stepmom Barbara Winfrey is forced out of her house by billionaire talk queen…”

Oprah Winfrey’s estranged 66-year-old stepmother is speaking out after recently being booted out of the marital home she once shared with Vernon Winfrey. According to Barbara Winfrey… “Oprah took part in a ‘conspiracy’ to force her father to divorce Barbara and kick her out of her home or she would cut him off.”

“She’s robbed me of my husband, and now my home.”

Here’s the latest:

“Barbara imposed a three-year sex ban on Vernon, 81, after obtaining a video of him having sex with a crack addicted prostitute in his Nashville barbershop…

She claims Vernon threatened her with a gun.’ I have a gun in my pocket. I will use it,’ she says he told her. He started chasing her around the island in the kitchen. Vernon denied the claim…

Barbara asked for $5 million, to which court papers claim Oprah said ‘Absolutely not. No settlement’ We had good times here,’ says a teary Barbara.‘I remember watching Oprah cook purple hull peas on the stove in the kitchen.'”



  1. Wow Oprah is one mean chic. She could have given this women some money to keep her house. Oprah doesnt help black people but Im sure if her stepmom had been white we wouldnt be hearing about this.

    • Why are you still here? Isn’t it happy hour at the White Kitty Titty Bar or something. I’m sure there’s a down-on-her-luck, third world thot just waiting for a brother like you. You are a brother, right?

    • Her step mom wanted to play hard ball and forgot to duck. She wants everything and give nothing in return. The score is just about even.

    • Why should Oprah help a woman who threatened to expose her personal life? Ya’ll think just because someone has millions they are supposed to help anyone who asks for a hand out. What happened to helping yourself?

      • ********Index finger raised like in church********. Ummm, I think it’s billions….LOL

          • The step mom is an attention whore who should have signed the nondisclosure agreement. the Daily Mail won’t be kissing her butt forever she done messed up now.

      • What is Barbara’s daughter doing for her mother? Why is she not there with her mother moving out her possessions (along with many of Oprah’s, I’m sure). No sympathy here for “The Sex Ban Lady”, Oprah offered her a great deal that she turned down hence the ghetto curb side eviction. Is Barbara related to Matty Knowles’ baby momma, due to the similarities in their move out style.

      • So true! No one owes you nothing. Take control over your own life and do what’s right.

    • a ghetto n8ggah doesn’t change her spots just cause she lucked up on money. she was a teenage prostitute whose baby mysteriously died, then a coke head, and now an elder abuser. this lady tried to make her into a lady but it didn’t change her black heart.

      • Imagine, to come from all of that and turned out the way she did, she must be doing something right! This woman is only six years older than Oprah, so she is hardly an elder, they belong to the same age group; hence, she should not be looking to Oprah to mind her, she has a child to do that.

    • Fool please! Oprah has put more black men through college than you ever will! What you done for your own lately? I’ll wait………..

  2. She’s 66 years old. She should have been smart enough to stash some of Vernon’s cash when she was married to him. Blaming Oprah is ridiculous although I wouldn’t be surprised if Oprah conspired to have this woman tossed out into the street. Oprah seems like one of those sneaky bitches.

    • Oprah offered to buy her a smaller house, she refused ?
      She wanted to stay in this house. Oprah said no… kick rocks

      • old people do not like to move away from their memories and home even if it is in the middle of gang territory in chicago. they like the familiar.

        • If you have your own money you can stick close to the “do not like” rule otherwise you have to roll with the flow!

      • Thats right. I been following this story O had a house all ready for her. just sign on the dotted line. ALL celebs have their blood and peeps sign a NDA! So fools need to step off O.

    • BA is somewhere around here, look around, find an African, he won’t be far behind. He literally be on they ass….lol

  3. Wow @ vernon marrying a chick around his daughters age and boning crackhos at age 80. Men are scum

  4. I don’t care if she is 66 year old my mom is 65 and works so why can she go and get a job and take care of her self she was with him not her.this is just like the Beyonce and her father that woman had a baby with the father not Beyonce but this lady is just looking for a hand out go apply for ssa she is old enough to.

  5. Oprah is far from heartless. It is Oprah’s house. Although it was Oprah’s house she was willing to sell it and give some of the proceeds to the stepmother. The stepmother turned down her offer because she wanted more of a cut. Then Oprah offered her another house in which to live and keep as her own but she turned that down because the house was too small. Then Oprahs says f*ck it, now you don’t get shit. I would of done the same. Her greed has her homeless NOT OPRAH!!

    • I totally agree. She needs to blame her sense of entitlement. From what I read she is a retired school teacher. I’m quite sure she has a pension. She better go get an apartment some where.

    • this lady need not worry. those south africans she gave $40 million plus to dont respect her for treating the only real mother she had wrong, they’ll take revenge for her, and oprah will be the one begging bread

      • Mary you evidently haven’t been keeping up with the story. Please go to the nearest lake and jump in. You “sound” all kinds of stupid!

        • Before you death wise somebody, you do know there’s been a huge sexual scandal at that school right? The head dyke in charge personally appointed by the big huge O was accused of molesting several of the girls. White celebs adopt African babies, and Oprah rounds a school.

    • She lived rent free in a mansion, utility free, tax free, insurance free for 14 long years. She traveled the world, went on yacht vacations, stayed in luxury hotels, met and rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers of society, went to parties and award shows, these are experiences that the average person will never have. Her 14 yrs of money saved should be put to work now, her experience living in a mansion should be a treasured memory. Oprah opened her up to things she would have never experienced, and yet, she has nothing good to say about her? This says a lot to me about Barbra, she is an ungrateful and entitled wretch who deserves exactly what she is getting.

      • THANK YOU Anonymous! What an intelligent post. I’m in total agreement.

      • *waves church mlk church fan and praises* yup which is exactly why bourgeois family do not(and SHOULD not) waste time and resources on ninja relatives. Only people with certain mindsets can come up with you as most will bring you down. If anything, given her education and background, she should have chaired some type of Oprah financed “educational initiative/foundation” and finagled tax exempt funds like most white millionaires and their relatives. Wearing fancy dresses and $200 plate “fundraisers” type stuff. Gives oprah a tax shelter and she work while helping the community. But that hand me out attitude is the death of us and why she is looking for an apartment Jed Clampett style. I havent used a uhaul and fruit/liquor boxes to pack my stuff since undergrad. Oprahs dad sounds slow.

          • Senility or not if he is capable enough to buy pssy then he has the mental faculties to understand not to bone crack whores when you are married. The fact that he married a woman the same age as his daughter doesnt sit right with me. But men arent bright. Slow as in retarded and making bad decisions, even business wise,

  6. Oprah is taking care of her father so Barbara’s daughter should be taking care of her.
    “Barbara imposed a three-year sex ban on Vernon, 81,”
    Barbara’s ass is too old to impose a tree year ban on anything, least of all sex. Her good-good is already bad-bad and expired years ago so why is she negotiating from the seat of her draws? Barbara is conniving and mean spirited and needs this reality check pronto!

    • Dealing from that stank crotch is a losing proposition any time of the day. Even if you got pass that ammonia piss you still have to deal with the funk hole head on. I’ll take my chances with an Asian tsunami and I caint swim!

    • You sound ignorant as hell. Give credit when and where due. Oprah isn’t perfect..,No one is but don’t try to downplay her success and achievements.She has contributed a whole lot of money to various causes. Now she may have some sh*t with her like many rich people ,but she has done good as well..

  7. Majority of the time Oprah is either Draped in dark color clothing or the color black.That’s her showing her Allegiance for Lucifer himself with her Wicked Ass!!!

  8. How is this different than coonye. When o dies white folks her partners will prosper

  9. I noticed everytime I post and certain women get mad all my posts disappear.

    Why do the admins of this site hate conversation?

  10. She wuss a got more mileage outta buying the old bitch the house. Now she just look like a stingy nigga

  11. 3 year ban, how ’bout 4ever if he was all up I HIV country f*ckn’ crack hoes.

    I spoke my piece on this about a month ago when the story broke.

    Oprah should have let her stay in the house and only evict her if she didn’t pay the taxes and upkeep and have the woman sign a confidentiality agreement.

    It would have cost Oprah less and no damage to her reputation would have been done.

    • Oprah offered her to stay in the home if she signed a confidentiality agreement, she refused to sign it. I guess she thought oprah wasn’t capable of putting her out. She played a game and lost.

  12. Oprah you are not exempt from anyone else because you got money all u dirtyness will be back to meet you head on i your prepared for it because your money won’t be able to help when the time comes watch and see


  14. Oprah offered her step mother another home which she didn’t have to do because she wasn’t the one married to her. Barbara should have taken it, now she is homeless. She brought that upon herself. That’s Oprah’s money not her. Oprah helps a lot of people. That’s the problem when a person gets money people feel like they are entitled to it.

  15. Oprah is very vindictive. She treats her family like shit. I don’t know why ths woman thought she would be any different. Write tell all and laugh all the way to the bank. LOL.

  16. Hell Porsha can give me a house and a monthly allowance! Where do I sign that NDA paper at!

  17. Hell Oprah can give me a house and a monthly allowance! Where do I sign that NDA paper at!

  18. Oprah chose la familia over Barbara Winfrey. Some people are ride or die in that way, i guess. I’m more of a right is right…wrong is wrong type of person. Family gets cut more slack, but our kinfolk are not angels either. Some of my relatives, i barely speak to them…They Ain’t Right!

  19. Oprah made the right decision. When you’re dealt a power hand, use it. Play the power!


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