On The Road: Beyonce Rips Jay Z Over Cheating Resentment!

Beyonce Knows Jay Z Cheats

Where’s Joey Greco when you need him? Hey Joey, if you’re out there… you might wanna head over to catch Clyde ‘On The Run’ from his Bonnie! Know why? Bey’s putting Jigga on blast, Sun! AND… she’s doing it all on The Carters’ stage!!!

Check it:

“Beyonce took the stage to perform a power ballad called “Resentment” — it’s all about a woman being cheated on. The lyrics usually go like this:

“I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good … Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could.”

On Saturday night in Ohio, Bey changed those words to:

“I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good … Like I couldn’t do it for you like that wack b*tch could”

That’s not all! Bey changed around AND added in new lyrics later in the track. She normally sings:

“Been ridin’ with you for six years”

On Saturday, she sang:

“Been ridin’ with you for twelve years”

She ALSO changed this:

“I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me.”

To this:

“I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me. She ain’t even half of me. That b*tch will never be.”



  1. .Now fast forward their camp and handlers want more buzz so they purposely ALLOW video of Beyonce’s “pregnant” stomach folding.They ALLOW video of Beyonce 9 months pregnant hopping inside the back of a van .They ALLOW us to see the elevator footage of Solange fighting Jay Z .They ALLOW Jay Z and Beyonce to walk around with their daughters hair uncombed .this has garnered them both media attention and to remain relevant regardless if positive or negative attention.They knew the public would eventually complain and talk about Blue’s hair.We all know they both can afford to pay someone to gently style a child’s hair .It was done on purpose all their stunts are.If “The powers that be” wanted everything kept secret don’t you think they could make it happen ?……Wait for the “Grande finale stunt ” which will top all the other stunts .Those of us who are not fooled will not be surprised .Their is a REASON Beyonce is the only woman in music history to get so much attention .Mrs.Tina and Blue ivy ? no es bueno .Solange and Mrs Tina know who BLUE belongs to,

    • I believe you!!! Who does Blue belongs to ….. Please tell me! Beyonce acts so distant when it come to her. Dying to know

      • Exactly! And look up pics -Blue in no way looks like the baby she was. Hair looked styled. Wet look, wavy, and too pretty. Photoshop back then?? Both phonies. She did not give birth. On TV was it Ellen, years ago she expressed real fear when she talked about pregnancy. Traumatized she was. Said she was with someone when they were giving birth. And it traumatized her.

      • lol…you just repeated this same comment down below but you said you are high lol and funny

        • Now we l saw Beyoncé’s belly fold over. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she did not carry that child. However, I do believe it is her child. That little girl is looking more and more like her every day (thank God). And I am NOT a Beyoncé fan, let alone stan.

          • Matthew ,Tina and Solange beg to differ .Solange and Tina are not in a hutty to volunteer to babysit .BLUE has Jay z features and the MOTHERS.

          • you people on here sound f*cking retarded. glok9 please stop commenting…cathy white was dark and I remember her features. that baby looks like jayz and beyonce, especially by the eyes. sure, she probably didn’t carry the baby but could have used a surrogate with his sperm and her egg to carry blue ivy. stop being crazy

    • Why would anyone stay with a n8ggah that ugly unless she cant get anyone else?

      Why would anyone stay with a n8ggah that ugly unless she cant get anyone else?

      Why would anyone stay with a n8ggah that ugly unless she cant get anyone else?

      • Carol POWER is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Don’t you know that? When Forbes and Fortune Magazines put Jay Z in the same league as Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett, and I am not making shit up–I just read the piece–that makes him a man to be reckoned with
        in a global sense. THAT is attractive to many/most females. Alpha males, whether they are GQ cover material or homely as a slapped ass, are like honey to bees to most women. Power makes a hideous man like Henry Kissinger pull the most desirable chicks and it always will.

    • Blue is Beyonce n Jayz daughter. You clowns are beyond ridiculous with not wanting Blue to be Beyonces child. She damn looks like both her parents dumb dumb. Get a life already! Geesh! Smdh!

  2. she sang it like this years ago in Vegas…I guess this has been going on for a while

  3. Their marriage is a business relationship and also that of a handler and a sex slave. Jay Z doesn’t love Beyonce. He just makes sure that she gets paid when she is in her sex-kitten mode and services the elite (men/women). It is obvious any affection between the two is fake and awful to watch. I remember when Jay Z made Beydunce walk behind him at all times. LOL Bey is a slave, she works so hard and is not happy. I wouldn’t want her life for nothing. The amount she endures behinds closed doors well let’s just say her life is NOT but a dream but a nightmare. She will not leave Jay unless there is some other handler lined up because this woman is heavily medicated and controlled!

    • @12:27 Well said and it seems you done the research and your home work good job and the stans have no clue what Beyonce endures

      • Thanks I am anon 12:27. I know many things from people in the industry. Some lies and some truth. But what I do know is that Beyonce is treated very badly behind closed doors! I bet she never thought how much selling herself for money and fame would entail. Also I don’t feel sorry for her! I agree with you and 12:50 her stans just see the glamour and glitz. Which is all an illusion! @13:21 I remember on Bey’s instagram she wrote a poem about someone giving her a box of darkness and she realized it was a gift! Pure evil is around that woman!

          • Kim K is not that far from going through the same abuse darkness lurks her way as well.

          • G T F O Beyonce is not jealous of a whore who’s claim to fame is getting pissed on from a bisexual rapper I hate when yall sambos and mammies try to compare that trash Kim K to Beyonce. B has talent and K is just a plastic surgery addicted whore beard to a gay rapper.

            • They both are trash except one’s husband pimps her out .Take it easy calm down these people you worship dont know you .This is a blog to express yourself dont get so personal and emotional lol

          • beyonce has no reason to be jealous of that big faced plastic living doll and kanye is a super homosexual control freak too. so stuff it

        • Mary Oliver wrote that and its a line from a poem. Neither one of these acts are original. Why people feel sorry for beyawnce or camel is beyond me. People need to feel sorry or “pray” for that child w/ having those two as parents. Nothing is original w/ these two. They both are cutthroat narcissists who are “inspired” by others hardwork/ideas and plagarize oops I mean use that “inspiration” creatively in their ACT. Both are fortunate to have had careers during a time when image is valued over substance. Everything is pay to play.Corporations are scared of allowing any talent that doesn’t follow a pattern/image that has already been successful commercially/mainstream. The break up album is coming soon but who will be the first to release it? Why do people or Stans feel sorry for someone who signed up for the Hollywood Life and have done everything in their power to not focus on their own craft but steal/plagiarize from others?

    • I would not want her life either its very dark and evil also dangerous dont care about the money …pray for Beyonce.

    • and your proof is?! hearsay? i agree she probably sold her soul as all who want fame and money do, but all that other shit sounds like you just adding what you want a dramatic story to be

      • something has you convinced she sold her soul yet some people would think you are dramatic as well.

      • Thanks anon 15:48. Anon 15:25 I don’t need to give you any proof love! I know what I know! I am not a drama queen like your so-called Queen (if you are a stan). Also if you believe she sold her soul for fame what do you think she has to do to remain at the top? Just dance and p*ssy pop to the masses. LOL I guarantee she has to do a lot to get where she is!

        • No matter how many reputable sources it comes from, this shit is so hard to believe.

          Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • I just don’t know what to believe. Beyonce was once this energetic, strong and independent woman with a very free spirit. She was at her best alongside her mother Tina with the Dereon fashions. Now she looks glum and dismal all the time no matter how well she’s dressed on the arm of Jay Z. Something terrible is going on that has taken away her happy soul. She seems unattached to her baby Blue Ivy in photos while daddy acts more like it’s his child. What has happened?

  4. For some reason I dont feel sorry for Beyawnce. Jay had no intentions of being faithful to her. I cant imagine all the stds he brought to their marriage.

  5. I feel sorry for Beyodel because she was bred for this lifestyle. She went from her fathers control to her husband/handler . Because she isn’t that smart she likely cannot think her way out of the situation. Plus she is addicted to those flashing lights and cameras she is constantly singing about. Even if it was all biz at first they have clearly caught feelings along the way….its just a very strange sad life they lead in spite of all that money.

    • And like any woman Bey does not enjoy being publically embarrassed by yer husbands cheating. Hell, she could be singing about Rihanna, Mya or Rachel Roy

      • people sound ridiculous typing silly words you should improve your vocabulary Glok9

  6. Child Please!
    You talking about Jay Z not being attractive! ….
    And why is she with him.

    WHO ARE the Women chasing after RICK ROSS….???
    WHO ARE the women sleeping with FLAVOR FLAV?

    Jay may not be fine…but he dont have. A BIG ASS – BUDDAH BELLY and DD size breast.

        • Okay fair enough. But if I had to choose, and thank God I don’t, between Slim or Baby Williams
          and Jay Z I would take Jay Z in a second. There’s homely and there’s ugly. There aren’t enough shoes, bags and jewelry in the world to make those brothers do-able.

  7. RICK ROSS does videos with his shirt offfff!!!!!



    So Beyonce..stay with this man. Just like Halle Berry.. The trifilin ones are the WOMEN who know this is your husband.

    Sistas wanna get what you got…and they are wrong for tryin to share your husband with you. All that for what to say..you aint all that.

    B is the Queen, you van have his penis.. She got those papers!

    • Nah The Trifilin 1 iz Gay Z, and always will B.

      Da Real Question iz: If she is in fact the Queen Bey, HOW Come Her Skillz R not on Point enuff to keep her Man Cumming Home????????

  8. I think when bey crumbles it’s gunna be messy. She starting to show her arse.

  9. Is Called Karma When You Do Messed Up Shyt In The Past You Will Get It In The future!!! Let’s Face It Beyonce Hasn’t Been Loyal In The Past

    All Of The Bad Things She’s Done In The Past….. Like With Destiny Child’s Ousting 2 Member Out Of The Group Because They Were Questioning
    Matthew’s Motives So Matthew Fired Them With Out Teling Them

    Beyonce Was Always In The Middle Wearing The Best Clothes,Make Up, Wigs

  10. Remember Jayz’s “Can’t Knock The Hustle” Ft Mary j Blige Video??!!!

    That Video Is Very Creepy And Shocking Do’t You Think??!!!!!

    Basically Jayz Is Dating A Women, He Buys Her Expensive Jewelry/Gifts.. Then He Hires Twins To Axe Off His Girlfriend She’s Ridding In A
    Limeo And Twins Are Ridding A Motorcyle Then They Shoot The Limo And The Women Gets Shot

    • REALLY??!! I’m going to have to check that out, RIGHT NOW. YouTubing it as we speak! LOL

      • Jayz Hires Twins To Axe Off His Girlfriend The Video Is Weird… Dame Dash Is In it Having A Board Meeting
        Planning The “Incident”

        This Is What The Elite’s Do….When People Know Too Much They Have Them Axed Off……

        The Video Gives You A Clue

  11. we love to see our idols facing up to and dealing with the same problems as the rest of us… even if it is marketing….. hopefully this shifts some more tour tickets…. i love you B…… xx

  12. After the ‘ money grab’ tour she’ll go back to treating you people like stalkers.

    • Like anyone cares what she thinks of her fans? Why would she care? Just because she performs and makes money off them, you’d have to be insane to think that she owes you anything.

  13. Anon 19:06
    Anyone with common sense should understand neither Jay Z or Beyonce have any real power. Forbes and Fortune magazines love to put celebrities on their covers in order to sell copies while those with real power and money are actually the puppet masters who are pulling the Carters strings.

    To answer Carols question: I believe Beyonce really loves her husband but I don’t think the feeling is mutual. Once they decided to incorporate their marriage into their marketing plans, it made it difficult for them to divorce. I don’t know if Jay Z planned this out the whole time but it’s pretty genius on his part. He got rid of Matthew, strained her relationship with her friends and family members and now he has her all to himself. If Bey decided to leave, she really has nowhere to go.
    This is just my theory, Beyonce is beautiful but I don’t think anyone outside of the music industry would have an interest in marrying her just because she seems to be that Whitney type of character. She looks classy at first glance but the reality is Beyonce is a hood rat. Stans don’t like to hear that but the evidence speaks for itself.

  14. Beyonce was once attractive but now her looks are fading due to performance enhancing steroids and drug use. You are right she cannot get anybody outside the music industry because believe it or Beyonce is boring. She cannot hold a meaningful conversation and is illiterate. Also she puts out everything on display. No mystique. Looks is not everything if you don’t have a personality it can only take you so far. Hence why Jay cheats.

  15. YES he looks more like that “learn how to draw” turtle character from back in the day…Tippy the turtle

  16. beyonce is still beautiful, better than Kim’s pulled out cat face. She’s a mammalian extraterrestrial

  17. Alot of yall are really stupid nobody controls any beyonce is not medicated there no illuminatti theres two people who worked hard constantly in the lime light now is the love strained yes that what fame does. Everything else yall talkn bout sounds dumb

  18. Arranged couple j an bey I.e kim an kanye aka handlers that contract must bout to be up for them now all the cheating rumors beyoncr needs a blood scrafice like yesterday hard fall from grace stay tuned folks next up riha

  19. Arranged couple j an bey I.e kim an kanye aka handlers that contract must bout to be up for them now all the cheating rumors beyoncr needs a blood scrafice like yesterday hard fall from grace stay tuned folks next up rihanna she will get hers chris brown.didnt hit that bitch it was set up an she really does have herpes thats why that rumpr never went away she was tryin to blood scrafice chris but somethin went wrong they cant even.look in mirror devil worshippers satan will destroy all of them illumnati puppets idol my ass they ar

  20. Above all things, if she loves him he should straighten up and recognize he married a naive little country girl who never went to college or had intellectual friends or sophisticated and cultured role models. He should begin to live up to the marital agreement steadfastly, instead of mistreating and embarrassing her with his bigotry and abusive manners.

    She perhaps feels entrapped knowing he isn’t really feeling her love anymore after she’s fired her daddy as manager and destroyed the family closeness. I don’t like Rachel Roy and he should not give her a dime.

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