Omarosa Wedding Guests Required to ‘Submit to Background Checks’

If you’ve been keeping up, you have probably noticed that Omarosa’s wedding, rumored to be scheduled for March 25, did not go down.  The ceremony was supposed to take place in Jacksonville, FL but according to sources close to Omarosa, death threats to the bride and her husband-to-be got in the way.

The former reality star serves as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for Donald Trump and since her endorsement for Trump, she has been receiving a lot of criticism and backlash. Most recently she says she was harassed while she was out shopping with her bridesmaids.

She is really concerned about her safety. There have been calls, emails and social media messages from people threatening to do harm to her and she feared that she wouldn’t be protected adequately at his church in Jacksonville. So she pushed the date back and made the change,” a source told Daily Mail.

Omarosa, however, claims that she never pushed the date back and that her wedding has always been scheduled for April 8. Reportedly her wedding will take place on the same day as the airing of her Say Yes to the Dress episode.

The ceremony has since been relocated to an undisclosed location in D.C. and attendees will be required to submit to a background check if they’d like to attend.

“Since she moved the wedding to D.C., she’s invited President Trump and other senior level White House executives in an effort to make sure the secret service and extra security will be there,” said the source.


  1. So sorry to report this tidbit of info but…
    Omarosa is NOT at all important to anyone except the Duncan family who seem to believe she tampered with the will of Michael Clark Duncan which has the potential to adjust her net worth to just over $19M if found to be true.

    So what she snagged a pastor. Par for her course.

    • Isn’t she a pastor herself??? Who is this pastor she’s marrying?? Don’t know if him at all
      Thank you..

      • She can claim religion all she wants but I’ll always believe her voodoo killed Michael Clarke Duncan after she forced him to redo his will.

  2. She may as well go to the justice of the peace. Nobody has time to be vetted for a wedding and Cheeto n Cheif aint gonna show either.

  3. I believe Omarosa practice the Dark arts. He will become another victim of omarosa, just like Michael Duncan, if he’s not careful. She’s no good.

  4. Now this is another benefit of background check. A thorough background check on the guests is highly needed in order to avoid any kind of unwelcoming situations on the marriage . Despite of the heavy security, there remains some spies who want the odd to happen in this auspicious event. Background check are now required in every organization as well as on these type of cases where there is fear of crimes. Being an HR professional, I feel this is mandatory almost everywhere where safety is a great concern and there is life risk.

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