Ochocinco Catches Shade From Canada’s Football League!

Chad Johnson Montreal

HSK Exclusive – The joke’s on Ochocino, who found a short period of hope in a CFL career — after the GM for the Montreal Alouettes straight punk’d him.

Now you know it’s a wrap when the Canadian Football League doesn’t want your NFL expertise on their field.. Don’t you agree?

According to GM Jim Popp, a leak is to blame for getting word out of his reported interest in Chad Johnson. It’s a situation that seems to have gotten Ochocinco’s hopes up.. before that dream fizzled.

Johnson’s response on Twitter to the report said: “Nothing to negotiate, I’ll be fast as hell and in shape.” In another cryptic tweet later, Johnson was asked what are the chances he will sign with the Alouettes and he replied: “85 % yes 15% probation.

Here’s what Jim Popp had to say:

“I have had no discussions with Chad Johnson or his representation.. someone has leaked confidential information to a media source about our negotiation list.”


  1. Well sounds lie e was planning on talking to chad but didn’t get around to it before the media dears about it. The guy was pretty much saying that he was going to get at him with an offer. Or maybe my comprehension is messed up….***Kanye shrug***

  2. Chad is a liability. You can draft a list of names all day. Your name being on a list does not constitute an offer for employment. As Chad said, he is on probation, so I doubt he’ll be allowed to travel to Canada for work. If a judge allows him to, I doubt the Canadian government will welcome him with open arms.

    He has no one to blame but himself.

    • Bella, you might be right but the article was reading like Chad was thinking that he was gonna get an offer but he was embarrassed because it wasn’t true at all. From what the man said, he was really gonna try to get him to Canada. And Canada, I’m sure he was at the top of the teams list. But in order to win a ring I’m sure the owner would have taken a chance on him. You have to realize, the best way to control a idiot is to take his money and I’m sure chad will be a good little boy to try and build his bank account, he’ll he is 35 or 36, all he knows is football and his sun has almost set.

      • Chad is T.O. 2.0. Both of them are arrogant af. They really believed because they were newly rich and in the league, they were better than the rest of the world. When fleeting fame left them and took their few dollars, they sure had to ingest massive quantities of humble pie.

        Both of them are overgrown children. Their Twitter fans are the only ones who believe they’ll get contracts again. Time for Plan B, C and D.

  3. He was one of Dione Sanders mentees in one of his many programs. Dione basically said that he was a boy that would believe anything and go for anything. He basically would believe anything someone told him, and was pranked and laughed at all the time. Said they had a nick name for him that described him as a joke. I cannot remember the nick name but when asked what the nick name meant, he said that it meant someone who goes for anything. His former mentor DS described him as a flunky. They are probably laughing at him now.

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