Chris Brown Calls Karrueche From Jail: “I Love You”


Karrueche was all smiles during a recent call from an incarcerated Chris Brown, who had nothing but loving words for her. She posted a segment of the call to her IG, last night.

Here’s what Breezy had to say:

“Just calling all my fans letting y’all know I love yall. Thank y’all for all the support. Thank you for everything. The new video just came out so I hope y’all enjoy that & most importantly Kae, Karrueche — I love you. So thank you.”

The video:


  1. I feel sorry this women Chris brown keep’s on playing her like a fool, If Brizzy really do care for us fans why can he just be nomal act like any ather celeb for once “huh”, am giveng’up on this guy am tired of standing up for someone who really doen’t care, I’ll forever be suppouting his art but i’ll know longer stand’up him am done..

    • She seems like a nice person. I feel sorry for her that she allows herself to be used and treated poorly by him. But how can we blame him for the way that she allows herself to be treated? I think she is as addicted to the fame, glamor, money as she is to Chris.

      • ‘Seeming’ like a nice person doesn’t really equate to necessarily being one. I mean I know of many people who have met Chris, and they say he is a real cool dude, and friendly. Guess, that don’t mean shit when he has a penchant for hitting people and general psychotic behavior. From what I’ve observed Kae is sneaky and messy. There were whispers she was Breezy’s drug enabler (Well one of them). That wouldn’t surprise me either.

        A nice smile, and fair skin and enough to fool me, chile.

  2. Kids today….the word is privacy people. Not everything has to be posted on ig or Twitter. A private conversation will suffice if you wanna share a tender moment. Unless Yall trying to send a message to disloyal Rihanna…who is out somewhere hoin and tricking off strippers w her fellow bisexual buddy Drake and probably don’t care anyway. Chris is better off w this chick . Hope he leaves the I duatry altogether after this lock up stint. Course if he does the IRS will hit him with a tax lein.

    • It’s PR. Straight up. Kae knows the deal. He is attempting to garner sympathy and tabloid column inches. Yeah, and to take some attention away from Rihanna. Because CB remains bitter as always.

      Lol at you calling Rihanna disloyal. Not only did she take that loser back, several times, Chris cheated on her constantly. Probably with men, as well as women.

  3. This f*gg is using her to promote his vidio, I also feel sorry for her she’s to stupid in love with a downlow talented bust*d who cant do what is right for once.

    • Chris Brown don’t need no female to promote his video it’s gonna get attention period he’s well known already what’s the point. I love the music video it’s hot Free Breezy.

  4. Like I said when it was announced that they broke up: they will be back together. These people are grossly immature and codependents. He cheats. She knows it. She’ll take him back again and again. It’s their thing. It’s what they do.

    • She’s an employee of his. beck and call girl/contractual lady friend/beard. Whatever you wanna call it. She gets a bit of fame, nice clothes, and somewhere to live. She cares not that she is looked upon as a doormat – Just my opinion.

      • you said it perfectly George michael! I knew it wouldn’t be long until he was “back with kachoochie” or got involved w/ someone else and have it make some sort of twitter/social media headlines. I will forever be confused in why he demands loyalty when it seems like at best he has open relationships or at worst cheating/playing whoever is his fling for the moment.

        • I also think beyond any money etc that there is a serious problem w/ people addicted to fame or thinking they should be famous/entitlement issues. If you want to model stay in your lane, if you want to be a stylist or singer stay in your lane put in the work and if you have some talent or have a good enough look/personality you can do it w/o having to latch on to someone famous & consistently looking like a fame hungery/money hungry/attention hungry person. No one would publicly play herself this much unless she was getting compensation which she is.

  5. Kae slander coming from Rihanimal fans is hilarious. Kae is such a whore, but Rihbate is what?!. Please don’t act like Rihtard hasn’t been passed around the industry like a blunt gets passed around a room full of weed heads. Take two and pass on that Bajan ass.

  6. Y’all over analyzing this situation. Every dude who goes to jail feels or falls in love with the woman that contacts him most consistently while he is locked away. A crew of 400 pound chicks that put me up on game. They said that they can make any nigga fall I love with them and I laughed and said yeah right. The said but the only stipulation is that the dude got to go to jail. They said, shit we just make sure we visit more that the next bitch and they make sure he gets money on his account every month, even if it ain’t but 10 dollars. It’s just playing on the mans desire for loyalty is all. But they say it works like a charm… One of em said that they was waiting on me to go to jail. I told her, you gonna have to frame me big baby, if you don’t you can stop waiting….lol

    • Just curious… Where did you meet a crew of 400 lb chicks? You been hanging at Applebee’s meeting chicks who look like Black Twitter famous Darth Venn aka Venny? Lol

      • I met them at the waffle House….lol. They were yelling at the top of their lungs in the place, talm bout they gonna sue because waffle House does not have a buffet, they were screaming discrimination…

        • Waffle House knew what they were doing by not having a buffet. They were trying to prevent The Weather Girls from being there on a daily basis.

          Waffle House… Are you from GA?

  7. I believe when he gets out he’ll be even worse !!!!!!!!!!
    His mentality is gonna change outta all the jails why L.A Twin towers ?????

    • I agree it isn’t kush at all and didn’t johnny j “commit suicide” there from off a 3rd story floor for a DUI charge? I don’t know why celebs go w/ gearagos he loses all his famous cases.Having him plea to a felony was stupid as hell, he should have had Lindsay lohans lawyer who is the only lawyer that I’ve seen deal w/ impulsive trainwrecks well but more importantly not have her clients plea felonies or spend any real time in jail. if he doesn’t get to stay in solitary he would not make it in general population. He should have had a better lawyer or gone the Dr. dre route and arranged to be in Pasadena for x amount of hours solitary w/ a TV etc in cell and released to go work x amount of hours per day. Chris Brown seems to bar none have the worst PR people, money hungry family members, and lawyer that I’ve ever seen considering how famous he was at his peak. Someone earlier said that the whole group of them are immature and I agree 100% about that. I just don’t get why the four of them (drake rih kae Chris) keep making shit so public it makes them all look desperate and pathetic. I’m not a fan of any of the above they all act like immature high schoolers swapping STDs and acting thirsty for camera/media time.

  8. Kae seem very young! Almost too young! I would put her at about 19 mabe! She is almost child like and you already know Hollywood doesn’t care about age..Rhi is a hoe so he probably wanted something different

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