Claudia Jordan Admits To Abortion!!!

Claudia Jordan Abortion

HSK Exclusive – To many 40-something aged women, news of being with child would be priceless. But to Claudia Jordan, an unborn child apparently doesn’t have a chance.. if the baby daddy’s Price Ain’t Right!

“I went through a mother f*cking abortion at 40 cause YOU didn’t have your shit together.” -Claudia Jordan

A reliable source has presented HSK with a set of pictures — and shocking text messages, between Claudia Jordan and one ‘Joel Randell’. The texts reveal Ms. ‘Deal or No Deal’ showin’ out as a heartless harlot. This, apparently just two-months after Claudia’s move from L.A. to NYC.

It seems to have been in or about the month of January when Claudia drops details about her “abortion at 40”. The images — which seem to have been shot in a Caribbean location — prove Claudia was gettin’ hot n’ heavy with some random (and gullible) ‘Joel Randell’, suspected to be the man who fathered the unborn baby.

“I KNOW I’m in the position to support you and my baby.”

Peep the texts:

claudia-jordan-planned-parenthood claudia-jordan-pregnant Claudia Jordan Baby Daddy

Is Claudia Jordan now on to the next simp? Of course… Just ask Trevor Julien!


  1. Sounds like Claudia is hustlin backwards. She’s 40. She didnt have that baby because her gold diggin days would come to an end. It’s time to sit down now.

  2. Lol….thus how has standards, Yall. She doesn’t know the guy well enough to get to know him while raising their child. But….she knew him well enough to let him hit it raw in a matter of weeks. She is an embarrassment really. Time to get herself together. She getting long in the tooth to be out there peddling pusssay the way she does. She might’ve missed her chance to be wife and mother and then what? Nobody wants an pathetlc old hoe.

    • First off, quit criticizing her age. These women in their late 30’s and 40’s are looking better than a lot of you girls in your 20s. Hormones in the meat, poor exercise, poor hygiene and lack of femininity has a lot of you girls in your 20’s looking a hot mess. Therefore, you definitely will look a mess by your 40’s. Age does not mean cute. Hell, these old heads are bringing the heat—Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry, Angela Basset, Nia Long, Sanaa Latham—the list goes on and on. On to the other topic, I am so tired of black men who are broke always wanting someone to carry their damn child. This is the primary reason why there are so many black homes that are single family with no father. For some reason, many black men want someone to have their baby, but their broke as hell and have no intention of a long term commitment. I sincerely believe that black men are so powerless in this world, they find power in Father kids they have no intention of raising. No woman in her right man wants a broke black mans kids. Moving on, I will fault this woman for thinking that a man was good enough to have unprotected sex with, but not to have a baby with. Regardless of me having this opinion, her being 40 does not mean she needs to be desperate to have a baby by just anybody. Black people are so ignorant. Here is a news flash, she has money and she can have her eggs frozen, and when she is ready she can pay someone to carry the baby for her. This is a reality for women who have means. I think being black is a damn curse. I’m done with this site. Reply anyway you like, I wont be reading anymore of this stupidity.

      • Lol…Calm down emo psycho. you probably that old hoe on here trollin

      • It’s got nothing to do with how you look. What does it matter how you look if your braid doent work well enough to avoid gettin pregnant from somebody who in her words “ain’t got his shit together” It’s bad to not have your shit together, but it’s worse to literally, get f*cked by someone that ain’t go their shit together. And even worse than that, this bird is 40 something and putting her business out on social media. Now I will give you this much, that bullshit is just like she is 20 years old. What difference how good you look if you too damn stupid to make good healthy adult decisions. Her paper is obviously not right, if it was then she would not be having an abortion. Either that or she was trying to use the baby as a meal ticket and dude shot her ass with a flea flicker. The question is this, why did she really have the abortion because if she wanted to be a mother she would have gon and had the baby. I don’t know who she is but I have heard her name enough to know that se is some kind of celebrity an d if she was handling her business the way that she should, she would not be ranting about having an abortion because the other person Qing got heir shit together. From her post, Its safe to say 2 people ain’t got theirvshit together. She wasn’t raped so why is she having an abortion. Sounds like she was with Reggie wright and lost the lotto ticket running from Book em. Fuck how she looks, that aint worth a shit when a woman is old and crazy…ask all of Halle Berrys men….Or old and dumb.

  3. How about don’t get pregnant? We really don’t have any excuses these days folks. Plenty of methods/tools out there to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
    C’mon somebody!

    • Abortions have gone down in this country because of long term birth control. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you definitely don’t have to. You might lose that six pack tho.

      At what age do we stop blaming men for getting pregnant. I might be able to sympathize if she were in her twenties. I swear, beauty but zero brains.

      “Until we start taking control of our bodies, we will never have control over our lives.” – Judge Mablean Ephirem

  4. I diiiiiiiid just tell this dude..who got cut.. nobody swims bareback without a ring and a wedding first.. like my gurl Mary B u just ain’t cummin up in me.. and NO I ain’t 40 neither..

  5. Why is this baby killer even relevant. Im sorry she has no talent and isnt even attractive. The baby dodge a bullet because no child would want her as a mother.

  6. Who is Claudia Jordan? 40 years old & never heard of a condom?

    The baby paycheck game don’t work on broke a** dudes.. who is this broad anyways?

    “Jordan” I thought Michael’s new wife or his ex.. nope.. googled her.. shes nobody, just as I thought..

    Hey at least it ain’t a story bout someone being gay or Kim & Mange .. sorry.. autocorrect.. Kanye

  7. This shit is hilariously sad.High priced hookers can’t have kids,its bad for business.If she wad a smart hooker she should know a kid could mean a retirement plan,there ain’t no 401k in prostituting

  8. Looks like screen shots to me . Who would put something this personal out there and why?

      • Claudia Jordan is damn near blacklisted from black hollywood! She has f*cked almost every single c-list and d-list black actor. She might as well start doing porn! The bitch is flat broke!

  9. Money isn’t everything but it is high up on the list just like oxygen. You need it to live and support! IJS

  10. She should’ve had her baby.. It’s apparent that its eating her up inside. It will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. I usually feel nothing for this woman but right now I feel sorry for her.

  11. This cannot be real. I cannot imagine anyone getting on social media and airing out something so personal. I mean like WTF??????

    Any minute she’ll be annoucning her account was hacked.

  12. Context…15 million black babies aborted since 1973. Claudia Jordan is the type of blackwoman to abort the most…college-educated, professional, upper middle-class. Not the Sistas in the projects. They’ve kept us above water, thank god for them. If she let the brotha hit it raw, why should the baby suffer? As far as brothas being awol, that’s a 50/50 proposition. How can a woman be a psychic? A man will sell a fantasy to a woman to get the skins…fact of life. Women want the cool guy and the provider all in one.That’s a rare breed. A man will speak his soul to a woman, but, sistas gotta pay attention. Listen to what comes out of a brotha’s mouthpiece. If he does not come across as a father-type, he probably isn’t.

    • Hey Ty,

      I agree to some extent. Women also need to check for a man’s ACTIONS…which are more important than his WORDS.

      If you meet a man that has kids scattered hither and yarn that would be your clue to two things: no dick control and he ain’t gonna stick around to help raise yours.


  13. GTFOH talking about what this woman should do with HER body!!! I don’t GAF how old she is. She made a decision to terminate a pregnancy and this BITCHASS mothaf*cka is putting her business out here. Had she kept the kid He & Everybody on here would have called her a “gold digger” Having a baby ain’t no joke. I don’t know if she let him hit raw or had an “accident” but her decision to terminate a pregnancy a fi ar business. I’m 34 and I always use protection but if I had an accident & the man wasn’t on point I’d do the same. FUCK anybody who would even ATTEMPT to judge me b/c at the end of the day the Black Woman’s burden is her own!!!!

    • @EbonyLolita

      I Don’t Need A Man…Don’t Need A F**king Man…Self-Fulfilling Prophecy!

      Today, millions of single black mothers crying about awol fathers, but, they don’t need a man…Okaaay! How can a brotha be a father if the baby can’t even make it out the womb? We’re assuming that every blackman that sires a child is impotent from the jump just because. That’s a big assumption Sis. My father was not perfect, but, i’m here because of him. That has to count for something? Every father is not gonna get it right, but, you’re alive and breathing as a result of your father…Give It Up! Put yourself in the baby’s position? Momma, Don’t Kill Me, Please? My mom birthed me in her early teens, my black ass might not be here, Who’s To Say? Yeah, a woman carries the baby, but, she didn’t create the baby on her own…Keep It 100! Most sane human beings reject awol fathers, it’s not good. But, the selfish ish got to go. You made it out the birth canal, but, your baby is expendable?

      • Out yourself in the woman’s position the one that has 9 months of agony a hard labour and with no guarantees the man will hang around or buy anything for the child spare that thought for the mother before you judge

        • Typo *Put* and Bella you can’t be a real woman bout you & dis Kudo’s fix up gal

          • Oh, I’m a very real woman. Tyrone was very accurate when he mentioned women saying they don’t need a man to have a child, but if and when he leaves, they’re mad at him. Its called BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISHED FOR BECAUSE YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT.

            Don’t worry about me. Take care of your damn self and get your feeble mind right.

    • Ebony I’m with you on that… You go girl I co sign 1000% We don’t know the full story so who are we to judge her, why should she be struggling to raise this child whilst trusting this brother? He will chat the chat for her to keep it but she can’t really trust him and a child is a lifetime commitment!! In a relationship at some point she would sleep with him but does that mean that he qualifies to be the father of her child? And when since is contraception reliable? How do you know she went bear backed?
      She sooner realised what this broke ass man could or couldn’t do for her child why she made the decision which trust me couldn’t be that easy at all. So we ignore high & mighty people like Tyrone who is on this self righteous tip on “Don’t need a man” just take a look at you disgraceful black men it’s too hard to find a good one and you expect us to trust you all when you would lie down and beg & provide for a white woman but yet have countless black kids you ain’t raising there are good black men out there but there are also the trifling lying cheating black men out there and a lot of them are so good at playing the game to the very end but once you notice that you have ended up with one who disguised himself to be wonderful I’m telling you no matter if you made love so heavenly goodbye and if you happen to be pregnant he will be there forever pretending to care and claiming him raise that child and he isn’t so smart black women see through that mess and walk away if it comes to abortion because he is the wrong man then that is best

  14. Tweeting and texting her business aside,is the telephone obsolete? Claudia is too old too be putting herself in this type of situation. Did she think she was too old to get pregnant or invincible from getting a STD that could put her six ft under? Some people are just plain stupid!

  15. Tweeting and texting her business aside,did Claudia think she was too old to get pregnant or too special to get a STD that could put her six ft under? Claudia is too old too be putting herself in this type of situation. Is the telephone obsolete? Is nothing private anymore? Some people are just too stupid to procreate.

  16. Claudia is quick to mention Joel not having his isht together, but she clearly doesn’t have her isht together if she got an abortion. I’m not mad at her being 40 and not being in a great financial position because a lot of people are not financially secure, regardless of age. I can’t tell her what she should’ve done, but it would’ve made more sense to discuss how she was going to handle the matter with the brotha BEFORE she had an abortion, not after.

    Sad to say, but it was probably best for the baby that she terminated the pregnancy. She is off.

  17. Anonymous @ 11:26 “High priced hookers can’t have kids,its bad for business.”

    That is the real reason why Claudia Jordan murdered the unborn baby! Pregnant hookers can’t make money!

    • this story is true, her choice to terminate the pregnancy was wrong. However, she did not have to tell him. She obviously care about the guy. I personally think it’s not about her being a hooker, but more about being a “baby mama” (not a wife). Who wants to be that? And for those who do not know who she is , Claudia Jordan was on Deal or no Deal as a brief case girl, they make a six figure income. Don’t believe me, google it. That is how she got to the Apprentice. People are always quick to judge or bump their gums without facts. I do repeat aborting was wrong. But who knows, this story is probably as false as the person who wrote it.

      • Deal Or No Deal models were not pulling six figures for opening briefcases. Claudia said that and it was disputed by the other models. Let’s use some common sense here!

  18. Claudia needs to suffer the same affliction as that innocent unborn baby suffered.That’s totally diabolical and FCK up.

  19. To all woman who terminate babies,according to the Bible you are a murdering and you will be judged by the God Israel for killing that little Hebrew child.

    • Then that is their cross to bear. Why take Tylenol for someone else’s headache? “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” “I am no respecter of person.” Stay there analyzing sin and thinking that because you didn’t do what someone else did then you are in better standing. We all in the same standing dude, and we all have our own judgement to face. No better herring, no better barrel.

  20. Claudia Jordan is not only a old prostitute, she is a murderer! This bitch needs to get her life together. I think it’s too late!

  21. No one knows the story but them. Women do this everyday. Grow up Diary of a hollywood street king. Stay out of people’s Uterus’s.

    Until you know the whole … be quiet

  22. This is awful. Vile man just vile. I hope she is at peace with her decision, and can move forward in God’ grace.

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