Scrappy Told ‘We Don’t Serve You People’: The Breakdown Of ‘Glamour Girls Day Spa’ Owner…

Scrappy vs. Angela Shannon

“Angela Shannon is a fraud.” ~Former Client

HSK Exclusive – Scrappy and Erica’s daughter, Emani Richardson may have gotten an “UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE” from Atlanta’s ‘Glamour Girls Day Spa’ — but that wouldn’t fall under the owner’s promise “to promote positive self-esteem for girls”. That’s why Scrappy’s putting his racist experience with Angela Shannon on blast!

Glamour Girls Day Spa is the spot where Scrappy arranged to hold Emani’s birthday bash, making reservations and dropping a down payment before the planned day, March 30th.

Scrappy says he was running 20-minutes late for a 2 1/2 hour appointment… but once the family trio arrived, Angela Shannon turned them away “because they’re Black.” To be sure, Glamour Girls Day Spot is advertised to welcome walk-ins.

“Scrappy complained, citing the down payment … he says the people running the place told him they didn’t want to serve “you people.” Cops were called — because Scrappy didn’t want to leave without a refund on his down payment — but officers got him half the money … and the salon agreed to mail the rest.”

Scrappy and Erica are proven to be far from the first crossed by Angela Shannon. The 43-year-old “Certified Event Planner” — whose previous failed ventures: Angela Shannon, Inc., Five Star Affairs, Inc. and Shannon Financial — has a track record that pegs her a “racist, slanderer and fraudster.”

“I am in the process of filing a suit against this person. Angela Shannon is a fraud.” ~Anonymous, January 2014

Dig the drop:

“She decided she was not going to return a refund at all. When I mentioned I would be legally handling the situation, she stated that I would need to provide her with my address and she would mail me a check. This person is clearly attempting to defraud me of my money.

Do not conduct business with this individual, Angela Shannon with Angela Shannon Inc. in Georgia.”

Here’s what Angela Shannon stated in response:

“I have no intention of dignifying the accuracy of this charge or offering a defense to the indefensible.”



  1. Why do Black folks with a little money think that ALL White People like them?

    Having a fancy car, and the ability to pay for a fancy party for your daughter does not mean, that White Folks want your business.

    Most white folks in the suburbs of Atlanta do not want to do business with “US”.

    Some folks are cool, but the Majority of White Folks outside of the Atlanta and Dekalb county line – wish
    you would go else where.

    Sad way for your Daughter to find out about Racism in the South. WE STILL LIVE IN THE SOUTH.

    And a GOOD REMINDER for you.

    Yes it’s 2014, and this is sad.

  2. LIL SCRAPPY and Erica should have been spending there money with a Black establishment in the 1st place. Some of these African American Celebrities are sad, they cry racism, but continuously spend there hard earned money with people who don’t really want it, but what would you expect from a Black Woman (Erica Dixon) that recently said and oh I like white boys too CLOWN

    • Agreed, and you can say the same for blacks who run down to South Beach and love patronizing all the restaurants and clothing stores on Ocean Drive which run by racist Cubans and South Americans who never hire black Americans as employees. Yet black folk flock there year after year, season after season.

    • you can’t believe everything you read or see. I know angela shannon and she is black. That isn’t even her pictured above

  3. one more thing…

    20 minutes late is still LATE.

    We all know that ATL traffic can cause hiccups.

    Plan accordingly. Get there EARLY

    I’m just sayin’

    • They were late. 20 minutes (or more.. obviously these 2 can’t tell time very well). Try being 20 minutes late to a Dr appointment or to court.. they will turn you away too..

      That what they get for trying change lanes with their liquid a**es!

  4. @ENTGOON – I concur. I am sure that a Black Owned business on the SouthSide, would have appreciated them and did an excellent job, given the opportunity.

    Racism, is alive a running rampant especially outside of I-285.

    We never learn. We make big money and give every penny back to white folks. thinking that it makes us “better than regular Negroes”

    White Folks laugh all the way to the Bank!

  5. If you’ve paid for a specific time then your time is your time–even if you don’t show up 🙂

  6. Why did she accept the down payment if she doesn’t service you people? Did they research or meet with her ahead of time to see if this establishment is cultural / ethnic friendly? Was there a contract or agreement signed? Any reservations made? If that’s the type of business this is I would not have felt comfortable having my daughter’s party there. I research and visit anywhere before I spend my money.

  7. Based on their tv show, I would not want any of them in my establishment They don’t know how to act in public and always fighting. Including Big D. Im black owned, but don’t come my way.

    • I bet if they came to your organization you would not turn them away and if you do your a dumb ass. This a y child’s birthday party

        • Why hold a child’s party at a spa?

          Little girls don’t need to be indoctrinated into all that beauty-obsession-bullshit. Nurture your child’s intellect, not their ego! Feeding young girls all that spa/glamour mess is how they end up admiring useless tricks like Kenya. Let kids be kids! Have their parties at home in your backyard.

    • I hate to agree but I wouldnt want these hood boogers associated with my brand no more than some meth addicted trailer tick. What next – a spa day with Mama Dee, Cousin Puddin’ and T baby? When you are trying to build a high end cliental you dont want to cater to the chicken and rims demographic.

      The reason why Gucci bags and Michael Kors do not appreciate in value such as Chanel and LV. I’m racist against ninjas also. There are other of salons in GA.

      • Gucci and Michael by Michael Kors are not the same. You can buy a less expensive Gucci bag or you can buy one for thousands of dollars. Chanel and LV aren’t on the same level, either. Chanel retains its value because its more expensive and exclusive than the aforementioned designers. I have all of the above and they’ve all kept their value or increased, tbh.

  8. VH1 cameras filming the whole time..

    Thus filmed her bday last yr.. mama dee said that stupid speech, the lil girl looked at her like she was crazy..


  9. Let’s see if the “powers that be” challenge this on the grounds of public
    accommodation the way they do when Christians tell gays that they don’t want
    to officiate their weddings or bake them a wedding cake. I’m sorry this little
    girl had to feel the sting of racism on her birthday. I would never subject my
    child to that. There are black day spas. Why didn’t they find one? I’m disgusted
    that so many black people take every dime they get and run to some white, Arab,
    Jewish, Hindu, Asian, Hispanic establishment with it. These people don’t want you
    there and treat you like filth the hole time, yet, they refuse to get or patronize
    their own shit. Sad. I will NEVER beg anyone to take my money and try my mighty
    best to do business with other black people. He needs to file a lawsuit. To hell
    with that little money but sue her for violating the public accommodation laws.
    And then get your own shit.

  10. This is no surprise it’s the south. After the incident with Paula Deen I’m surprised black people would want to do business with white folks. It’s unfortunate but until black people get it together and learn to do business with each other and not run to white people who dont respect us. If there is no black owned spa in Georgia there should be one now.

    • Atlanta is awash in Black owned beauty salons and spas!! Something doesn’t smell right to me about this story. I lived in ATL for 7 years. Are there still vestiges of the backward old south mentality? OF COURSE there are. BUT, when it comes to economics, even the old south mentality folks realize that ATL has become THE haven for Black money and the Black bourgeoisie. Business owners might have the damn confederate flag on their drawers, but you best believe when you walk in their establishment with a pocket full of cash you will be treated as if you had no color other than green. Haven’t any of yall watched Family Hustle??
      Now you know that Tiny and Shekinah go to all the most whitey white places as a joke, and they are treated very well by everyone they meet. And you know that those two are far from being the social climbing oreo types.

      Could this be a stunt for the show just like Kanye’s fight with the racist white punk was a stunt designed by PMK for their show?

  11. That is not Angela. The owner of both girl spas are black. There is so much more to this story. I have been to the spa numerous of times. Something is not right with this so called story.

    • Wow thanks for the link mo. This place looks like it would be a lot of fun for tween girls. And there appears to be about a 50/50 breakdown of W&B.

      This proves that there is something off about the story. There must have been more to it or it was staged.

  12. I think the parents screwed up with money, time, organizing, something and they don’t want to admit to baby girl that they couldn’t give her a good bday and blaming it on the spa.

  13. I am amazed as to how this story has spread like wildfire. Their facebook page and linkedin shows that Angela is black and is not the person this article shows. There are black children and employees pictured. Before we jump on the bandwagon we should do a little research of our own. This is a black owned established so maybe the people the don’t service are those who arrive late!

  14. Esau hates his brother Jacob and his descendants because he sold his birthright and he wants it back.But,in the end all he will receive is extermination from the face of the planet earth.

      • That statement within itself speaks volumes.The regulars here know exactly what I’m referring to.

  15. We can’t force white people to like us, so, why waste the time. Racism against black people will never be fully eradicated. It’s not just about skin color, other factors play a role as well…economics, politics, crime, etc. LHHA is known all over the country, i assume this white lady has seen bits and pieces of the show. This is typical of white businesses. Want our money, but, we gotta sneak around to get inside. Atlanta is full of contradictions. Another DC in the making. Whites allow us to implode, and we eventually lose political clout over time. Mexicans are next in line to jump over us, yet, we still wanna give our money to everybody else but us.

    • Tyrone, I am speaking for myself, but I am treated very well and shown respect wherever I go in ATL. And don’t go saying that I am a deluded kneegrow, because I am well aware that some WF don’t like us and never will. But some WF don’t like other WF either. I promise you that I am treated way better than white low class folks who go into snobby places of business. I have been to private country clubs with members and the ONLY folks who gave me any attitude where the BF working there.

      Atl has been black owned and run for 45 years and we stay getting more powerful every year. It will not turn into DC for a host of reasons too lengthy to go into. ATL is a bastion of old white and old black money. DC was never that.

      That story is fake and I bet we end up finding out the real version in the not too distant future.

      • @Anonymous

        We should always walk with our chins high, no matter how much money we have. I’ve had racial episodes like many of us, and i deal with it accordingly. The attitude issue, comes up from time to time with other blacks who see tbemselves as better than us yankees. CP Time is a problem, but, i don’t think Scrappy would blow up this story just for hype…What’s The Point? Atlanta needs to keep ballin, Why? Examples of black success are a necessity nowadays. We’re born rich as a people, but, can’t see it to save our lives. As a blackman, it’s frustrating at times. Our foreparents built all of this, and we have to kiss ass just to get by, Why? Don’t be afraid of me, i believe in us keeping it 100 at all times. No foolish behavior, fighting, ignorance, violence, etc. My main focus for being on HSK is to encourage blackmen to do better and blackwomen to love themselves, Simple! It’s jacked up right now, but, we truck on down the highway…It’s Real!

  16. Why are folks mad at Jacky for posting the same stories as his competitors? If he doesn’t update stories, you complain. When he updates stories, they’re all lies. If anyone is lying, its Erica and Scrappy for the sake of garnering publicity for the new season of LHHATL. That isn’t Jacky’s fault.

  17. BlackAnastasia can you explain your comment to me? I never really understood who esau was and the story behind him…. Is that another name for the devil?? Totally confused…

    • Go and read Genesis the 26th Chapter than apply it to the two groups of people living today who are always at odds with one another and that should give you clarity.

  18. This is not true. You were 20 mins late, Angela is a professional. If you wanted good service, get there on time, trying to say that shes racist towards blacks is despicable since she is mixed and has mostly black family members. Know your facts!

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