O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing Date Set for July 20th

O.J. Simpson has a parole hearing next month… According to reports O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing has been set for July 20, 2017.

The former football great was sentenced to 33 years in prison bin 2008 for kidnapping and robbery. Do you think OJ will get sprung?


  1. OJ did not murder Nicole Brown Simpson! Stop believing what those white devils say. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered because that white bitch had a massive drug debt. OJ refused to pay it, therefore the mafia murdered that drug addict white bitch!

    • I’m on the fence about OJ and this is plausible too, about drugs. But spill some more.

      • White people continue to broadcast the lies about OJ because white people are making millions off of him. The three white people who became super rich off of the OJ scandal are Harvey Levin, Kris Jenner and Ryan Seacrest.

      • There is no way old arthritic OJ could have overpowered TWO YOUNG people in PRIME Condition

    • I agree with you.

      Dirty white gold digging parents tell their daughters to go after negro money and when they end up dead, THEY BLAME EVERYONE BUT THEMSELVES.

    • I watched the actual TRIAL. And if I was on the jury I would of acquitted OJ too:

      – The coroner said multiple knives were used…NOT JUST ONE;
      – Nicole’s neighbor saw four latino men running away from her house when the crime was supposed to be committed;
      – OJs neighbor saw the white Bronco at his house during the time the pros said the crime was committed;
      – The pros claims OJ killed Nicole cause she didn’t invite him to dinner after Sidney’s dance recital!
      – They gave him 30 min. to kill two younger, athletic folks, get cleaned up, get rid of knives, make it home, go to airport
      – There was NO BLOOD in the car; NO BLOOD at or in his home; NONE OF OJ’S BLOOD AT CRIME SCENE
      – Cops LIED TO GET SEARCH WARRANT saying, OJ “suddenly left town” when they knew he was on a biz trip
      – Furhman’ s racist azz hopped OJs fence WITHOUT A WARRANT and claims he “found” the glove…which was TOO SMALL!
      – Who would hop a fence without backup if they thought someone had just killed not one but two people?
      – Cops PLANTED blood OJ gave them to test his dna on his sock and door handle when pros saw they were losing case
      – OJ DIDN’T WANT NICOLE. He was dating a model and had moved on with his life.
      – However, Nicole sent OJ multiple letters begging him to take HER BACK!

      That’s why Johnie C said if it doesn’t fit…And NONE OF THE BS fit. So the jury fot it right.

    • the dirty family has gotten their vengeance and ruined his life, they’ll let him out now

  2. Robert Kardashian Sr. had something to do with Nicole Brown death. What if everthing you knew about the Kardashians was wrong?

  3. You people who come up with these idiotic killers are so stupid.

    It was Jason HO J’s eldest son!

    If you want to know the details read William Dear’s book!

    And no the book is NOT how I know, but it is a FACT that JASON IS THE KILLER!

    • The police have ALREADY VETTED THE LIE that Jason killed Nicole. He didn’t. Nicole was running with the wrong crowd. That was a H I T! Her death has something to do with her drug running buddy Faye Resnick…who happened to be the last person to speak to Nicole the night she was killed.

      • I wish your old ass would get the fuck off my post with this I believe the police BS.

        They did NOT vet shit, I already told you this on the other HO J post…they said what they did because they were after HO J, DUMB ASS!

        THEY WILL NEVER GO AFTER JASON (even though they know he did it) BECAUSE THEY WERE TRYING TO GET HO J and FAILED!!!!

        If they dare try to open that case EVERYTHING THEY DID WOULD BE EXPOSED!

      • And if you watched the WHOLE trial like you claim you did, you would have seen when JASON first attended he was balling out of control, no one could console his CRAZY ASS!

        And if his ass attended anymore after that “incident,” they put that motherfucker BACK on his meds to keep him sedated!

  4. OJ did kill her.

    And I don’t give a damn. I hope he gets out and makes millions of dollars and lives a long life.

    But he did kill her.

  5. Here are the facts the racist media doesn’t talk about:

    1. Nicole Brown Simpson was friends with Kris Jenner and Faye Resnick

    2. Nicole Brown Simpson was a cocaine addict and often snorted cocaine in front of the children

    3. While Nicole Brown Simpson was married to OJ, she was fucking MA

    4. The Mezzaluna Restaurant in Brentwood was a front. It was actually a drug house where mobsters sold drugs

    5. Nicole Brown Simpson ran up a drug debt that was over $100,000 dollars. OJ refused to pay Nicole’s drug debt.

    6. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered in a manner called “Colombian Neck Tie”

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