No Nnamdi.. Pregnant Kerry Washington Walks Oscar Red Carpet Alone!

Kerry Washington Divorce

While other with-child Academy Awards attendees were escorted by their baby daddy’s, the reported father of Kerry Washington’s unborn baby was missing in action… Again!

Nnamdi No Show at Oscars

You’ll recall back in mid-January, the ‘Scandal’ actress showed up solo at the Golden Globes… referencing her baby bump when she explained, “I have the best date of the night — my little accessory.” That’s just weeks before reports revealed Nnamdi Asomugha chose to head east for Super Bowl weekend, with his boyzzz, rather than stay home to celebrate Kerry Washington’s birthday.

Nnamdi Asomugha has remained silent on social media since the NFL playoffs.


  1. The Marriage Is A Sham…Believe It! At least homeboy can pretend to be in love with Kerry…Can’t Even Do That!

  2. Fake Hollyweird marriages are wack, but whatever. Doesn’t Kerry look beautiful with some weight her. And she has that pregnancy glow. I hope she doesn’t go back to that super skinny lollipop head look she had before. She looks wayyyy better now.

    • Why would Kerry Washington want to be CIARA? do tell! Seems to me she has alot going for herself. Whatever his reason (her so called hubby Nnamdi) for not being there its more a reflection on him than anything! Kerry still shows up and shows out, even when solo. Don’t know if their marriage is real, or real fake BUT she’ll be okay if her an him don’t remain together.She wouldn’t be the first or last single mom!

    • Hunny how old are you? This site is for adults. Maybe you need to head over to Bossp or mediafakeout.

  3. I wonder who is bearding for whom? I have been hearing that they both are gay.

    • Well somebody got her pregnant. Even if she does eat coochie, I think she’s like Paula and she goes both ways. She isn’t a Queen Latifah lesbo.

      I will believe that Tony s the baby unless it comes out blacker than she is. If it do, then I’ll change my mind.

      • I don’t think she’s straight up gay either. I’ve heard for years she’s bi, but prefers men. If she’s with Asomugha, then him liking men is not a big deal to her.
        People who think it’s weird that they’re together because he’s gay/bi, probably think she’s straight. She’s probably not…

        Another possibility is this whole thing is nothing but a sham because that baby is Goldwyn’s.

        Both scenarios are very possible.

  4. Mabe they had an “arrangement” it may not even be a marriage per say! He probably just gave her a baby!

    • That does make sense. I have not bought this relationship from jump and I knew of the gay rumors and figured Kerry was bearding for a friend, but then she popped up pregnant. I’ve been racking my brain for months wondering why Kerry would choose to have a child with Nnamdi, considering not just the gay rumors, but the rumors of him already having children he wants nothing to do with. (sources: and

      Consider: Kerry wants a baby but doesn’t have a man (or she has a man who is married to someone else). Nnamdi wants to hide that he’s gay. She makes an arrangement with Nnamdi for him to father her child, but sign over his parental rights when the baby is born. Voila: she has the baby she wants, he looks straight, and they don’t have to deal with baby mama/daddy drama or custody and child support.

      I think getting married or pretending to be married and faking a relationship is a bit much, but I figure Kerry thinks that being a divorced mother looks better than being an unwed mother.

      • The ‘why is she with a gay/bi man’ question can easily be explained by her being at-least bisexual herself.
        Since he doesn’t acknowledge his kids, he could have easily lied to Kerry.

  5. Or…

    Maybe Kerry is truly 100% down with the dick, she just prefers White meat. Maybe she found herself knocked up by her married co-star, whose wife of 20+ yrs. knows their marriage is only on paper but expects her husband NOT to publicly humiliate her getting his sidepiece pregnant. (I’m sure Kerry is not Tony’s frist affair.) Maybe Namdi is just a typical DL Gay baller from an a typical background because his parents are Nigerian and Nigerians Ain’t Having That Gay Shit, Period!

    I didn’t know Namdi already has 2 kids from 2 different babymamas until I checked out your link above, Hmmm. IMO, 2 kids are a VERY expensive way to front like you’re not gay. BUT if Namdi’s sister was already friends with Kerry from a charity gig t they worked on together, it all makes perfect sense.

    Kerry has to protect her pristine public image, esp. since she’s tight with the Obamas. Namdi needs cash to cover his child support payments.


    Kerry did a Dana Ross & married the first suitable mofo she could find once she was preggers. She needed a Black husband who was light enough to be believable as the father of her sure-to-be light-bright baby, so folks won’t be thinking Tony Goldwyn is the daddy. She’s fair herself & comes from a racially-mixed background, so with Namdi as her ‘husband’, people will buy that storyline — esp. her idiot stans. Although how *anyone* can believe her marriage is legit after she showed up at The Oscars heavily pregnant without her unemployed husband is beyond me. (And didn’t that set off his parents gaydar once & for all?)

    Kerry only has to front for a couple of years, until SCANDAL comes to & end & Obama is out of office. Two years & change is about right for the average celebrity marriage. And SCNADAL probably won’t last longer than that.

    Then she & Namdi can divorce, Tony can offer his wife a big fat divorce settlement from his SCANDAL earnings & tell her to kick rocks because he & Kerry are going public. By then, Kerry will be rich enough to weather the public backlash if it tanks her career. Being a home-wrecking whore when she’s no longer longer playing the president’s sidepiece on tv will prolly be easier to get through than she thinks. And she’ll finally have the Jimboney of her dreams.

    And once they realize that being together for real with a kid ain’t like shooting sex scenes at work & creeping on the sly, Kerry & Tony will end up kaput. But her stans will continue to wallow in her real-life-imitating-art affair via the DVD boxed set of SCANDAL.

    • Kerry IS bi. She disclosed this ages ago when she was doing press for ‘She Hate Me.’ Yet, people are still speculating about her sexual orientation. She is married now. Let it go.

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