No Charges Pressed After Cynthia Bailey Sent Porsha Williams To Hospital

cynthia bailey porsha williams fight


Cynthia Bailey lost her mind during an altercation with Porsha Williams and sent her to the hospital.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta were on a boat along with their co-stars Kenya Moore and Kim Fields.   They started arguing over something small and things escalated out of control very quickly.  At one point Porsha called Cynthia the “b-word” and Bailey went blackout and threw a devastating kick to Williams’ stomach.

Crew stepped in quickly and broke up the fight before the situation worsened even more.   That one swift stomach kick from Cynthia was enough to send her RHOA co-star to the hospital where she was given medication for the pain.

Producers must have spoken to Porsha because she has decided not to press charges because there is too much left to film for this season, according to a source.

“Everyone just wants to put it behind them.  There’s a lot of filming left to do and they just want to move forward.”


  1. Producers probably promised Porsha more airtime. All that aggression from Cynthia should be taken out on Peter.

  2. Porsha took that sh*t??? imho, she is one of the most intelligent and attractive black women in this world. i just don’t want to judge her anymore (guilty). still gonna support her because i know she will eventually bring it all back home to the community, on the positive side…

  3. Why would Porsha press charges especially after what she did to Kenya at the reunion. Porsha will do anything to extend her 15 minutes of fame even taking a kick to the stomach.

  4. wow who knew Cynthia Bai~Lei had it in her. its a good job Porsha so understanding after what she did to Kenya

  5. Cynthia is the last one I would expect to send someone to the hospital. I bet there’s more to this than just the b word.

  6. @100…. which comment..? be specific… her intelligence? her beauty? her eventual coming full circle to bring things back home (for the babies) in the community? what?

  7. @100… i still believe in african american women. i haven’t written them off starting or beginning with porsha williams….

  8. Black women continue to degrade yourselves for nothing while white women get paid to do little to nothing on tv and get paid the most. Porsha your great grandfather Hosea Williams is rolling in his grave by your stupidity and barbaric behavior.

  9. Really – Intelligent? Bitch didn’t even know what the Underground Railroad was….

    You must be 12

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