Baby #3 for Kourtney Kardashian

HSK Exclusive – Kim may have recently finished 15-bottles with her E! wedding party in Paris… but you can bet Kourtney was excluded from boozin’ it up with the bride. Know why? HSK has exclusively learned the 35-year-old Kardashian sister is pregnant with her third child. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani.


But that may not mean the unborn child hasn’t been exposed to ANY alcohol… being that our source reveals baby daddy Scott Disnick is “depressed and living in the bottle”.

Dig the drop:

“Kourtney is dressing weird to cover up her baby bump. Kourtney is over there in Paris, while Scott’s here in L.A. drinking himself to death.”

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    • She keeps herself good and knocked up. I don’t believe he’s in his right mind. Those Kardashian’s stay losing when it comes to finding good men.

      • Supposedly he gave her an STD, Ithink shes having kids because of his looks. Soon he’ll be gone, she has all the money. If he cheated and gave her something, she wins by default cause of the kids. Kris thinks of everything

        • I think you are right about the kids but I think that’s all Kourtney. i think she resists her mothers program of hooking up w black ball players by insisting her kids be white. She wants them all by the same white daddy.

  1. uh-oh sounds like a blood sacrifice is coming down the pike….who will it be this time?…Kourtney man Scott gave BOTH parents for blood sacrifice….why u think hes so depressed & boozing it up?….He cant live with them demons, he see em in the mirror & they drink heavy b/c supposedly it curbs the demons so they dont harass them constantly…..u see Robert Jr is going through something also…he dont wanna do rituals no more..with ratings falling, they may need to give someone up….Either rob or one of their children…Khloe & Lamar gave their firstborn & Lamar sacrificed his son also….they get their dude to give the sacrifice, but looks like another one may be coming….Kim & Kanye got North under ritual abuse & they already demonizing the baby, so is Kourtney, why u think she keep having children? b/c they get blessings for selling the kids into it…ask Kris Jenner….theres a price for everything & the Kardashians pay heavily….

    • I know Lamar has a son with Lisa Morales, are u talking about that son he sacrificed?

      • yes. But then Khloe also had “miscarriage”, so her & Lamar gave their firstborn also..

        • But, the little boy is still alive, I haven’t heard anything about anything happening to him…

          • he had a newborn w/ Morales that died could have been blood sacrifice but the one he had w/ Khloe was DEF blood sacrifice….why his kids miscarry or have “SIDS” & die??

    • Ok…I see a clone has decided to hijack my handle as I would usually use it. There are some all true, no life having SOBs visiting this site. Do better.

      • It is not that serious ignore it .Life is too short besides they can’t hijack your wisdom .People will know the difference .

  2. Yeah she could destroy a village drunk and they would have to contain her with fire.

    • Scott practically begged Kourtney to marry him and she continues to say no. I thought it was the funniest thing ever!

      • Shes smart, Scott is a douche. She may be apart of the new single by choice careerists who want a house and a baby without the headache of the ninja. All her eggs are in one basket so at least she isnt rainbow coalitioning it like Badu. May marry him when he matures in mid 40s when many boys are somewhat stable and settled, but not most 🙂

        • I thought the reason she weren’t marrying him was because she was into women. *don’t shoot the messenger*

          • She could beard like most homos though. She knows scott is shyt but wants children with the same man. Have a relative who says if she wanted another child she would have it by her ex so that her previous one and the new baby would be real (bloodj siblings. She doesnt want him and is happy in her current lesbian relationship.

            Men and women dont realize when they sire kids by everyone all the personalties and extra conflict it brings since each child is a representative of a bloodline/family character.

  3. we don’t wanna read about kourtney we want kim, we wanna read about kim’s fake ass we wanna read about who’s nuts kim gonna lick next.

    we wanna see kim and kanye on the stairway to heaven.

  4. Either another future whore or unfortunate sacrficial emasculated male child for the brood of succubi. Poor kid.

      • He means… The newborn will be either one or two things. A human blood sacrifice or emasculated like that of Rob and Mason.

        • Kourt is allowing Mason’s hair to grow down his back while Penelope is bald. Look at Angelina Jolie with Shiloh allowing her to pick out and wear boy clothes since the age of two.. huh? Look at Jada and Will.. Willow is mascaline while Jaden is feminine.. Hollyweird. Oh and Drea R. Kelly’s ex.. they believe in this crap and it’s done for a reason.

    • Scott actually has been trying to marry her Kourtney is the one with the problem that keeps turning him down

      • can’t stand the bish all the sister belittle their men even that fat faced khole

  5. U niggas need to get a life.. Who has time to analyze anothers life
    Like yall gettin paid for it.
    Thats some weird shit

  6. Yall some lo key celebrity worshiping haters
    Yall really want there lives and then yall come up with these
    Gay an illuminati theories.. Get a life and raise ur kids

    • It’s Khlozilla again rearing her ugly face wow bitch calm down just because nobody wants to check your beasty self.

    • Please learn proper grammar before you try to talk down to someone. You should’ve used ‘their’ instead of ‘there’. Also, your argument that others should get a life holds no merit since you are here commenting as well. Check yourself first before you attempt to check others.

  7. With Scott loosing both parents within weeks apart he has a right to need time to deal with that. Also, I am pretty sure Scott is an only child and I think he made the comment that he had no other family members. Kourtney then reminded Scott that she and the kids are his family. Scott reminded Kourtney that the kids are his family but she only wanted kids with him and that she has repeatedly told him and others that she will Never marry. She said her parents divorce messed her up and that her mother cheated so much on her father that it left her jaded concerning marriage. She seems really serious about that part. She also seems to have a low level of tolerance concerning her mother. She told her mother that her behavior while married to their father totally disgusted her.

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