Aaliyah’s Biopic To Be Released On Her Date Of Death!


HSK Exclusive – The release of Aaliyah’s biopic has been slated to go down on the 13th anniversary of the late singer’s death. Could her hologram be next… probably. Know why? Cause exploiting the dead is BIG business in the music industry.

Don’t believe me? Just ask L.A. Reid… and if he’s too busy, ask Clive Davis… and if you can’t get Clive on the phone… ask Tupac’s Dear Mama… and if she’s unavailable, head over to Revolt TV and see if you can catch Puffy…

Let’s go!


    • Lots of black people making money too. They exploit us and, keep thinging its white people. ITS ALL JUST MONEY, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT RACE JUST MONEY. Just ask Aunt Jemima’s family! They still get money, because she was a real person. You think thatfamily wants that pic of the pancake box? Hell no, free money!

    • I think you are a fraud because you mention white people every 2 seconds. When the issue doesn’t really grant it you immediately harp on it. I don’t think you are black at all. #suspect

  1. Its a ritual of course w/everything these ppl do…13 year anniversary 13= Number of witchcraft, rebellion, etc…they are calling up the spirits to make this film successful…Aaliayh was in masonic world too….Queen of the Damned remember??….ask Rachel Roy

    • So khemit our sacred knowledge and math is evil because of zionist satanist corrupt it?

    • That’s right Kingdom. Rachel Roy was messing around Dash when Aalyiah died. Why all of a sudden Rachel is married to Dash and has her own clothing line. She use to work for Jay Z…

      • Yash Qaraah just did a show on them….Basically Jay-Z & Bey need blood sacrifice & Jay-z been bumping Rachel Roy for a minute now but they are setting Rachel up for blood sacrifice…Rachel almost got the Aaliah treatment from Damon Dash but she got away from him but now she smashin Jay & they need a sacrifice….right now its btwn Rachel Roy & Solange baby boy…thats why Solange was going off b/c she know shit about to go down & her sister Beyonce is totally mind controlled…u saw her in that elevator, she was totally disconnected, she didnt even put her hands in a defensive stance when Solange fists, legs, purse was swinging right by her head…Bey is totally disconnected & programmed. So its btwn Rachel & Solange son b/c that family need blood sacrifice & Beyonce hasnt given one yet…

        • I agree. I always felt jay and bey were being phony when they act like they love solange son so much. Honestly I think that’s why she moved him out of ny.

          • beyonce is a puppet on larry king she was asked about rihanna getting boxed by chris brown it was almost like beyonce was being told what to say through the mic

            very scary

            • everything she does is scripted and even from what clothes she wears to her words she says.She is a MK mind controlled human robot …pray for her as well as others.

  2. Let this young lady R.I.P. Yes, she was a talent, but she was no Diana Ross and wasn’t old enough to have a lot of “history.” And they are never going to tell the real story about her sexuality, marriage, witchcraft, etc. Just another fluff piece.

  3. What is this the year of the dead to make money off of them I am shock tlc don’t have a Lisa left. eye hollagram not yet what give it a mother year and a biggie one.

      • whos taking left eyes place lil mama.

        sorry but tlc as a group died when left eye.

        its like the bluenotes when teddy pendergrass was kicked out by harold melvin.

        it was like the nwa reunion without eazy e sorry snoop cant replace eazy.

        • they use them hologram now last year it was

          tupac now is MJ tlc used aswells

  4. She ushered in the era of the plastic non-singing personalization that now dominate the music industry. Can’t wait for all the conspiracy theorists talking about her “sacrifice.” The truth is she was a troubled young woman who was used to having her way and demanded a course of action that led to her death and the death of many others. The people who survived by refusing to get on the already overloaded plane talked about the pilot arguing with her but people will still swear she was sacrificed. *Sigh*

    • riiight b/c you can always trust mainstream media riight?…ask them about MJ’s death, Whitney, Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy, Anna Nicole, Amy Winehouse, James Brown, etc, b/c u can always trust Mainstream Media right? lol….CIA are experts at bringing down aircraft, u ask any defected CIA & they first thing they will tell u about is how the ‘agency’ taught them how to bring down planes, hell u can’t even be CIA unless they teach u that….ask Ron Brown

      • ok zombie…heres some “factual data”…Aaliyah, like the other blood/solstice sacrifices dies on the 25th (just like Whitney, Mj, James Brown) it is a ritual b/c the elite believe in numerology…guess who else died on the 25th? Left Eye…airplanes are the safest mode of travel but also the easiest to manipulate & take down…ever heard of Malaysia Flight MH370? Not difficult to take down & plane & when u OWN the MEDIA, its not a problem to cover it up either…

      • the majority of these people were on drugs.

        can’t blame conspiracies and the elite for everything.

        do these people live wicked lifestyles yes.

        do they cause every death thats debatable.

        heath ledger was a junkie, so was whit, britney muprhy, and michael jackson and plenty others.

        • Chris, It doesn’t matter. Like I said before Kingdom is right. I know because *sigh*



          • yes they were on drugs so somebody just decided to give heath a lethal dose.

            what about phil hartmans wife was she programmed to kill phil and herself it was said she took some cocaine went out and shot phil and herself.

            I can dig mk ultra, and mind control to a cewrtain degree can even understand these folks worship dark forces but you think they plot everyones death.

            • Exactly CC. In the real world people are just as capable of the most horrific deeds, of their own volition. And people die from all sorts of things. We give these hollywood types to much credit by claiming they were MK’d into doing this or that. Or that so-and-so’s death was a sacrifice. A lot of the time, its just a despicable person doing despicable things out of greed, intoxication, lust or just plain old natural inclination. For example, there are girls who are neighbourhood cum buckets, ready to do any and everything. No mind control involved. But somehow when it’s a ‘celeb’ doing the whoring, she’s an MK Ultra victim? If I were a ho in the spotlight, I would certainly welcome and encourage the MK theory so I can do my dirty deeds, have trains run on me, eat faeces, dole out STD’s, etc etc, and none of it would be my fault. Hollyweird is a cess-pool which attracts the dregs of humanity with a thirst for fame. 95% of them can and will do any and everything strange for a bit of change. MO

            • crazychris
              Phil Hartmen? i don’t know and i don’t care about his situation that not what im talking about.
              Brittany Murphy and her husband was poisoned by the DHS all you had to do is watch the clip and do minimum research but apparently that’s too hard for you so moving on……

      • Anon 13:50 Kingdom is telling the truth. I should know. I’ve well let me put it this way. If U got a six digit security clearance and some countries that are political asylum, you pretty much can get away with it.

    • Anon.. questioning sacrifices?? You just don’t get it boo… smh, just go back to sleep why don’t cha.

  5. Aaliyah was a triple threat. She could sing,dance, and act. I know she would have won grammies and oscars because she was that good. If Aaliyah had been alive we would be saying Beyonce who?

    • beyonce was probably jealous of aailyah now beyonce is with jayz ummm very fishy

    • Right after Aaliyah’s death, Bey’s camp announced her split from Destiny’s Child. Bey went solo 6 months later. That’s odd.

  6. Why are they doing holograms of our Black artist – Tupac – Michael Jackson only? How come they are not doing these holograms of these white artist – John Lennon, Elvis etc!! Something is wrong!!

    • they already did elvis celine dion paid a cool ferw million to have a elvis hologram at american idol wqhere she performed with the king because it was her dream to perform with elvis.

      as for john lennon well both him and elvis has been way overexposed since their deaths.

      • they were both crazy when they were living john was antichrist and demanded everybody call him jesus christ.

        elvis thought he had superpowers given to him by his dead twin brother who died at childbirth elvis was into new age books and thought he was telekinetic and thought he could make the rain stop his crew the memphis mafia said themselves they thought he was god.

        • He was… His father the devil helped him to do it. The devil will grant one anything…for a PRICE!

    • That’s incorrect. The jackson family was fighting the usage of the MJ hologram. No money made there.

  7. kim kardsashian should play aaliyah because kim has street cred she sucked a lot of black dick and she has a baby by a black man who thinks hes jesus.

    kim is perfect for the role black america needs another reason to worship kim’s fake ass.

    • I seriously doubt that Kim Krapdashian sucked on Kanye’s unit! Is it not obvious to you and the rest of the world that Kanye is in the closet, and Kim is his beard! Get your shit together dude!

  8. What is the point of this biopic? Are they going to tell the truth about A and R.Kelly or A and Dame/Jay Z? If not, I don’t want to see it.

  9. God rest this BEAUTIFUL woman’s soul. I truly believe her death(&those of her colleagues)was NO accident! She was on the brink of phenomenal success, then that tragic moment! Look no further than Queen Demon&its rotten handler!RIP AALIYAH

  10. I can’t wait to see it might be interesting Whitney next I guess can’t say I won’t see what it’s about hellwood been a greedy low down machine

  11. It will be very respectful. They want to make money and her fans won’t go unless it glorifies her talent and ability.

  12. wasn’t usher involved in the plan crash

    while back there was gossip about usher being involved or maybe something else???

  13. This is sick because now they will kill someone off and then revive them through a hologram and say ” THERE BACK NOW GIVE US YOUR MONEY”

  14. aaliyah was the perfect angle with horns.

    wonder who will get to play r Kelly’s freaky ass.

  15. Her uncle and cousin both need to be indicted. or are there more perpetrators and suspects to blame???? omfg all because of them, now all of these f*ckin people are trying to make money off of Aaliyah’s name by making up stories with lies and fairytales and NOBODY is trying to help her Mother. that is so foeny and sad as hell

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