Child Protective Services Want To Interview Man Pictured In Bed With Willow Smith


Days after Child Protective Services (who are a joke when it comes to protecting children) in Los Angeles questioned Will Smith‘s 13-year-old daughter, Willow about a controversial picture of her in bed with an older man, sources are revealing that investigators are now turning their attention to the individual in the photo, actor Moises Arias, 20, and are hoping to interview him about the incident.

“Social workers would like to talk to Willow’s friend, Moises, about the photo which depicts them on the same bed together,” an insider told Radar. “This is standard procedure for all investigations. There have been no allegations of any wrongdoing or illegal activity by Moises. Willow has already been questioned twice, along with her parents, Will and Jada.”

“Moises is under no obligation to talk to authorities,” the source noted. “Social workers just want to make sure there is proper adult supervision of the children in Will and Jada’s house.”

Authorities allegedly opened the investigation into the superstar couple after a photo of the teenager in bed with actor was posted on social media.

Here’s the drop:

Willow was questioned on two separate occasions by social workers from Child Protective Services. Once in the presence of her parents, and the second time, Willow was alone with the social workers. This is how all investigations are handled. Both Will and Jada have also been questioned. At this point, the investigation remains open, and won’t be closed for at least another few weeks. Will and Jada have been extremely cooperative with officials,” according to the source. “Of course, they aren’t happy that their parenting skills are under scrutiny, but they understand.” ~Source

The controversial photo prompted the investigation after the department received an anonymous tip.

“DCFS has come under fire for investigating the Hollywood stars, but the source insisted, “The department is legally obligated to investigate all inquiries from the public. They are legally obligated to do so… Imagine if something horrible happened to Willow, and social workers ignored it….there would be a huge outcry as well. During Willow’s interview with social workers, “she made it clear that nothing inappropriate had happened with Moises. Moises has been friends with Willow and older brother Jaden, for years. The Smith’s treat him as one of the family, and know he wouldn’t take advantage of that trust.

The goal and sole focus of DCFS is to make sure that children are in safe and loving environment.”



  1. Why is Willow having “friendships” with 20 year olds? What could they possibly have in common? Where are her parents and why don’t they have a problem with this. If this is what Scientology does then Willow should be removed from that home. Jada is a nutjob and Will is too busy servicing other men to pay attention to what his children are doing. It’s very sad because most parents would be outraged by a 20 year old man laying in bed with their 13 year old. It’s so inappropriate. CPS better get on the JOB and stop this kind of madness.

    • Money doesn’t exempt you from following the law! @jada if you don’t see how this is not a good look then you are so far removed from reality(more like delusional ITs about time! CPS did the right thing! Anyone else would have their children removed an then investigated!

    • a decent black women would of hoisted willow and jaden teach them better instead she encourages it

    • They should have questioned Will a long time ago for putting his tongue all down Jaden’s throat… making his own son a queer.

  2. Damn a CPS…Willow knows the rules….finger over the lips…SILENCE!….she will say nothing b/c she been under hypnosis mind control ritual abuse…That dude is a part of the coven Hollywood is using to turn her out & put demons on her….Will & Jada knows this & will let it go down b/c if they can get Willow down w/blood sacrifice like Jaden, they will get double blessings from Satan. CPS is satanic & work for the “group” as well, if anything they gonna send a coven member that work for CPS to interview her to see what she will say….if she will tell the truth. She won’t & she’ll pass this test they put in front of her, but they still want her soul b/c they have already sexed this yung girl which why she dont see a problem takin a picture naked w/dude…..hes turning her out to the cult….ask Bieber

  3. Im sure Will and Jada trained both their kids not to say a word about their voodoo rituals. Im sorry but Willow looks underweight for her age. I understand that Jada is a health nut but depriving these kids of real food is a shame.

  4. Everybody keeps saying this man. He’s 20 years old and looks 40. I read somewhere that Will is haitian on his father side. Sak pase Will!

    • Yes. Glad that you mentioned that he looks 40.. You would be right. In the pic he is old looking, stressed and sweaty what is going on with him??

  5. It’s obvious they are pimping their daughter. But they got caught because someone took a picture to reveal what really goes on…

  6. Finally, the Smiths gotta have their weirdness under scrutiny. always flaunting their weirdness and now it comes back to hit them.

    But I mean, CPS in Hollyweird? The ASPCA probably brings more heat on pet owners.

  7. do’t forget will has her tongue pierced
    what kind of parent will allow their daughter to shave her hair

  8. Im sorry but “willow” is not cute , pretty or attractive. Maybe thats why her crazy ass parents want to turn her into a boy..maybe they think its will be an improvement. ..ijs

  9. Maybe nothing happened but he should have known that someone was going to say something about him having his shirt off in that picture and plus the dude is making a funny look with his lip like he got done doing something but that is just my opinion.

  10. controversy sells.

    pedophilia sells in Hollywood all these rock star album covers over the years with naked children and babies.

    there was a naked baby in nirvanas nevermind album and nobody said nothing.

  11. can’t forget all these 13, 14 year old singers singing about sex the list is endless.

    brandy and wanya for instance and aaliyah, monica and tevin Campbell were kids singing about sex.

  12. The industry did a number to tevin campbell. It’s really sad. It seemed like prince knew what was going on and tried to rescue him but he ended up back with quincy Jones.

    • I doubt Prince tried to rescue him. What was the name of that Prince song Tevin sang talkin about I’d rather do you after school like some homework?

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