Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London Patch Things Up?

lauren london nispey hussle back together

It appears that Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London’s public breakup was nothing more than fake news.

Lauren made it clear that she’s still holding on tight to her “crip.”

“Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved!”


  1. Sad when a woman this beautiful has such poor poor taste in men. With her looks she should be a married to a rich loving husband, with kids and mansions all over the world.

    • She is gorgeous and could’ve had her pick, but she likes gang types. It’s almost like she just gave up on acting and decided to follow this malnutritioned lookin negro around.

    • Yes Nipsey belongs to a gang, but so does 85% of the black men in Cali. But Nipsey has mansions and owns businesses which is why he don’t be stressing his music.

      Have y’all ever dated a so called good black man? like one with a law degree or His doctorate, well I have and I can ensure you they are no different than the gangsters, if not worst because they Are fake.

      A good man can come in the form of a Gangsta, and in Cali Nipsey is not a looser, he’s actually 100 steps up from lil Wayne. Because A he’s mean as I don’t know what, he’s not pimped out by no label, his hood loves and respects him and he don’t get caught up with groupies the way other rappers do.

      • WTF, 85%?????????? of black men in Cali are gangbangers, Lol, Lol, Lol, that’s an awfully high percentage, LMAO.
        I was born and raised in Cali and never dated nor did I marry a former or current gangbanger. I don’t recall any of my friends dating gangbangers either. 85%??????????? LMAO!!!!

        • IKR. That person must be talking about dudes who had to front so they didn’t’ get jumped. Otherwise, anything above 40% is too high since few real gangstas live past 25 y.o.

  2. Nipsey may look rough but he’s has been working diligently and hard to restore his area in south central LA out of poverty. I do not even see Obama doing that. Nipsey Is not a wanna be Shug Knight the way y’all think. He just a ratchet, but smart, business man with a heart that want to rebuild his community. And he is actively doing that!

    • I agree, but she seems to be a super super duper duper fan and is trying her hardest to make us fans as well. Don’t think it’s working tho. We’ll let her handle Nipsey Promotions, Inc on here.

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