Azealia Banks Comes for Remy Ma and Gets Dragged!

azealia banks remy ma beef

Azealia Banks got her panties in a bunch after she read an interview where Remy Ma said female rappers weren’t doing sh*t in the industry when she got out of prison.

azealia banks beef remy ma

That’s when Remy put Azealia on blast with a series of text messages that prove her “Gemini twin” was obsessed with her and hating on Cardi and Nicki Minaj LMAO

Click the arrows on the Insta posts to see the texts and watch the Live videos of Remy going OFF!

Remy also posted another explicit text message from Azealia where the troubled rapper shared a picture of what she wants her punanny to look like.


  1. Some more BW beef for YT to get entertained by. smh! Hard to enjoy the talent when they agree to do shyt like this.

  2. Sounds like Rem was minding her business and this Azeila chick came for her.

  3. I use to really like Azealia. It’s so sad she turned out the way she did because she was talented. She ruined her own career?

  4. Azealia is always starting something with someone. She could start an argument in an empty room.

  5. That girl is schizophrenic. Talented but nuts and I hope Remy don’t do a diss song about her because that would only make her happy. Same bitches that be talkin shit be Ass kissin!

  6. But on some real isht, wtf Azelia do??? What she made? Where’s her Billboard top 10???? FOH!!#TEAMREMY #BRONX

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