Nina Simone’s Estate Publicly Drags Zoe Saldana

nina simone estate zoe saldana

Many people were outraged when actress Zoe Saldana – a Dominican and Puerto Rican woman – was chosen to play Nina – an African-American – in the singer’s biopic. Things got even more heated when movie execs put Zoe in blackface and a prosthetic nose so she could better resemble the singer, instead of just hiring a black actress that naturally resembled Nina!

Nina’s daughter has previously spoken out about the poor casting choice – feeling that Zoe didn’t physically represent anything about her mother. And now, the official estate of Nina has publicly dragged Zoe.

After Zoe quoted the legendary star in a quote, Nina’s estate fired back.

nina simone estate zoe saldana


  1. Comment:How can Zoe be in black face when she is black? I thought black face was when a white person was made to look black ? At least they didn’t select a white actress and try to make her look black like they did Angela Jolie in the movie “ Mighty Heart”.

    No matter our location throughout the diaspora we are one and should look at each other as one. Just because our Afro-Latino sisters and brothers were conquered by invaders with a language other than English should we look at them any different and say they are not black ? Of course not !!

    Would one dare say that Celia Cruz, Carmelo Anthony, Gina Torres, Faizon Love, Piedad Cordoba, Solidad O’brian, Laz Alonzo, Benedita Souza da Silva Sampaio, Wilfredo Benitez, Tona la Negra, and Jamie Hurtado Gonzalez are not black ?

    At any rate I think Zoe is a great actress and I look forward to see what she brings to the role she has been chosen to play.

    • Well, think about it another way, Chief:

      When it comes time to make Zoe Saldana's life story, do you think they're going to call Fantasia?

      • That's an emphatic WORD UP!! Zoe looked like they rubbed some dirt on her face. She looks a mess and she doesn't claim her blackness unless unless it suits her. I have read two articles where she refused to align herself as black….

    • You obviously never saw the movie Bamboozled! You obviously forgot that Forest Whitaker wore blackface for the movie Last King Of Scotland. By the way, Forest Whitaker won a Oscar for that role.

      • Bamboozled the movie in which Michael Rappaport played a white guy even though he is 100% kosher and absolutely not caucasian…

    • zoe says she isnt black right? that's the issue with you flip flop cracka brains…like domincans and puerto ricans u wanna be and/or act black when it benefit u but any other time u "aint black" bitch please

    • I agree with you that we are ONE. HOWEVER, Zoe has gone out of her way to say she's not "black," BUT continues to pursue black roles. She wants to be "black" when it suits her needs and bank account.

  2. There is nothing wrong with her playing a black person however the problem is does Zoe Claim black? lots of these same people you posted often don't claim black. Not saying they are not black im just saying a lot of times they often claim something different… If only they would learn that we are all black we are all African descent, the only difference is families were torn apart and some gut off on a different boat and thus spoke the native language of the Spaniards while others gut off on a different boat and spoke the native language of the english.

    • Who says we're all black?? Oh yea the white supremacist & their "1 drop rule", authentic black ppl need to stop letting racist define them…Zoe is mixed which is why she doesn't care about protecting blackness.

      • Zoe is not mix she's black., stop trying to excuse it with this mix shiit, YOu can be African and be Rican and Dominican.. Black is a race not an ethnicity, and she is black like it or not.. its about your skin color…You can be Afro-Cuban and be black, Cuban is your ethnicity or herritage but your race is black… The slave mentality is when people start claiming something they are not.. you have Dominicans and others trying to claim indian and other things, anything but black just to excuse themselves from what they are… You speak Spanish because the people that brought you there were Spaniards, the people that brought black people to the Americas spoke english, culture is just what you formulate over time just like Black people in America formulated a culture over a small period of time and afro-cubans, Afro-brazilians etc… Dominicans like it or not your black so stop excusing yourself… You can be Puerto rican and be black.. being mix is like saying your have Nigerian and Half Somalian, that still makes you black!!!

        • Mike, I see what you are sayin' but the black diaspora has been mind f*cked about race. She is from the Dominican Republic which is presently repatriating 3rd and 4th generation Haitians against their will. Black folks born in the Dominican Republic who do not speak French or Creole. It is an insult that any woman other than a Black American woman would play this role, far less a Dominican.

          But I will say to all the Black Americans who use the N word and religiously watch Housewives of (fill in the blank bullsh*t) and Empire, and support fools like Kanye, Amber Wiz, KKatrashian, etc. See what happens when you lose control of your image.

          • Comment:

            Hypothetically if Spain didn’t give a portion of the island of Hispaniola ( Hati/DR) to the French then maybe there would not be a cultural and racial divide amongst the people of the DR and Hati. But history did not play out that way.

            Far less a Dominican ……….What exactly is that supposed to mean ? Aren’t there Dominicans who are an offspring of slaves just like Americans are offspring’s of slaves? Didn’t slaves help build up the DR just like slaves built up Hati and America ? Didn’t Toussaint Louverture lead the revolution that liberated the whole island of Hispaniola from there oppressors ( Hati/DR) and not just half the island ? With these facts in mind what does far less a Dominican exactly supposed to mean ?

            • And let's remind that Toussaint Louverture did not beg for freedom and for equal rights like other so called "leaders"…
              The free masons never forgot this and as a result Haiti is still today in a total mess who is now begging the sionist free masons for humanitarian help… sad very sad …

        • It’s important to remember that Zoe Saldana does not consider herself black. On several occasions she has distanced herself from the black community and embraced the latino community. For some strange reason, Zoe continues to play roles that are meant for black actresses. Some of us say we should boycott the Oscars, I believe we should boycott all of Hollywood!

          • Comment:

            NBA is fixed

            Can you provide maybe one or two examples of things she may have said that made you come to the conclusion that she does not consider herself black ?

            How shall we separate the difference between race and culture ? for instance I am a black woman, and the culture I was raised to embrace is American culture and traditions. Zoe is a black woman who was raised to embrace a Latino culture and traditions.

            “Zoe continues to play roles ment for black woman “ I really don’t understand this comment, when I see Zoe I see a black woman ? Be honest if she wasn’t a well known actress who you happened to see for the first time would you say she is not a black woman?

        • Comment: previous comment is intended for SoCal
          Curious, How would you define an authentic black person ?

  3. I agree w Mike. I'm Cuban, and the only difference between me and you is that my slave masters spoke Spanish and yours spoke English. Technically, I'm blacker because Spaniards have more color than the English! LOL

    Black Americans have a problem with Zoe playing this role bc Nina Simone was a proud sista and Zoe, like most Afro-Latinos, rejects her dominant African genes and embraces her recessive European genes. It's like selecting Tiger Woods to play Khallid Muhammad.

    The truth is, if Afro-Latinos researched their DNA, they would find it to be shockingly similar to that of African Americans.

    I recently did mine and it came back:

    70% African
    20% European
    4% Native American

    I dare somebody tell me I'm not Black!

    • Bingo… People like Zoe, Sami Sosa like to think some how because they speak a different language therefore they are of some different kind or something… smh Spanish, English, Puerto guess are all derived from Latin. Its all the same.. Their conquers just spoke different languages.


    • Hollywood hates black people, especially dark skin black people. Storm from X-men, Lt Uhura from Star Trek, Nina Simone are all dark skin beautiful black women. Hollywood chose to cast light skinned black women to play the role. In hollywood, the bottom line is to protect and preserve white power!

      • What you call "white power" is in fact kosher power…The banking cartel is kosher owned not caucasian owned, the USA is kosher owned not caucasian owned (despite the efforts of many caucasian traitors to their race), and of course Hollywood is 100% kosher owned and not caucasians owned…
        For many many many year caucasian roles have been played by a massive majority of kosher actors and actresses…While a minority of african roles were played by kosher by actors such as Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz…
        The only white persons who are collaborating with the kosher people are of anglo-saxon ancestry and believe it or not the anglo-saxon caucasians account for less than 10% of the native europeans…
        The kosher power wants you to believe that the "white man" owns everything and this lie still works today ! Many white persons also believe this kosher lie…
        I bet you that in a few years both african and caucasian roles will be played by bi racial actors…

  5. I'm glad most of these people on this thread is woke. I was disappointed with the first comment but thankfully, we have some aware folks.

    My folks are from the Caribbean and South America and we are unquestionably and unapologetically Black. But this is about a Black African-American woman with experiences unique to the Black American experience. Why can Hollyweird not cast a dark, African-American woman? Nina Simone was about her African features. If Hollyweird is always so upset over the budgets, why spend more money for makeup?

    I have love for everybody, but I don't suffer foolishness. Stop sellin' your azzes on the cheap my Black American cousins. You are letting everyone walk off with your roles, scholarships, jobs, benefits, everything, because you are in a state of grave self-rejection. A dark Black American woman should be playing this role.

  6. I hate to b negative but we need to boycott all this bullshit. I mean walk thirty miles tuck the bus type boycott. Six months no tv no movie type shit. Fuck them. Fight the power.

    • Comment:
      Aren't there more important issues we need to be marching/boycotting about other then who is playing the role of Nina Simone ?

      How about the Flint water issue, the young man with a broomstick in his hand who was recently shot in Utah, or how about boycotting/marching to get Obama to do something about getting us some reparations before he leaves office being his admin got 12million set for Jewish Holocaust survivors. boycott/march for a real issue ?

    • Comment:
      we some important issues that we should be boycotting/marching for other then who is playing Nina Simone ?

      How about the Flint water issue

      How about that young man who was just shot with the broomstick in his hand in Utah

      How about getting Obama to make real change and earmark the offspring of slaves some reparations like he earmarked Holocaust survivor's millions of bucks

        • Comment:

          for starters
          boycott the fact that no one has been prosecuted as of yet

          boycott the fact that the governor has not stepped up to the plate to really do anything. I read that Obama allocated funds to Michigan but who's to say how much of that money will go to Flint as of yet.

          • By demanding that we receive the same (lead free) drinking water in the inner cities as they receive in the suburbs. These officials know that the water is tainted, they don’t care because it’s poor minorities and their children that are suffering. Let little white kids start dying of lead poisoning and see what happens. The city needs to be sued.

            I got one rain barrel, guess I better invest in some more and stop paying the water bill.

        • You don't boycott water, you boycott the University of Michigan and Michigan State. By the way, the Govenor of Michigan is a Wolverine alumni! His name is RIck Snyder and he is Republican!

      • Obama is owned by the kosher power…
        The kosher power owns caucasians (except the russians) , africans, arabs, latinos and are about to own the asians…
        The statue of the founder of the KKK (another creation of the kosher power) is still visible in Washington DC…Obama will do nothing about it !
        The kosher power runs the media, the politics, the agendas such as the LGBT agenda, the pro israel agenda, the gold mines of Africa, the diamond mines of Africa etc…
        The kosher power owns almost absolutely everything !

    • AND…boycott the companies that sponsor these movies, tv shows. HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS MOST…their bottom line!

  7. Itsva insult blacks did wear blackface in the minstrel shows all these dark skinned women and they couldn't find one to play Nina Simone Zoe hates blacks and prefers to date whiteboys just like Dr dre ibsulted PAC by saying he produced hail mary

    • That's the truth you said, but who can Dr. Dre talk about he's a wife beater amongst other things.. Did he marry a Becky?. They are all sell outs and I'm happy to say I don't support their music at all.. Tupac music at the start had meaning to it.. I'm white and support musicians that Chang sing.
      I would never pay a dime to hear this new music they make… They ripoff all the older artist, that made their own beats and sounds and could sing Live…..

  8. This is just another example of poor casting. Regina Taylor or Viola Davis should have been cast and that's off the top of my head. Too many other beautifully talented sistas would have been better in that role.

  9. Even tho I can't stand that evil bish, Jennifer Hudson demonic ass would of worked well & she even a Oscar winner which saldano is not. Zoe saldana is a crazy dominican bitch she will suckk any jhew man or women hell shell do it for free she is their new latina cum dumpster second to the lady from modern family, Rita oral, and the Spanish lady that fukks old bush longoria??…anyway they should of got jhud or epetha from law & order hell even FANTASIA…zoe got this because she's on the Hollywood casting couch with all dem bones

  10. A light skinned black woman cast as Storm for the movie X-Men (Halle Berry). A light skinned black woman cast as Lt. Uhura for the movie Star Trek (Zoe Saldana). A light skinned black woman was cast as Storm again for the movie X-Men (Alexandra Shipp). A light skinned black woman was cast for the movie Jem (Aurora Perrineau). Once again racist hollywood casts a light skinned black woman to play Nina Simone; a legendary black celebrity of dark complexion (Zoe Saldana). My brothers and sistas this is not a coincidence. Hollywood hates black people; especially those who have high levels of melanin in their skin. The war agianst the black melanated people is happening as we speak!

    • Bamboozled is back ! This movie had cast a kosher guy (Michael Rapapport) to play a caucasian dude… In fact caucasians roles are being played by a massive majority of kosher persons… Logical when you know that Hollywood is owned by the "chosen" kosher people…
      African parts are now more and more played by bi racial persons and this is just a beginning…

    • halle and hugh jackmans bisexual ass was messing around then and you wonder why her and eric benet split.


    Zoe is a self hating Blatino till it suits her !! greedy bitch should have passed on this gig bitch won't be getting an Oscar and yall brainwashed colorstruck coons beware, many people are woke!

  12. I don’t live in flint but the same thing is happening where I live with the lead levels in the inner city water supply. They don't care about the levels here because it's not affecting white people yet.

    If it wasn’t for LeeAnne Walters (a white women) who supposedly exposed it, who knows how long Black people would have continued to complain and been ignored in Flint Michigan.

    It’s like everything that happens in America, as long as it just happens to poor Blacks it’s ignored for the most part as soon as it happens to white people it’s an epidemic/crisis.

  13. The problem is Zoe came out in a Latina magazine years ago and said that she is "Latina" not black. I belive in the same issue, Lala tried that shit too. The role was meant or should've been meant for Lauryn Hill. But we know she ain't right in the head. The second choice was MJB, Mary J, and for whatever reasons, it didn't materialized. It should've been Mary. That would've been better than this bish! I am sorry, I am not feeling Zoe, never had, and NEVER will. Especially playing a "REAL BLACK " woman and legend as Ms. Simone.

    • I think the black latina actresses are evolving and are not afraid to call themselves black. Same thing with Jessica Alba not wanting to call herself latina. It's an evolution that should be applauded and is made without fear. These are people that were made to choose to be black or latino because in the eyes of people, you can't be both. You can be both.

    • Those three have no box office appeal. Hollywood and film making is not a charity.
      They have to cast actors who people will find appealing. It's just that simple.

      • So, it’s not like any of them auditioned for the part anyway. They are appealing to "ME" as Beautiful Black Women that could have carried the role. I don't care about box office appeal, it was just my opinion and I don't give a damn about what Hollywood thinks. Calm the hell down, sheeze……..

        Shit, let that be the reason why Zoe Saldana got the role with prosthetics and make up and a Black woman with natural features that matched Nina Simone’s didn’t because Hollywood thinks just like you.

        • Guess what, hollywood hates dark skinned, beautiful strong black women! Hollywood will tolerate very light skinned black women in a effort to further promote the agenda of white supremacy! Also they can market and promote their movie to white people worldwide. That's why self hating Zoe was cast instead of a dark skinned black actress! Ti quote comedian Freeze Luv, "Hollywood isn't about acting, it's about sales."

      • Common people have no control on the kosher owned Hollywood… What the common people find appealing is no relevant to the kosher owned Hollywood…
        I bet you that in a few years african roles will played by "acting african" kosher actors such as Zoe Kravitz
        In fact a massive majority of caucasian roles have been played by "acting caucasian" kosher actors like Scarlet Johansson…

      • And white people find Zoe appealing because hse is light skinned and has publicly insulted us! That's why she is the top black actress, that's why white people love her, that's why she was cast in this racist movie! If its one thing hollywood hates, it's black people who are strong, educated proud to be black! If you think I'm lying, ask Victoria Rowell!

        • White persons don't find her appealing more than non white people…because of her skin color…
          She is racialy mixed and this fulfills the kosher owned agenda regarding the destruction of the African and the Caucasian communities via the promotion of the inter racial relationships between black and white folks…

      • In layman terms, hollywood casts black actors who white people are comfortable seeing on the big screen. White people hate seeing dark skinned black actresses who are powerful and talented. White people prefer to see dark skinned black actresses playing slaves (Lupita Nyong'o), mammys (Hattie McDaniel), or welfare recipients (Monique). By the way the three black actresses I just mentioned won the false idol award (Oscar). Always remember, hollywood makes movies for white people, not us! Therefore we should boycott hollywood; including movies that feature black actors!

          • Comment:
            Crazy Chris
            The etymology of " Oscar" does not equal the names you have provided.

            How did you reach this conclusion ?

        • Monique abused her daughter, certified win.

          36 mafia made a song about pimping and degrading women certified win.

          taraji p Henson and terrance howeard careers blew after hustle and flow pimp and prostitute.




          • Comment:
            Crazy Chris

            The following have won an Oscar, do you consider the contributions of said artist as degrading?

            Sidney Poitier in “Lilies of the Field”
            Louis Gossett Jr in “Officer and a Gentleman” ?
            Denzel Washington in Glory” and “ Training Day”
            Whoppi in “ Ghost”
            Steve Mcqueen and John Ridley “ 12 years a Slave”
            Geoffrey Fletcher “ Precious “
            TJ Martin “ Undefeated”
            Common and John Legend “ Selma”
            Steve Wonder “ I just called to say I love you “
            Prince “ Purple Rain”

    • What about Queen Latifah ? I heard singing jazz years ago and she was amazing …

  14. Once again white people prove that Spike Lee is a genius. His movie Bamboozled predicted that black celebrities will wear blackface. We now have a second black Hollywood celebrity to wear blackface; Zoe Saldana. The first was Forest Whitaker in the movie Last King of Scotland. Forest Whitaker won a Oscar for that movie. Hollywood forces black men to wear dresses, now they’re forcing black celebrities to wear blackface. The racism and obscenities are direct and in your face as well as on their face; Literally!

    • Bamboozled had a kosher actor (Michael Rappaport) who played a caucasian guy … what a laugh ! In fact I stopped long ago counting how many times caucasians characters were played by kosher actors…
      Hollywood is kosher owned and both black and white persons who are working for this kosher owned industry are traitors …
      But what can non kosher people can do in a country owned by the kosher people ?
      Caucasians, Africans, Asians and multi racial communities must own their own movie industries and stop feeding the kosher owned movie industry…but then again how can you overthrow the kosher power knowing that they now the USA ?

  15. 1. Forest Whitaker wore blackface, wins a Oscar
    2. Robert Downey Jr. wor blackface, got a Oscar nomination
    3. Zoe Saldana wears blackface to play Nina Simone
    4. Several white comedians have worn blackface including Sarah Silverman

    Hollywood is trying to make blackface the in style, popular thing to do. Don't be surprised if hollywood remakes the movie Soul Man. Better yet, hollywood might remake any one of Al Jolson's movies! Chris Rock said it best, "Is Hollywood racist? You damn right it's racist!"

    • Chris Rock is appointed by the kosher power to act as following : to be the angry rebel african that stands up against racism caused and wanted by "the white man" … It's just fake !
      The kosher power is promoting the race war between africans and caucasians and it works pretty good since you have caucasians saying stuff like "africans can't do nothing by their own unless we get it done for them" and africans saying stuff like "caucasians are mean and racist no matter what we do"…
      Meanwhile the kosher people is laughing at both africans and caucasians…



  16. Zoe Saldana operates under the motto “Black when convenient for my career.” For example, if she is playing Nina Simone, she will claim to be black. If she is playing in a blockbuster movie like Avatar, Zoe will claim she is latina. There are other black female celebrities who do this:
    1. Beyonce
    2. Lark Voorhies
    3. Rashida Jones
    4. Stacey Dash
    5. Traci Bingham

    These actresses try hard to distance themselves from black pride and black empowerment because they’re scared of possibly being black balled from hollywood. Remember, hollywood is a racist, multi billion dollar industry built to preserve and showcase white supremacy. Their agenda is to use tv, radio and movies to disrespect and destroy the black race! This Nina Simone movie is their latest weapon in a attempt to insult and destroy us!

    P.S. Expect several sambos to support this movie. One of those sambos is former BET CEO Bob Johnson

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